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  1. Laid off as in forever gone or as in temporarily/until further notice?
  2. The only way the CR/NCR scheme will not be inequitable is if its implemented across the board. Any other variation and the people who opt for it/forced into at their specific school will be at a disadvantage
  3. I know Western has year long courses so students only have their legal writing grade atm.
  4. ProfReader put it in nicer terms but the sheer sense of entitlement that this statement reeks of, that people just pick and choose between opportunities, is really telling. Unless you have significant connections/pull, the legal world is wildly different from whatever world you come from where you are a priority and your environment exists to cater to you or your sense of entitlement.
  5. I don't need to answer your question. We're having a discussion here. I'm assuming the reason you cited contracting coronavirus as being the only potential issue here is because this is the only concern that may apply to you. To you, this pandemic is only a problem of whether people get sick or not. But everyone's not that fortunate
  6. This entire debate is about the pandemic. Are you not aware of that?
  7. It's equitable to grade an exam based on a curve where certain students stand to benefit because other students are disproportionately suffering from this thing for reasons totally and entirely out of their control?
  8. 2L/3Ls who already have jobs and don't need to worry about that, presumably
  9. You're assuming that the 2L recruit will be held in the first place...
  10. I think you're seriously underestimating the potential ramifications of this pandemic
  11. Whoever said 2012 was the year the world was going to end was probably dyslexic and actually referring to 2021 lol
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