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  1. chaboywb

    What is considered a good grade?

    When applying to jobs through OCI and such, do they just see our letter grade? It seems weird that a student with a 70 in a course has the same grade on paper as a student with a 75.
  2. chaboywb

    Chances cGPA 3.55 LSAT 164 Access Student

    I feel confident you'll get into all of those. I had the same GPA, a slightly lower L2, and a 165 and I got into all but Windsor (where I didn't apply) quite early on.
  3. chaboywb

    Ottawa IP Recruitment - 2019

    So did you have a "soft" deadline for interviews when you went through this recruit? And did some firms still call/email for interviews after that deadline? That deadline was today, and I'm wondering whether it's time to stop checking my email every five minutes for invites. Edit: And to anyone else, any word from SB?
  4. chaboywb

    Ottawa IP Recruitment - 2019

    Heard anything else?
  5. chaboywb

    2 LSAT Scores

    162 is a strong LSAT, 3.99 is an unreal GPA. You'll be fine.
  6. chaboywb

    When do references need to be submitted by? OLSAS

    One thing to consider is whether your references received the link so submit their letters. Two of my three did not, and I had to contact OLSAS to get the form reopened about a week before the due date.
  7. chaboywb

    Chances? [cGPA 3.97, LSAT 174, PhD]

    Definitely look into schools that will drop your lowest marks, you'll want that GPA as close to a 4.0 as possible if you want a shot. Consider re-writing the LSAT as well, aim for at least a 180. Edit: This is sarcasm, you will get into every school in Canada and America.
  8. How to Get Into Law School in Canada Step 3: Go to law school in Canada.
  9. chaboywb

    Advice [3.3/150]

    Yes. Your GPA+LSAT won't get you into any schools unless you're very lucky.
  10. chaboywb

    Am I competitive?

    100% for every law school with a 165+, all but UofT with a 160+ I have a feeling you knew that.
  11. chaboywb

    Personal Statement editing/swapping?

    I'd be happy to check it over. PM me if you'd like.
  12. chaboywb

    Chances L2-3.54 LSAT PT - 160

    I never said otherwise. I was under the impression that Western only considered L2.
  13. chaboywb

    Chances L2-3.54 LSAT PT - 160

    My L2 was a 3.53 and I got into Western during the first round of acceptances with a 165 LSAT.
  14. Fair enough! If you're from Toronto and want to work there, attending UofT/York makes sense. I'm from London and moved to Ottawa for the same fresh start, and so far love it here. Good luck with the LSAT.
  15. You have a strong case as an access candidate for some schools, but it's impossible to make a prediction without an LSAT score. A 152 diagnostic isn't bad or anything, but the jump to a 165 is quite a large. I got a 165 on my diagnostic (I wasn't completely new to logic games, but the rest was brand new) and after months of preparation ended up with... a 165. Test day nerves are a big thing. Not to say the same will happen to you, but it's worth considering. On the other hand, you want to go to the three most difficult schools (other than McGill) to get into. Why is that, exactly? I'd assume since you want to go to UofT/Osgoode that you want to live/work in Toronto, but you're also are interested in UBC. The former two schools have by far the highest tuition rates in the country. You'd have a much easier time getting into and have great opportunities at other Ontario schools like Ottawa, Western, and Queens.