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  1. kiyak

    Waitlisted at Calgary 2018

    Lost my deposit and elected to go elsewhere. Good luck
  2. kiyak

    Deferred Decision

    anyone have any insight into past deferred decisions? i.e. if they're specifically looking for continued upward trends/just making sure you don't drop/likelihood of getting in at this point?
  3. A solid group of my friends and I are starting 1L in September at multiple schools. We've all been travelling to the schools, meeting with alum and talking to current students. We all also have the same broad goals of getting jobs at large, corporate firms. We have been surprised to see how few current or prospective students we've talked to share this as a goal. Perhaps because we all have similar backgrounds and interests, and are around one another often, we assumed it was a much more common goal for law students. We/I are wondering: how common of a goal is it to want to work in big law or corporate law? If it is a common 1L goal, does that start to go down over the years? While I'm not looking for exact numbers, I'm curious to hear others thoughts on this with some anecdotes Thanks!
  4. Would appreciate hearing peoples 1L experiences of either living on/near campus vs. living closer the downtown area (whether it be the west end, eau Claire, the east village etc.). I'm just looking to weigh some pros/cons of each, so any anecdote will help!
  5. kiyak

    Accepted 2018

    I've declined my offer. good luck!
  6. I've been living at home for my entire undergrad, also a 60-90min commute to my school. I spent my toughest year on campus, however, and often slept at friends places when I needed to. I can say that even with having a solid family relationship, I was at times testy from school. I am really looking forward to getting some space on that front as at times it would get pretty difficult. School wise, living on campus was revolutionary for my grades. the 10-15h of travel time a WEEK was not spent studying. It was easy going from home to class to the library and back, staying to study till late and not worrying about getting home at a decent time. I found that a part of this was mental as well: I was immersed in school and was less concerned with stuff relating to the everyday dealings of family and off-campus life. Socially, it was awesome because of the proximity I had to my friends. The biggest change in my social life that I noticed was from going about my day (grocery shopping, library, cooking, etc.) with my friends and not necessarily just drinking. In terms of going out, I didn't have to worry about getting home at night which is always a plus. When I was at home with my family, there was definitely a lot of FOMO when my friends on campus would all be studying together etc. In regards to the financial burden, its really depends what you value more. The toll of family stress, a long commute, less social interactions with your peers (and the people who will be your peers in the workforce), and less time to focus on school should definitely be weight against the $$ aspect + how you feel you will fare on your own. hope this helped a bit
  7. kiyak

    Accepted to Alberta 2018

    in L2 3.65 163
  8. kiyak

    Accepted to TRU 2018

    declined my offer today. fingers crossed that the next up hears back ASAP!
  9. kiyak

    Accepted 2018

    Accepted today 3.66/4.5 AGPA 163 LSAT I think my index number was around 76.5
  10. kiyak

    Accepted to TRU 2018

    in L2 3.65. 163, well above avg ECs, good letters
  11. kiyak

    Accepted to Calgary 2018

    I believe about 2 weeks ago
  12. kiyak

    Accepted to Calgary 2018

    Accepted! L20: either 3.55 or 3.65 LSAT: 163 Strong ECs and what I assume were good LORs
  13. kiyak

    Submitting Your Application

    Thanks for the update, Malina! Just a couple of questions: -Will we be able to see what the admissions office has calculated our GPA at? If not, would there be a way to find this out? -What's a normal time frame to hear back with an admissions update after our fall grades are entered? thanks in advance!
  14. kiyak

    Accepted to Calgary 2018

    congrats! mind sharing when your application was complete? my transcripts just arrived in Calgary and I'm hoping it's added to my app next week/I hear back soon!
  15. I wrote the past September sitting after studying for the preceding 4 months in addition to taking 3 courses. I went hard studying an definitely at times burned out. I usually fixed the burnout with a couple of days off. In early-mid June I had a major family wedding that included a trip, and while I told myself I would study, it turned out to be a total of ~18 days without any LSAT prep. When I got back to it I felt rusty and didn't score too well before getting back into the grove of things. IMO I think July would be fine as long as you occasionally looked over some questions and did a little prep, but I believe august would be cutting it close. keep in mind everyone is different and what works for some /me may not work for you