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  1. Prof did you a favour, you blabbed, they had to change it to cover their ass. Can you elaborate on what your grade was before and after the change? And your GPA? I'm legitimately curious why you're this upset. Even if it dropped you from a 70 to a 68 or something (which I would be annoyed about too), the effect on your cGPA is negligible.
  2. Commute to see your girlfriend on weekends. $6000 is not worth your sanity.
  3. Christ, relax. You said "citation needed" to someone saying that many people have jumped 15-20 points. You can't possibly deny that many people have jumped that much, even if it's not the norm. Pretty sure you're aware of that. If Aschenbach had said "most people", then I'd agree with you. Love the sarcasm. Relax means not panic about studying day in and day out, as would be the case of OP gets a diagnostic of 145. They have a full-time job and family. If they somehow hit a 170 on their diagnostic, pretty sure they can calm down a little. Not everyone aspires to go to the best schools in the States or even desires substantial scholarships if it means putting their mental health, family, and job in jeopardy to study for the LSAT. This post is completely over the top for the post you're replying to. Sorry I hurt your feelings. Real good look for a mod to react this way to somebody disagreeing with them.
  4. You disagree that people have jumped 15-20 points? I'm sure it's not the norm, but there are a ton of examples of people going up that much. Especially when people don't know what a logic game is and then learn how to diagram. A diagnostic is important to know the extent of preparation you'll need, and you can relax a bit if you get a 160 without effort, but its not a death sentence to get a low score if most of your points are lost in LG. Obviously we have only people's word to go off of, but there are hundreds of examples if you Google "lsat jump".
  5. I guess the difficulty of law school is irrelevant if his employer is going to pay for him to go and promise him a job after. I'm fairly certain OP would pass if he took it seriously.
  6. It's easy to pass, relatively speaking. You can show up, put in effort to know the basics near exam time, and pass everything. But you're graded on a curve against a couple hundred other students who are just as smart as you. 50% of you will get below average grades, and below average students struggle to get jobs through the formal processes where one thousand students apply for one position. Do not underestimate how tricky it is to get a B+ or above.
  7. Whether this is true depends on so many factors. I received dozens of emails from low ranked American law schools offering me full ride. They're essentially predatory, counting on people not maintaining the required GPA and having to pay tuition to continue the program. Don't discount uOttawa! Ottawa may not be as multicultural as Toronto or Vancouver, but it's an amazing city with lots of opportunity. Also, your stats are strong for them even without an improved LSAT. It's also significantly cheaper than the Toronto schools and slightly cheaper than the other Ontario schools, though I know nothing about international costs.
  8. People may disagree, but I would recommend doing a diagnostic LSAT as soon as possible to see where you stand. If you get 160+ with no practice, you're in a good position. If you struggle and get <150, you'll have your work cut out for you. It might help give you some perspective on how much effort you're willing to put in. Edit: I mean good position to get a possibly admitable score. Not that you will get in, even with an extremely high LSAT. Itll come down to if you have a compelling enough reason with your work experience.
  9. Have you attempted the LSAT yet?
  10. Best: The feeling when a concept clicks and you suddenly wrap your head around what the hell you've been learning Worst: The unknown. I catastrophize, so every minor setback feels like the end of the world/my career. Why didn't I get that job interview? Why didn't they respond to this email? Did I do well or bomb that exam? It's unhealthy and law school really brought this out in me.
  11. I'd call someone from the city you're going to school in. I'm pretty sure Scotiabank's website has a list of their LOC experts for each school. They'll probably give you prime without questions asked as long as your credit is fine.
  12. A 72 ain't a bomb. You'll be just fine, especially because grades tend to increase after first year. For what it's worth, I'd say it's too early to start with LSAT prep unless you have literally nothing better to do.
  13. Pretty sure that will cancel your application at Windsor. Why would you want to provisionally accept two schools?
  14. If youre looking for a $1400 two bedroom near campus, make sure you check bedbugregistry.com first.
  15. Disagree. I think it's an enormous waste of time. They've got the materials they need of you.
  16. Decided to get myself addicted to https://jstris.jezevec10.com/ (competitive Tetris) right before exams
  17. If you're going to do a Masters, make sure it's something that will be useful even if law school is off the table.
  18. I've met people who never held even a part-time job, PhDs with dozens of publications, former business owners, paralegals, athletes, actors... having cool/interesting experiences probably helps with interviews and standing out in a pile. But everything seems to indicate your grades get you through the door, and your personality gets you the job.
  19. You automatically qualify for all the financial awards, but you don't automatically get a $1500 bursary like you used to. Lots of people seem to have gotten at least one of them though, which I'm assuming are given out at random.
  20. You have better/cooler experience than the majority of people I've met. There are K-JD students who have never had a job. It definitely won't effect your chance of getting into law school.
  21. Mandatory at some schools. I found it very helpful.
  22. You'll find out pretty quickly whether you can skip or not. I haven't missed any classes this year, but there are a few where I just sit in the back working on notes or assignments. The profs give detailed lecture slides, or the material is just easier to learn out of the textbook/internet.
  23. Misdemeanor? I hardly knew her!
  24. This is no longer true, sadly. They got rid of it this year. I think there are more scholarships offered to make up for it, but it's no longer automatic.
  25. Just remember that there's nothing stopping somebody from leaking your personal info, which is also associated with your account here. I'd personally err on the side of caution and not share private materials with strangers, but it's surely your choice.
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