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  1. Sounds like most OCI firms have now moved the start date to June. Fingers are crossed that this will work out.
  2. At Ottawa, 2L and 3Ls have to choose whether ALL their grades are pass/fail, BEFORE writing exams. I see from OPs post history that's where he's located. To OP: I'd say that it depends on where your grades currently sit. If you've been a B+ student to date, and take pass/fail, you'll probably still be looked at as a B+ student. If you were on track to have a bunch of great grades, then of course it would benefit you to take the alphanumeric option. But considering like 80% of schools in Canada and the US have gone to mandatory pass/fail, I doubt it will look bad to take that option.
  3. Goddammit. So sorry to hear that. Looks like the precedent is set.
  4. So, as of now, Ottawa upper-year students are the only ones in Ontario that have to gamble on themselves by choosing pass/fail before exams?
  5. I'm not holding my breath.
  6. I see lawyers on the list. In fact, it's much longer than I was anticipating.
  7. I would have had straight As if I had this option last year. Of course, so would/will many students. It seems great on paper... But the students who go with pass/fail will still be at a considerable disadvantage.
  8. I can't say with complete certainty, but it appears yes. You either have an entire semester of pass/fail or an entire semester of grades.
  9. At uOttawa, if we choose the pass/fail option, it applies to ALL of our courses, even those without final exams such as advocacy courses and directed research.
  10. I'm expecting a lot of students to collaborate on their exam answers, which will disadvantage those that choose not to cheat.
  11. This is how I feel. I'm sweating a bit about having to withdraw more from my LOC than I'd planned... but I'm a hell of a lot better off than people wondering how they'll make rent.
  12. Do you have any experience with how curves/averages work when a course is pass/fail? It would make sense to me if it was curved as usual and then all students who opted for pass/fail had their grade applied as such. But others have said that the students who opt for pass/fail aren't considered as part of the curve.
  13. You said this in the other thread, but I think it's important to reiterate here that these jobs were in the interview stage. I'm really curious about how this will affect the students from the formal 2L and 1L recruits who got their jobs months ago.
  14. I think that was during a strike? I'm debating on whether I'd take the pass/fail option if it becomes available. On one hand, I have articling lined up, so grades aren't important at this stage. But I might be in trouble if I don't get hired back and am looking for a job because my first semester of 2L grades were kinda low.
  15. Yeah, I've had the most incredible few months of relief and feeling like law school might actually be worth it since getting a job through OCIs. Now it's back to the regularly scheduled fear and anxiety.
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