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  1. Sounds like you want to do corporate law, and the firm is a corporate law boutique where you'll likely get significant exposure, so I would probably try to negotiate as it's definitely below average like the poster above mentioned. Curious, though, what did they pay you while you were Articling with them? This should have given you some indication as to what your full time salary would be.
  2. While I never was officially enrolled in the course, Yoni very kindly allowed me to test with his class on Saturday mornings. After every practice exam Yoni sends you a detailed report of your results which breaks down your performance on each of the sections. I found this very helpful because it allowed me to focus on areas that I needed to improve on. Aside from that, Yoni's a great guy - definitely recommend him.
  3. Sure, DM me. I'm familiar with the TN - I've gotten it twice, though I'm not sure how things are now, but I can help you with general questions.
  4. Anyone have any sense of how many more Articling postings we'll see in the next couple months?
  5. I've seen the middle one ("humbled to share") or some derivative of it - the outside ones, never, thankfully.
  6. You got one? I applied on 2/4 and didn't get one.
  7. Do you know to whom we should be addressing the cover letter too? Doesn't say on the site.
  8. TD's external posting deadline (both Articling roles) was Wednesday. Really hoping to get an interview invite for at least one of them. If you hear back from them, please let me know! Thanks.
  9. Anyone hear back from Daimler (MBFS)? Invites going out this week.
  10. Wish I could be participating with you guys - good luck this week.
  11. What were the different buckets of applicants for this recruit and what percent of the whole would they each represent? You have your 3L's, NCA candidates - either currently writing exams, finished writing and waiting for results - as well as those who graduated law school this year and haven't yet found an articling spot because of the pandemic or whatever the case may be. Am I missing anyone else?
  12. Any other NCA candidates here that had a less than stellar call day? Don't be shy.
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