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  1. Any thoughts on the open house?
  2. Got the email yesterday - 3.54 cGPA 3.8 L2 160 LSAT
  3. I got in with pretty similar stats. Slightly lower cGPA and slightly higher L2/LSAT. It's possible. Good luck!
  4. Got the e-mail this morning! cGPA 3.54 L2 3.8 160
  5. In! cGPA 3.54 L2 3.8 LSAT 160
  6. No. Referees need to submit their references by the November 1 deadline.
  7. "OLSAS must receive your online transcript request by the appropriate deadlines to satisfy the transcript deadline requirement." I've called OLSAS to clarify and they said that as long as you submit your application by the Nov 1 deadline and your transcript request is included in the application, your transcripts are considered on time. So they don't actually have to have your transcripts by Nov 1. This is just if you went to an Ontario university for undergrad btw.
  8. What do you mean when you say you did the transcript request? I don't think the request is sent until you submit your entire application
  9. I called and asked about this today. They said that once your referee submits their reference form it automatically updates on OLSAS as "received". So from what I understand, there's no processing delay.
  10. I see. I think I'm just nervous because the grading criteria is much more narrow in grad school - less than 70% is a fail. Nothing I can do but my best I guess. Thanks for the help.
  11. Hello! Thanks so much for posting your advice. I'm applying this cycle and I'm still working on my personal statements so this is very helpful. I was wondering if you could give any insight as to how adcoms treat graduate school grades? I'm currently in a masters program so I'll have to send my first semester transcripts in January. I'm taking a course that is particularly challenging and I really don't know what I can expect my graduate GPA to be. In your experience, are poor marks in grad school something that pushes adcoms to reject students even if they are an otherwise competitive applicant or are they more of an afterthought since undergraduate GPA is the focus of admissions? I know some schools will use grad school marks to calculate GPA but none of the Ontario schools I'm applying to do.
  12. Hello! Just another law school hopeful trying to gauge her chances. I'm applying this cycle and I'll be re-writing the LSAT in September. Hoping to score 160 at the very least. My top choice is Queen's and according to the stats on their website my cGPA and L2 are above what they consider "competitive" however my LSAT score is below average. I'll be applying to most Ontario schools so any thoughts on my chances at other schools is much appreciated as well.
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