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  1. legallybl0nd

    McGill Law 2018 Facebook Group?

    I am also having issues joining- I've been "pending" for a month now!
  2. legallybl0nd

    McGill Law 2018 Facebook Group?

    Just wondering when/if one of these will be created soon!
  3. legallybl0nd

    Graduated 2016 – Questions About McGill Law?

    Hi there, I've been accepted at McGill, which is a dream come true. Now to weigh my options! Is McGill more difficult than other common law schools, taking into account the dual degree? I'm asking because although I'm very excited about the chance to expand my legal education, I'm not quite sure how I would want to use Civil Law yet (or if I will at all). On the other hand, I would choose McGill for its price and prestige alone. I guess I'm wondering if it's worth any extra time, stress and pressure to come out with a degree I may very well not use. thoughts?
  4. legallybl0nd

    Accepted at McGill 2018

    Accepted yesterday! Could not be any happier! GPA 3.96/4.0 LSAT 163 Extensive EC's 4th year anglophone undergrad, with French Immersion from high school and a couple of French electives throughout uni. Didn't have a French interview. Congrats and good luck to everyone!
  5. legallybl0nd

    Accepted to Western 2018

    Accepted as well! CGPA 3.96/4.0 LSAT 163 Extensive EC's Congratulations and good luck to everyone!
  6. legallybl0nd

    Accepted to Ottawa 2018

    In as of this morning! CGPA: 3.96/4.0 LSAT: 163 extensive EC's Congrats to everyone and good luck to those still waiting!
  7. legallybl0nd

    Accepted to Osgoode Hall 2018

    In! Got the email this morning. LSAT 163 CGPA: 3.96/4.0 Extensive ECs Good luck everyone!
  8. legallybl0nd

    Accepted to U of T 2018

    In! Got the call this evening. I almost burst into tears on the phone haha. GPA 3.96/4.00 LSAT 163 Extensive ECs Best of luck to everyone!
  9. legallybl0nd

    Accepted at McGill 2018

    Congrats! How strong is your French, if you don't mind?
  10. legallybl0nd

    Accepted at McGill 2018

    Congratulations!! How exciting! Did you receive an email, or on Minerva? Great stats!
  11. legallybl0nd

    In Queue 2018

    Also in queue as of Nov 15th! Hopefully this means something good.
  12. legallybl0nd

    Cover letter needed for McGill resume?

    By "cover letter", are you referring to the personal statement?
  13. Were we supposed to provide a cover letter on our resume for the McGill application? I was under the impression that the resume was only supposed to be 2 pages long, but I've been reading that some people provided cover letters on theirs... Any info helps! Thanks!
  14. Hi guys, I was wondering what my chances are (particularly to Toronto/Osgoode, but any school info would be appreciated). I have a 3.97/4.0 CGPA and a 163 on the September 2017 LSAT (wrote in June and got an embarrassing 151, so there's always hope for those of you out there who didn't succeed the first time!). I also have extensive EC's and good references from top professors at my school. Any info helps! Sincerely, a freaking out prospective law student. Thanks!
  15. legallybl0nd

    HELP! Rolling admissions 2018?

    Thanks for the reply. The application opens August 24th! Then what's the point of so many schools mentioning "rolling admission" if they don't look at the forms until after the deadline?