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  1. Just got the email from Rose today telling me I'm under review and I'm so nervous
  2. Mine is still pending review and says No for all documents and tests
  3. Bless. I don't understand why people who have been accepted to their target school and will definitely be going there hold out on acceptances/declines; Makes zero sense. Congratulations! I did my undergrad at Western and my SO is doing a PhD there so Im really hoping to get in!
  4. When did your application get the green circle? My app was completed November 14th and I haven't heard anything, similar stats.
  5. What was the subject of the email?? I have a couple from dal in my spam folder, but i can't retrieve them. However, the subject matter is "we have received your application", is processing separate form this email?
  6. Is it acceptable to call in and inquire about your status? Like "hi my name is x, did i get in?"
  7. Is "under review" before or after "Written notification to follow"?
  8. I was worried about a 161, but my friend who has gotten into law school and is now practicing told me it's a good score, and forums like these skew opinion. I decided to crunch some numbers and was surprised with my results. I161 is definitely a good score, i'll lay out my math below, any input and/or corrections would be appreciated! Assumptions: 2000 applicants per school, each applicant applies to 4 schools , average class size = 130 students 2000 X 18 (law schools in Canada pertaining to this forum) = 36000 applications 36000 applications/ 4 (because each person applies 4 times) = 9000 applicants 161 = 83 percentile, ergo scored better than 83% of applicants ( I understand that people who score very low may not apply) .83 x 9000 = 7470 ( your score beats this many applicants) 9000-7470= 1530 (the amount of applicants with your score or above) 130 (average class size) x 18 = 2340 Therefore, a 161 is better than 810 students admitted and definitely gives one a good shot at law school. It may not give you the pick of the litter, but it will get you in.
  9. Definitely cancel. Schools will read your atrocious writing and think you're an incompetent goon. I'm definitely 100% kidding, trying to hinder the competition! With respect to the sample though does anyone have any reliable information as to how important it is? I feel like I made a good argument in mine, but my handwriting is atrocious, so it's almost as if I wrote nothing depending who reads it.
  10. With respect to decisions, since it's so early are we only accepted/rejected? Or could we possibly still be waitlisted ? My app went completed on the 14th so I'm hoping to hear back soon!
  11. Hi everyone, I'm planning to apply for law school this year and am in a rather sticky situation. I have 2 undergrad degrees, one with a GPA of 1.88, the other 3.62 (. I have yet to write my lsat (writing in September) and am hoping to achieve a 165+ (I've been scoring this consistently on my practice tests). My 3.62 gpa consists of two years of work, as I was able to complete that degree in two years. Am I completely screwed for law schools? I know many look at L2, and some holistically. I think I have a good chance at a holistic school but I could use some advice. I've been scouring threads and the internet and not much is conclusive. Any advice is appreciated!
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