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  1. You'll get in everywhere except MAYBE UofT. Do not stress.
  2. Thanks! Some of the firms I'm most interested in are not offering OCIs, so I'm anxious to see what happens.
  3. I don't know if you're in a position to answer this, and this question can be answered by anyone who has knowledge of the process, but is there a typical timeline that firms contact students from non-OCI schools about in-firms? Is it usually after the OCIs wrap up and are the in-firms scheduled for the same week as OCI firms?
  4. There are definitely a few that don't hold OCIs in Ottawa and at least one said they were only accepting Osgoode and UofT applications. Students from other schools would go straight to in-firms, I'm assuming. I'm just curious about the exact number. Ottawa, for example, has 36 possible OCIs.
  5. Out of curiosity, how many firms are doing OCIs at each school? I know that a few only go to Osgoode and UofT, some only to those two plus Queens and Western, etc.
  6. Currently drafting my manuscript with this new ranking to University Magazine.
  7. They specifically said LSAT writing sample? Geez, I wrote about fifty words.
  8. Check. I'll bring this pic to my tailor.
  9. I feel like a suit isn't complete without a white pocket square. Without it, the chest look so bare! I feel like nearly everyone I see at events has worn them.. but maybe I just notice the ones who do more than the ones who don't. On the other hand, I've seen more elaborate/colourful pocket squares, which I think stand out in a bad way at business events. To me, those are only appropriate for things like weddings and for the guys in the room who have the seniority to do what they want. Of course, this is all just personal opinion from a law student. But I am surprised to see that the white pocket square would ever be a bad idea!
  10. Out of curiosity, which school are you at?
  11. No. You'll need to have them resubmitted.
  12. I think this is not something worth wasting time doing.
  13. He's fucking with you. If you want to drop out, you can just drop out. Maybe it's time for you to get off this forum and speak to an academic counselor about your future and options.
  14. This should indicate to you that they do not have a preference.
  15. As long as you're consistent throughout, using American spelling is typically fine in Canada. If you weren't consistent, well, whatever. What are the chances a firm will even notice? You seriously need to relax. I've been in the same position as you with anxiety and its unhealthy.
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