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  1. Understood, but that doesn't really help me resolve whether or not leaving transcripts unupdated if my GPA were to go down would actually help my application for scholarships.
  2. Hi, I recently received my acceptance letter for the 2019-2020 term and could not find any conditions for it (sending in future transcripts, maintaining a certain GPA in my final year, graduating...). I looked through the Admissions Handbook and couldn't find anything except that to apply you need a degree where bottom 25% marks are removed, or are in the final year of a degree where bottom 15% are removed. I emailed Wanda and she told me she recommends sending in updated transcripts as scholarship decisions can go all the way through mid-August and that she will update my GPA accordingly. Does this mean it's not necessary to send them in to keep my spot? If my GPA were to drop following this semester, would it not be best to avoid sending them in and allow scholarship committees to consider using my non-updated GPA?
  3. They ask for your LSAC number, and when you wrote your most recent.
  4. October 31st lol - definitely some luck involved here
  5. Got accepted as of 10:00AM this morning and will be accepting. GPA: 3.66 with drops, LSAT: 158 Strong ECs and PS, strong family connections, NB Resident
  6. What do you think? Just finished my application yesterday. 3.66 GPA with drops 158 LSAT NB Resident with a few strong family connections Strong ECs
  7. Just give them a call, it only takes a minute. This whole post probably took longer honestly. They're very helpful.
  8. Hey, That's a good question. My guess is they would drop it, but I would call. It goes directly to the admissions desk, and they're very helpful: (506) 453-4693
  9. Can somebody give me their opinion on my chances? Hoping to have everything submitted by October 19th. GPA with drops: 3.65 LSAT: 158 Really strong ECs, strong family connection NB Resident, finishing up my degree in NS
  10. Hi, How late is still early enough to receive the advantages of applying early? I plan to submit on October 1st, shortly after September LSAT marks are back. Can I use the same academic references for my scholarship applications that I do for my general application? Should they be in separate letters? All help is appreciated.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm beginning my studying for the LSAT in September. I will be working on it this summer as a priority, while also researching for my thesis and taking a few courses. I read through the "LSAT Recommended Preparations" thread and I took well to one of the posts that broke down the studying like this: #1 - Learning the test (LSAT Trainer book) Understand Logical Reasoning Understand the goal of Reading Comprehension Understand the types of Logic Games Find a diagramming system you're comfortable with (then proceed) #2 - Drilling (Cambridge Drill Packets) Meant to work in different question types across setions Use 7sage explanations to find out why you're getting logic game questions wrong #3 - Preptesting Start taking full length tests and grade them with 7sage grader Use the analytics page and find the question types you struggle with and practice them with the Cambridge packs Questions for you (I'd really appreciate it): How does this studying look? Is there anything I should keep in mind? Is LSAT Trainer the best book to get? My parents are keen to help me pay for an LSAT course, and I see 7sage is the most common. Should I do this? I don't want to have "too much" material. If so, which one should I get? Thanks everyone!
  12. Hey all, In third year undergrad here, and sights are set on Dal Law. I'll be writing the LSAT next September in Halifax, and will be working very part-time this summer, hoping to do the Explore French program in Quebec for the month of June, and prepping for the test for all the rest. My semester is going well (generally speaking), and I'm fairly confident I can pull off a 4.0 (on a 4.0 scale). One hitch, one of the "easier" classes I took I had to withdraw from. The professor was just bad, the workload was ridiculous for this kind of class, and I was striving for Bs. Where my second year marks weren't at all law school material, and Dal takes the highest of either your last two years or your CGPA, I really couldn't afford a low B dragging me down (and all other classes with it). I've looked into it and it seems one W shouldn't negatively affect my application. Does this sound about right? That being said, the admissions process confuses me (try to bare with me as I'm new). As the deadline to complete my application will be February of 2019, and my transcript of that current academic year needs to be submitted, will the last marks I'm able to use be the first semester of my fourth year? In that case, if they take your final two years (if its better), will that start with my final second semester marks? It wouldn't be devastating, but would really require me to kick ass in school the next bit, and do fairly well on the LSAT. Any help would be appreciated!
  13. I have done little research on specific study materials but I come across this concern fairly often. Is there just a shortage of material in general, or a shortage of material that will actually be helpful when you write? What do you mean by eventually starting to do more harm than good, making myself anxious, or studying bad (contradictory) material? Thanks!
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