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  1. Yes, that was my first attempt at the LSAT.
  2. My Masters degree is a one- year program from Ryerson university in Immigration and Settlement Studies.
  3. I am turning 25 in July; I don't think so that I will be considered as a mature student. I am planning to apply to Windsor, Ottawa, Lakehead, Alberta, Dalhousie, Calgary, and Ryerson.
  4. Hi everyone, I graduated from the University of Toronto with a CGPA of 2.8, and the l2 GPA is 3.4. I went on to obtain my Paralegal's diploma at Seneca college, and I am currently finishing my Master's degree with mostly getting A grades. My LSAT score is 155. I have two years of solid experience working with law firms and legal clinics. I wanted to know what are my chances of getting into a Canadian law school?
  5. Hello guys, I am have recently joined this page. I am in a very difficult situation and I hope someone can help guide me. I have recently graduated from the University of Toronto with CGPA of 2.8 and the l2 GPA is 3.4. I am planning on applying to law school this coming fall for fall 2018 entry. I am scheduled to write the LSAT in December for the first time. At the same time while preparing my application for law school, I am also enrolled at Seneca College for the Paralegal Accelerated program. My schedule is really packed with 8 courses each semester. I am not sure If I would be able to handle both at the same time. If I continue with the paralegal's program, it will probably give me some advantage on my law school application, but I will not able to commit enough time to study for the lsat. My second option is that I withdraw from the paralegal's program and apply to law school this year by continuing to work really hard to prepare for my lsat to gain admission to probably a lower tier law school in Canada. My ecs, personal statement and references are very strong, and if I score a good score on the lsat it will hopefully allow me to gain admission into a lower tier law school. And my third option is to continue both with the paralegal's program and also study for the lsat, and apply for law school. It will be very demanding and hard to manage, but I have to do it. I am really confused and don't know which option I should proceed with. Your help and guidance would be really appreciated. Thank you.
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