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  1. Orangetomatoes

    Pros and Cons List of Calgary Law?

    The least exciting and useful part of block week. If cut this part out the three week length may actually be reduced. The purpose of the first block week is to acclimatize you to law school in a gentle handholding type way.
  2. Orangetomatoes

    Pros and Cons List of Calgary Law?

    the cons list is relatively short. Off the top of my head I think one thing to keep in mind is you are going to get slammed with info from every direction in that first week. Try to enjoy it and not get worked up about it. The best thing to remember is it is only week one of many. Take some time to soak it all in you got into law school that is huge! Use the time to get to know your classmates. These are the people you will spend the next three years with and trust me when you're in 9am class hungover from the night before nothing will feel better than looking around and seeing all your friends just as miserable. The key to success is be yourself and treat your LSAT score like fight club NEVER bring it up Really though don't get bogged down in the job pressure. U of c has a tendency to really push the big law firms. This is fine if that's what you want. But know there are a bunch of other equally rewarding opportunities. Don't be afraid to talk to upper Years. And get to know your profs because when everyone else is crying in February cause they weren't one of the 10-15 who got big law summer jobs you can easily snag yourself an RA position (great resume booster and reference letter generator). And have fun! The time flies and it is an experience like no other. Also the first year block course is incredible. Don't stress over it - it is pass fail. But everything you learn in those 3 weeks will make your first semester a breeze.
  3. Orangetomatoes

    Accepted to Calgary 2017

    Softball anyone?!
  4. Orangetomatoes

    Calgary Law Class of 2020

    Has everyone received their first welcome package? I'm excited for softball!