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  1. I applied to two schools last november and now I am debating if I should apply to dalhousie since the application deadline is february 28. My L2 is 3.5 (on a 4.3 scale) and I will be writing the lsat on Jan 13. I have scoring 160+ on my PTs. I will have to ask my professors to submit a reference and I am wondering if it is too late to ask.
  2. Hello, I know U of A uses two to three decimal places for gpa calculations, but does it round up the gpa under the applicant profile? For example, would a gpa of 3.45 be rounded up to a 3.5 under the applicant profile? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-u9luOkViBOYVM2bWFMcmJNcUpOZVBZY0lsTVpyOGRIaGFR/view
  3. Hi, I am currently in the last semester of my business degree at the University of Alberta and this is the first time I will be applying to law schools. The last couple of years (including spring and summer), I have been taking courses to improve my GPA. My ECs are weak as I have been struggling with severe anxiety and panic attacks the past couple of years (diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder last year). By the end of this December, my L2 GPA will be 3.77 and cGPA will be ~3.1. So, the schools I am interested in are U of A (first choice), U of C, TRU and Dalhousie (i.e., essentially schools that focus on L2 GPA and include summer/spring course GPA). I have never written the LSAT before and will be writing it in January. This gives me roughly 3 months to study for the LSAT while studying for midterms/finals. As I have never written the LSAT, I don't know whether I will be a competitive applicant for this cycle. In addition, if something goes wrong due to which I am either unable to write the LSAT or if I have to cancel my score, then I will have no option but to apply for the 2021 cycle. I am just wondering if someone has been in the same boat where you are applying to schools but haven't written the LSAT. In such a case, it is wise to only apply to a school or apply to several schools (and hope I do well on the LSAT)? Also, if I have to cancel my LSAT score (god forbid!), what happens to my law school application? I know it will not be looked at until its complete but will I have to ask my referees for reference letters again? Note: I took a cold diagnostic LSAT back in August and scored a 150. I have just started using the LSAT trainer (by Mike Kim) and will be using that as a study tool along with the LSAT powerscore bibles.
  4. they are stand alone courses. I just finished my BCom degree from the U of A and I needed to take a couple courses to boost my gpa for the 2020 cycle. Laura got back to me and said as long as the course work is not introductory level, like 100 or 200 level (as some courses at AU transfer that way), then U of A will accept it for transfer credit. It's the transferability thing that's throwing me off though.
  5. Hello, I have recently taken courses at AU and I now I am unsure if they are transferable to U of A. The courses I have taken are IDRL 316, HRMT 323, HRMT 326 and ORGB 300. I contacted Laura and she said that they will include courses which show up as transferable to U of A using Alberta transfer guide. My problem is the specific courses I listed above are not listed as an option when I do the transfer search so I cannot see what they transfer to or what the equivalent course at U of A is. Based on the search results, it appears other IDRL and HRMT courses are transferable to SMO courses at U of A. I told this to Laura so I am hoping she gets back to me. In the meantime, can someone help me out here?
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