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  1. How long does it take for getting PAWS access?
  2. I received an email in May asking if I wanted to be wait listed and received the official letter in June.
  3. I was accepted off the waitlist yesterday Aug 08. Stats: 3.56 160 somewhat of a Sask connection (unsure about how strong )
  4. I am thrilled to say that I just received my acceptance letter
  5. Hey Guys! Only 5 days until Leanne is back. Stay positive
  6. nothing about the waitlist status.
  7. I emailed her yesterday and she replied first thing this morning.
  8. What number are you now? Are you number 13th still?
  9. @SammyS Have you been able to reach her?
  10. She said it looked like there had been some movements but she hadn't had the chance to look at it yet ( I guess we all have been calling)
  11. I just spoke with Leanne and she said she has not gone through her emails yet. As of this morning (before withdrawals) I am sitting at 14th.
  12. No. I have tried calling a few times without success.
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