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  1. chaboywb

    Am I competitive?

    100% for every law school with a 165+, all but UofT with a 160+ I have a feeling you knew that.
  2. chaboywb

    Personal Statement editing/swapping?

    I'd be happy to check it over. PM me if you'd like.
  3. chaboywb

    Chances L2-3.54 LSAT PT - 160

    I never said otherwise. I was under the impression that Western only considered L2.
  4. chaboywb

    Chances L2-3.54 LSAT PT - 160

    My L2 was a 3.53 and I got into Western during the first round of acceptances with a 165 LSAT.
  5. Fair enough! If you're from Toronto and want to work there, attending UofT/York makes sense. I'm from London and moved to Ottawa for the same fresh start, and so far love it here. Good luck with the LSAT.
  6. You have a strong case as an access candidate for some schools, but it's impossible to make a prediction without an LSAT score. A 152 diagnostic isn't bad or anything, but the jump to a 165 is quite a large. I got a 165 on my diagnostic (I wasn't completely new to logic games, but the rest was brand new) and after months of preparation ended up with... a 165. Test day nerves are a big thing. Not to say the same will happen to you, but it's worth considering. On the other hand, you want to go to the three most difficult schools (other than McGill) to get into. Why is that, exactly? I'd assume since you want to go to UofT/Osgoode that you want to live/work in Toronto, but you're also are interested in UBC. The former two schools have by far the highest tuition rates in the country. You'd have a much easier time getting into and have great opportunities at other Ontario schools like Ottawa, Western, and Queens.
  7. chaboywb

    Interests Section

    The fine differences between broadsword, greatsword, and longsword fighting strategies earn each a separate heading in my interests section, and I challenge to a duel anybody who claims otherwise.
  8. If you hit a 167, I feel confident you'll get into every Ontario law school.
  9. chaboywb

    Chances with 3.1cGPA

    Yes you have a great chance at most schools with your 3.5 and 160. Congrats!
  10. chaboywb


    Really looking forward to this! I drove past the Supreme Court for the first time the other day and was blown away by how beautiful the grounds and building are. For any other students who will be attending, I see the dress code is business... Do you believe this as a suit and tie event?
  11. There is no welcome package, at least not that I'm aware of. York and Western went all out with theirs, but I only got the email for Ottawa. Oh well, there are much bigger things to worry about in this world.
  12. I felt this way too, then I wrote the test and after about five minutes realized I had no idea when the section started and how much time I had left. My practice test strategy of writing the time at the beginning of the section went right out the window. I still feel one of those crazy LSAT watches is a bit ridiculous, but who knows, it may have come in handy.
  13. Pretty much nailed it
  14. chaboywb

    Chances? (CGPA 3.48/4.33, LSAT 166)

    I was told on here I had a low chance at Osgoode and got in quite early. It's always worth a shot if you really want to go to school in Toronto.
  15. chaboywb

    Finding a Place to Live

    Be careful with cheap places in Sandy Hill. I know bed bugs are an issue throughout the city, but a friend of mine had a recent experience with a major infestation in a new unit and the landlords barely made an attempt to handle it. I'd strongly recommend sticking to the Golden Triangle if you can. 141 Cooper Street is a brand new apartment building (renovated hotel) that just started moving in tenants at the beginning of the month. They offer bachelors, but the price could be a bit steep, as I'm unsure of your situation.