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  1. For the first year courses, do all profs use the same textbooks? Or do different sections of the same course potentially use different ones?
  2. For you upper year students, would you recommend buying new copies of 1L textbooks? Or are used copies/editions sufficient? I'm just trying to create a budget for the Fall and damn them things are expensive.
  3. Did they offer any fancy credit cards w/ this deal? Because one thing that's making me lean towards Scotia (all other things being equal) is the Visa Infinite card that they're offering w/ no monthly fee
  4. Update: I emailed a Scotiabank rep and they immediately offered me 125k at prime. I am going to UCalgary law just in case anyone was wondering about the rates you can get with different schools
  5. They're bought on a per semester basis. The costs depends on which lot you're looking at http://www.ucalgary.ca/parking/parkingpermits
  6. Hi all, I recently heard bank from RBC (the bank my accounts are currently with) and I was offered a PSLOC with a limit of 75k and a rate of Prime+0.5%. I was not overly impressed with this offer, so I was just wondering what offers you were able to secure with your other banks. Thanks in advance!
  7. The invite said "smart casual" so a suit and tie might be a little more formal than that. Look nice, but I definitely don't think a suit is necessary (I won't be wearing one).
  8. Yea I'd imagine they're gonna wait until right near the end of the month to release them, since that's when the deadline to accept is
  9. Well the description says that it includes a tour, info session and then its followed by a mixer with other admitted students and faculty. That seems like plenty to fill 3 hours to me.
  10. I was about 5 days from green circle to acceptance I think.
  11. I purposely build a victory lap last semester because I knew it would happen. So my give-a-shit level is dropping, but its still high enough to breeze through these easy courses.
  12. For me this is a big part of why I want to move out. I sort of have the opposite parent situation that you have, I have don't have a good relationship with them in the sense that I disagree with them socially on basically every issue, and I have no respect for my father particularly for many things he's done in my life. This leads to constant fighting wherein my father will threaten to kick me out on the street. Being so far away from the school is another important issue, I hate being at home so I tend to do most of my studying at the library. After a long night of studying I hardly feel like commuting home for an hour, where upon getting home I get interrogated by my parents because "there's no way that I was at the library all that time". I feel like being so far away from the school would also hamper my ability to make important connections in law school. Since law school is a relatively small faculty, building a network of connections in school with people that will be my future colleagues, I think, would be very valuable to me. Having to commute so far to get home to a place where there's no transit access would likely mean me skipping out on many socialising opportunities. Lastly, as I've mentioned, I am in quite a serious relationship and she also lives quite close to the university so moving closer would save a long commute for both of us multiple times per week. For those that have wondered why we don't simply move in together, she is from a rather traditional family, and they would be quite disappointed if we lived together before we are, at least, engaged. Also, since this seems to be somewhat of a salient point in this thread, I am 22 years old.
  13. I currently am in a serious relationship and she lives very close to the university, so I'd be saving travel time there as well.
  14. Would you care to elaborate? From seeing you post over my time on the site you seem to be a pretty rational person so I'd love to hear what your reasoning is.
  15. Hello, I am just completing my undergrad at UCalgary and I am staying here for law school as well. I have yet to move out from my parents place but I am considering it as I go into law school. Currently I live just outside of Calgary and my commute is 45-60 minutes one way (90 minutes if I take transit). I also do not have a great relationship with my parents and I am itching to get some distance from that. I am also worried that I'll miss out on important social aspects of law school by being so far away from campus. I would love your opinions regarding whether the reduced commute/independence/ better social experience is worth the additional financial burden that comes with living on my own.
  16. Hey y'all, all of my classes were cancelled today due to the mythological amount of snow currently falling in Calgary. So I went ahead and created a facebook group for the class of 2021 instead of doing anything remotely productive. https://www.facebook.com/groups/158593111465914/
  17. One of you two could always make it if you're feeling ambitious.
  18. From what I've heard its usually just an ambitious 0L
  19. Got the email this afternoon! L2: 3.82 LSAT: 164 I will be declining in favour of UCalgary, good look to those still waiting!
  20. This does nothing to prove the relative difficulty of different programs. And even if it did, you're neglecting the possibility that intelligent people go into "less difficult" programs. The smart people don't funnel to engineering just because people deem it to be difficult, people study what interests them. We don't live in a Aldous Huxley book, people aren't assigned to any one field of study based on their intelligence. For this reason, intelligence exists in all disciplines and subsequently AdComs would be ignorant to favour certain applicants based on their field of study.
  21. These are very good points. Also I think its safe to assume that if Calgary used an index system similar to UofA then their medians would be almost identical. Its not that Calgary has a less competitive applicant pool, its that they select people from largely the same pool as UofA based on a different set of factors. Therefore the strength of Calgary's incoming class is harder to quantify and thus looks weaker.
  22. This is quite an erroneous statement. Courses are not objectively hard or easy, the difficulty of a course has to do with the unique abilities, leaning style, etc. of the person taking it. I guarantee that an engineer would fail my honours political science seminar, just as I'm sure I would fail a thermodynamics class. Your claim is one that is begging for a pissing contest, for which is there is no basis.
  23. Just got the email! L2: 3.82 LSAT 164 Calgary is my first choice so I'll likely be accepting!
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