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  1. As someone who was present for this past weekend's festivities, I second this opinion.
  2. I'm an incoming 1L coming from Western Canada. I don't plan on changing my area code, at least not during the first year. I've moved around the country and I've found that changing my phone number was more of a hassle than it was worth. It is typical for landlines or local numbers to be able to reach you easily; the rare occasion when someone doesn't have long distance calling is few and far between. I think changing your number partially depends on the network that you've already built. It is taxing letting all of your important contacts know about your number change. It will be easy to forget a contact or two, and this can cause frustration for your network. Assuming you're a 1L, I would suggest keeping your number for your first year and then re-evaluate afterwards. The ability to change your number will always be available, why not test the waters before you make the commitment?
  3. Thank you to everyone that has offered their advice on this thread. I've decided to sign an 8-month lease that is close to campus but does not come furnished. @3rdGenLawStudent Thanks for the link to the info graph, it is incredibly helpful. @bunnnnnnn thank you for your help looking at places; I hope incoming 3Ls will be as helpful as you! Unfortunately, it was difficult to get into any of those places because people were visiting in-person, and I was limited to email. I look forward to meeting everyone in September!
  4. Thanks, @maximumbob, @bunnnnnnn and others for your replies. I will heed your advice and look for something closer to campus. Can anyone comment further on the rental market in Kingston? I'm coming from a larger market, so it's difficult for me to gauge how much is too much to pay for a one bedroom apartment. I've been talking to a few property management companies, and the prices seem to be between $1000-1300 for single bedroom close to the University. Is this in line with the market, or should I be trying to find something less expensive?
  5. Hi All, As the school year quickly approaches, I find my self still seeking a place to live. I'm looking at a place located on Kinsdale Ave. Does anybody have any experience with this area in Kingston? I have never been to Kingston, so I'm looking for some local advice. I know people suggest living downtown, but with limited time and my requirement that the place is furnished, I can't seem to find much in that area. Any advice on neighbourhoods or places I should avoid would be extremely helpful. Thanks!
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