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  1. If I can't make my friends laugh by having "cum" on my LinkedIn profile, then what has this all been about?
  2. It depends on what that GPA converts to on the OLSAS scale, but re-writing is probably pointless. If your GPA is above a 3.6 then you have a good shot at UofT and are a lock at every other school in the country.
  3. Man, if this isn't true. Having just completed 1L, it's mindblowing that I can't bullshit my way through schoolwork anymore. In undergrad, my essays and assignments would get good grades just because they sounded nice, even if the evidence supporting the thesis was paper thin. Profs in law school seem way more likely look at your arguments rationally rather than take the conclusions at face value. Getting my first difficult question in a moot and receiving my first memo back covered in red marks were extremely humbling, but I already feel that my analysis and writing skills have improved for it.
  4. Your experiences are fine but not good enough to meaningfully increase your chances. What are your stats? That's all that will matter.
  5. I can't even imagine how many they get. Even half the students at the lowest ranked American schools probably send in Hail Mary applications.
  6. I know that Dean's list hovers around a 7.5 and is the top 10%, so 7.0 being top 15% seems a bit high? I assumed a 7.0 was closer to top 20-25%, but can't find the numbers to back that up.
  7. First of all, congrats on that GPA. You'll get a few schools with a 155+. In fact, you'd probably even get in somewhere with a 150+ if you applied broadly. A 160+ will get you in everywhere except maybe UofT, a 165 will almost certainly get you into every school.
  8. Not that this needs to turn into the millionth thread about grades and LSAT, but I hardly think a 159 LSAT qualifies for every school except UofT.
  9. A 3.5 is between a D+ and a C at Ottawa.
  10. Yes? I'm not even sure what you mean by this post. A 158 is much more competitive than a 155. A 160 will almost certainly get you in somewhere. It is in no way futile for you to try and get a higher LSAT.
  11. Why wouldn't you apply? The absolute worst thing that could happen is they remember they disliked something about you and throw out your application. Who cares? I met with an interviewer to ask where I went wrong and they were happy to do so. I didn't get much out of it other than an extended "it was a competitive recruit", but it was still a nice chat. Different firms/individuals could have different policies on this, though.
  12. Combining these two, I made a list of issues that received marks in past exams and went through it to see if any applied. I was able to spot a few that way.
  13. I got into Osgoode in January of last year with a barely higher GPA and a 165 LSAT. You'll be fine. Calm down.
  14. Yeah, half the time I tell someone I'm interested in IP they ask whether I'm going to be protecting companies that steal from poor farmers. I'm surprised at how widespread that stigma is.
  15. I'm certainly not saying it's the norm. I had just one prof who did. They marked exams like they would an essay - their rubric had a grade out of 10 for style, conciseness, relevance, etc. Writing more would lose you marks if you touched on topics that didn't apply. It indeed felt subjective.
  16. It seems to depend on the Prof. Some have a checklist and will go through seeing whether you hit each point. That rewards writing a ton and hoping you got the right stuff in there somewhere. Others grade as a whole and will take off points if you get off topic.
  17. Well, I can't really speak on your province, but try not to stress. You did excellent this year. I know top students who got full slates of OCIs who did absolutely nothing in their 1L summer. Does it give you something to talk about in your cover letter and resume? Of course. But it's not going to break you. Just try and come off as interesting, which is more of a writing exercise than anything. Again, unless they get hired back by the firm, it doesn't seem that students with 1L jobs are much better off for OCIs. You're likely more competitive than a student with a B average who worked in their first summer.
  18. I'd say you're being irrational. What province are you in? If it's Ontario, definitely relax. Some students have 1L jobs but I've heard it's generally irrelevant to whether you get hired in 2L, unless you get hired back. But those positions are rare. You have great grades and will have plenty of opportunities next year to find a 2L summer job. Other markets seem to be a different (1L jobs are apparently more common in Alberta) but it's still not an issue if you don't have one. Maybe you're used to reading American boards? 1L legal positions are far more important there, but it's also a much more competitive market. I'd recommend doing some searches on the forum to find similar discussions. Were you born in '94? If so, I'm surprised you feel young. Pretty sure 23 is the most common age of law students in Canada (the average is obviously higher because mature students skew the data).
  19. Are you interpreting stark to mean good or bad?
  20. Yeah actually I've gotten some shit from a family member who is rather successful without formal post-secondary education. Basically why am I wasting my time, I could have made more money from entering the trades and working my way up, I'm racking up debt for nothing, etc. Sometimes I struggle with an answer. The pursuit of knowledge? I know that I want to be a lawyer, but other than that there isn't much to it.
  21. Usually "oh cool" and then they move on. Other than a positive response from my family and friends, nobody else seems to care.
  22. I understand if you don't want to disclose, but I'm curious about which law school you went to. Are you able to share? Perhaps over PM?
  23. Yeah, with a 170+ LSAT you'll get into most schools. Have you done practice tests or are you just guessing you'll be able to score in the 99th percentile? Also, keep in mind the law schools in Canada are far less tiered than the States. UBC, McGill, and UofT certainly have great reputations, but there is no school in Canada where you'll get a subpar legal education or access to jobs.
  24. Yeah, I've been trying desperately to break this cycle. First I just had to finish undergrad and I could finally be happy, then I just had to get into grad school, then I just had to complete my thesis, then I just had to get a good LSAT, then I just had to get into law school, then I just had to do well on exams... it never seems to end. I predict that I'll hit my wall at each stage, then it passes and the relief is immediately replaced by fear of the next hurdle. Taking the time to talk with someone I trust about my accomplishments (who doesn't care if I brag) helped quite a bit. It's amazing how down we can get on ourselves, yet if somebody came to us in the same position we'd immediately be able to reassure them.
  25. I've heard this is an old school thing and nobody really cares anymore.
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