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  1. pleaseacceptme

    Waitlist 2018

    Waitlisted today. B2: 3.7 LSAT: 154 (highest) No Saskatchewan connection
  2. pleaseacceptme

    Accepted to Lakehead 2018

    Would it be safe to say they are only accepting off of the waitlist at this point?
  3. pleaseacceptme

    Lakehead or Saskatchewan?

    Thanks for the advice! I’ll hope for the best and consider taking the LSAT again for the next cycle just in case.
  4. pleaseacceptme

    Lakehead or Saskatchewan?

    Thanks for the replies! 160 will be tough for me, but I may give it one more shot in the summer and reapply if my score is better (assuming I’m completely out this cycle).
  5. pleaseacceptme

    Lakehead or Saskatchewan?

    My cumulative is above 75% but converts to 3.18 if that means anything Also, not at all! I’d be thrilled to go to Saskatchewan if they accepted me.
  6. pleaseacceptme

    Lakehead or Saskatchewan?

    Hello everyone. What are my chances of getting into either Lakehead or Saskatchewan? cgpa - 3.18 B2/L2 - 3.73 LSAT - 154
  7. pleaseacceptme

    Full course load

    What if you took less than 5 courses a semester because some of them were 1 credit instead of 0.5 (in other words, they were worth two courses)?
  8. pleaseacceptme

    LR Prephasing

    Sorry for the late response (I saw them but wasn't logged in). Thanks for the advice!
  9. pleaseacceptme

    LR Prephasing

    Can anyone comment on their use of prephasing? I am improving my LR but still would like to up my speed. Given that the early questions are generally easier, if it’s a question type that permits prephasing, would it be a good idea to simply prephase an answer, scan for it and move on without looking at the other answer choices? I think this would save me time and protect me from wrong answer choices. The biggest thing would be to make sure I read the stim correctly (obviously), and only use POE if my initial answer wasn’t there.
  10. pleaseacceptme

    2017 Admissions Statistics

    I called admissions, it’s B2 or L2 (can’t remember). I asked if it was different for residents outside of Saskatchewan and it’s slightly higher (no number was given).
  11. pleaseacceptme

    2017 Admissions Statistics

    Is that B2 or cumulative? Seems low if it’s B2.
  12. pleaseacceptme

    Apply with bad LSAT and intention to rewrite in December

    I've decided to sign up for the December test and keep drilling sections for now. I will hopefully improve my speed over time and raise my score. If I am not seeing any improvements in a month or so, I will cancel my test date and decide whether I should do a Master's or wait until the next cycle and keep studying for the LSAT. I am looking at Calgary, Dalhousie, Lakehead, Western, Windsor and possibly Ottawa (I know my cgpa will most likely prohibit me from getting accepted there but it's a school I'd like to go to).
  13. pleaseacceptme

    Apply with bad LSAT and intention to rewrite in December

    Thank you to everyone who replied! Okay, I'll add some more information to answer a few questions here. I believe my cgpa is 3.18, and L2 is 3.73. I have some relevant ECs, and I'm confident my LORs will be very positive. I do not want to wait a year if possible for a few reasons which is why I'm considering applying and taking the December test. When I took the test last September, I knew I was screwed because I didn't get a chance to study (some personal stuff came up). I recently finished going through the 7Sage core curriculum, and my understanding of the test and improved greatly. I can now score in the 160s when I do not time myself. Unfortunately, I still suck at writing the test when it's timed. I end up not reaching an entire LG, RC passage, and generally 5-6 LR questions. This causes my score to remain in the 140s (sometimes a low 150). Throughout my undergrad, I have always been a slow test taker. I am hoping the extra three months can be dedicated to increasing my speed and polishing the lessons I've learned from the 7Sage program. Finally, I've decided that if my score has not improved by mid October, I will bail on my November applications and consider a Master's.
  14. I took the LSAT last September and did terrible (in the 140s). I don't think I am prepared enough to write the September test, and would prefer to take the December one. If I apply in November with the intention of rewriting in December, will my prior score cause most/all schools to reject me before I have the chance to resubmit my December score?