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  1. Misdemeanor? I hardly knew her!
  2. This is no longer true, sadly. They got rid of it this year. I think there are more scholarships offered to make up for it, but it's no longer automatic.
  3. Just remember that there's nothing stopping somebody from leaking your personal info, which is also associated with your account here. I'd personally err on the side of caution and not share private materials with strangers, but it's surely your choice.
  4. Yeah I was going to say this too. I've mostly broke the habit, but I used to stay up all night studying/working on assignments because I'd waste away hours procrastinating on Reddit.
  5. Focus on getting the best grades you possibly can in your final semester. You never know if you'll need them for a job app next year. You can't affect your chances now. Just let it out of your mind. Take the tour but it's likely just a formality.
  6. Even the term "URM" in the States only seems to cover black and Indigenous students. I've seen it pondered that being Asian lowers your chances as an "over-represented minority". Either way, using an objective test for this type of thing is silly - though I suppose there's no alternative with the sheer number of applications at HYS and so on. Seems weird that Malia Obama would qualify as the equivalent of an "access candidate" when a systemically poor white kid would not.
  7. I'm a first year student, so take this with a grain of salt. But I've constantly rationalized my decision for the past year and am finally reaching the point where I'm at peace with it. So I'll just give you some of my thoughts. I had the same concern over salaries when I first started, but the figure of 65-105k seems to be the starting salary for big law. There was a thread posted a few weeks ago about salaries after a few years and whats clear is that those numbers are nowhere near what you can potentially earn in that career path. Of course, there's no certainty you'll get one of those jobs. But you have a strong background and, if you are driven, I think you'll find one.* I found the adjustment from science to law was difficult for a few months, but I now have nearly all As going into finals. I know nothing about practice, but law classes can be conquered with the logic that a science background awards you. After that it seems to come down to personality, so hopefully you have one of those. Is UofT the only school you applied to? You don't need to make that investment. You could go to one of the other schools in the province, pay just over half as much tuition, and have lower cost of living. I can't speak on lost wages, but if you're able to work during summers or even concurrent with school in upper years, you could certainly keep the acquired debt below 75k at a different school. *Edit: This may be an overly-bold assumption to make after a single post on an online forum. But most of the engineering/hard science students I know seem to be doing well, so Im guessing based on that.
  8. I did not work, but I think I could have. As long as you manage your time properly I'm sure you'll be fine. You may have to pass on other opportunities like law review or volunteering, but you could probably manage those as well with enough discipline.
  9. This could just as easily be a correlation =/= causation thing. The top students who get the firm positions are also going to get the moot and clinic positions.
  10. Yeah, I came off a bit optimistic in that post. I think OP has an extremely slim to none chance with the 150. It does seem to happen once in a while, based on acceptance threads. We never know the full story though.
  11. There's a bridge straight to campus at the end of Somerset. That walk to Fauteux would be under 15 minutes.
  12. Most students aren't living alone in Ottawa, unless they're in tiny studios.
  13. Three of my profs wear suit and tie every single day, and they're full-time academics. The other profs all dress casual to business casual. Seems pretty random, but I guess it's whatever they're comfortable with.
  14. Christ. People try to help you and this is the response. I shall be concise: Terrible LSAT. Mediocre GPA. 1% at a Canadian law school. 90% at a UK law school and a long, difficult road that will be impeded by your horrible attitude.
  15. For three years you've been making threads on this forum asking about your chances, and then getting mad and arguing with anyone who gives you a negative answer. I don't think anybody is trying to hurt your feelings. They're being realistic with you. I find it ironic that you've made posts in other people's threads that have much higher LSATs and GPAs than you telling them they have a low chance of getting in anywhere, but you get angry when the same feedback is directed at you. Your dedication is impressive. More so than I'd ever have. If I hadn't got in the first time, I would have given up. I'm sure it'll help you to succeed in your eventual career. But I know 3L students sitting well above average at Ontario law schools who are still worried about finding articles, let alone paid ones with a clear route to employment. Though I know very little about it, what's clear from this forum is that your chances coming from the UK will be significantly worse. Take off the blinders and think about whether there is another route to happiness for you. Yes, everyone hates the LSAT, it's completely pointless, etc. But there's a reason it's used - it tests the skills that you'll need to thrive as a law student. And getting below average 6 times makes me think you'll find law school all the more difficult. Good luck with whatever you do. I think you're dodging a bullet if you move on from the idea of law school now. I can't say that with certainty, but it's my opinion for whatever that's worth.
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