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  1. Students may choose one course to pass/fail after receiving their grades. The same option was offered in first semester.
  2. There is no way to predict how likely you are to land a position. Top students with amazing personalities get unlucky and strike out every year, while students with way below average grades can get a single OCI and still get a job. A better (but still very difficult to predict) question is how many OCIs you can reasonably expect with your grades. With no As and a C+ at uOttawa, around 1-5 would be my guess. It's hard to say whether changing the C+ to a P will benefit you. It could be a red flag for a course like first-year contracts. Employers will likely assume it was a C+ (at best) anyway. I don't think I would change it if I was in your position. Apply broadly and keep your fingers crossed. Edit: Oh yeah, and agreed with the post above that there is no point even thinking about this until grades are back. Study hard and hopefully you won't have to consider changing your contracts grade!
  3. I hear this a lot but it doesn't seem reflected by the numbers at Toronto firms. From seeing the numbers of articling students at firms compared to the number of partner promotions each year, it seems to be about 1:2. Conservatively, 1:3. Maybe 5-10% of the articling students at a particular firm will end up being partners at THAT firm, but partners somewhere? Seems much more likely. I very well could be off base on this, just an outsider's anecdotal observation.
  4. I cant answer your question as I'm not yet practicing, but to address your point about Reddit: that site is pessimistic about literally every career path. It's an echo chamber of misery. I trust the posters on here far more.
  5. You're competing for OCIs with students from your own school, and after the OCI stage there is no correlation between grades and getting an offer. So there's no point in comparing the grading schemes between two schools.
  6. I never really got emails on weekends, but did receive more than one urgent Friday evening request with a Monday deadline. I certainly stopped counting on weekends after a while.
  7. How can you be so confident of that? uOttawa's grading scheme certainly seemed to give students a lot of options to hide their weaker marks.
  8. Look into the rules about rent control (ie. the lack of) if considering a brand new rental building. There have been a few stories about tenants getting screwed by this.
  9. Reading the comments that students make about the process is always interesting and makes me wish they could say which firm did what. I understand why they can't, and that there would be no way to authenticate, but man some of these questions/stories are just shocking...
  10. What is the connection between math and competition law?
  11. It will. I wouldnt p/f anything above a 70.
  12. Osgoode sounds like the right fit for you. Being bilingual might help you in the job market, but I don't think taking courses in French will make a meaningful difference. Edit: Though if you really do need a change in scenery (I wouldn't blame you, I certainly wasn't going to return to my undergrad for law school) then you wouldn't be wrong for choosing Ottawa.
  13. Don't worry, I went through the same. In fact I think I made this exact thread on the subject. I was sold on uOttawa, then got the Osgoode acceptance and was briefly torn. What I now realize is that a minor uptick in prestige (which, honestly, doesn't seem to count for much) is not worth sacrificing the many benefits of going to the school that is the right fit for you. Good luck!
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