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  1. I mean, you said it yourself... Your grades aren't THAT great. Especially with the likely grade inflation that will come out of the COVID grading scheme at Ottawa this year. My grades were similar last year and I got 12 OCIs and a job. However, I knew students who had straight As and got more OCIs than they could schedule. So don't worry for a second about having too good of grades... I'd estimate you'll do fine getting OCIs, then it's just up to your personality. As a matter of fact, I find the idea that too good of grades will prohibit you from getting into a firm to be quite absurd. There are lawyers in every major firm that were SCC clerks, summa cum laude, gold medallists, etc.
  2. I'm not sure all mentors would do this, but mine has been great in setting up virtual meet and greets with lawyers in my areas of interest, and it has often turned into me receiving work directly from them. Having a third party there helps ease any initial meeting awkwardness as well.
  3. Seems like a really bad idea. MAYBE if it's a summer/articling student? But even then, I wouldn't do it. If you're talking about lawyers at the firm you already work for (which I think this thread is regarding), then good lord no.
  4. I struggled at making connections with profs in 1L. All the students are eager so profs get bombarded with messages after every lecture and it's hard to stand out in a relatively large class. My 2L OCI reference was from a prof for whom I RA'd. It gets easier in 2L when classes are smaller and you can show more interest in specific areas. I have at least three profs now that I could definitely get a decent reference from.
  5. This year is even more unpredictable than others. A lot of profs who usually did exams have switched to term papers, the ones who did multiple choice exams are doing written exams, closed book are now open book, etc. Consider Professor Mallet, for example. She typically did a multiple choice exam in second semester, but now I see it's an additional term paper. There's no way to know what that's going to be about, except that the McGill Guide will be your Bible.
  6. At my school, RA positions were primarily nabbed by students who got lucky that a professor they knew was looking for someone. Don't be upset that you didn't get one, especially if you were applying cold to positions. There might be a rule that they HAVE to post them on the job board, even if they already have a student in mind. A job in your 1L summer can be useful for the recruit if it's interesting and gives you something to talk about, but many students get positions while doing nothing related to law during it.
  7. I know a couple students at Canadian law schools who have previously received law degrees in another country. Why would a school turn down a good candidate?
  8. Real estate and wills/estates. A friend of mine is a third year lawyer and makes great money doing this as a solo in a small town. The hard part is hustling for business, so you should have a strong network and great social skills.
  9. I can only speak for the formal recruit, but I wasn't asked about my law school ECs at all. The focus was all on my experience before law school and my personal interests. You should be okay if you can sell yourself using those. As for deciding on a practice area, I'm finishing up 2L and almost nobody seems to know what they want to do yet. Taking some 2L courses that interest you might help narrow it down.
  10. Does anybody know about other firms that aren't up on PrecedentJD yet? Goodmans and McCarthys, for example, are still missing.
  11. I split it as well. It's nice because the AMEX and Visa rewards change occasionally. It used to be better to purchase groceries with Visa, but now you get more points with the AMEX - though many grocery stores don't take AMEX.
  12. My guess would be around 10, in a normal year. Students being able to take their midterm grade and whatever else the faculty allowed may result in some grade inflation. But don't lose sleep over it. I wasted my whole last summer being worried about OCIs. At the end of the day, all you can do is create a good application package to go with those strong grades.
  13. And please post the faculty's response when you do.
  14. I'm a strong exam writer, especially multiple choice. My diagnostic (as close as I could to one, I practiced LG a bit before writing it) was a 165. I studied for months, did dozens of practice tests, read books, etc. and was consistently hitting 170+ under strict test conditions by the exam day. Ended up with a 165. Just saying, the LSAT can have weird results. Expect the unexpected.
  15. Unless something has very recently changed, I believe other faculties have classes in Fauteux. I've been going into a classroom while a group of undergrad calculus students were leaving. I think only 147 is exclusively for law classes.
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