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  1. - figure out the important things as fast as reasonably possible, disregard and ignore the insignificant: important things your optimal learning style - study groups or study alone? teach yourself the material or use someone else's outline/rely on professors' lectures? you get the picture how to write law exams - law school exams are a different beast and different than any other exam you've ever written which area(s) of law you want to practice in - don't be too shy to explore the different areas of law, now is the optimal and intended time to do so your story - unless you want to go solo you're gonna have to get a job down the line, figure out your story and develop it (e.g. "I was a college athlete who figured out law was for me because reason x, reason x then led me to volunteer with y legal clinic, etc) the fact that a lot of your outcomes will be significantly impacted by luck and random chance and that you can do everything right and still come up short - whether you did or didn't get x position in y legal clinic or z law firm, just keep moving forward and building your own personal brand building relationships with your peers by being a genuine version of yourself things to disregard/avoid pissing contests - 1L students are some of the most insecure people you will ever meet and its very easy to spend your first semester/first year/law school career/entire legal career worrying about what other people are doing and trying to "keep up"; if you apply for a legal clinic and don't get the position, don't knock yourself down and assume its because the other guy/girl was smarter/best suited for the job/etc. just keep moving forward don't be an asshole - for the love of God, please don't be the gunner who sits in the 1st row of the lecture hall who raises his hand to give his opinion when 2 minutes are left in class
  2. That would be a good example except that York students are constantly in the law building and could have easily done that
  3. WF is intentionally trying to scoop up the people who fell through the cracks during OCIs. So go figure
  4. If I remember right, I was told interviews are happening next week on M/W/F
  5. This may have been asked already, but: How difficult is it to get hired in the Ottawa recruit: 1) without any demonstrated connection to the city; and 2) not being bilingual?
  6. I appreciate your response. I was only kidding though, congrats to you
  7. So you guys got the job and are still complaining?
  8. That caught me off guard and actually made me lol
  9. Can you give a rough outline of what you said in the email?
  10. For those of us who didn't get a 2L position, can we start talking about next steps?
  11. I know why I didn't get an offer. And I'm honestly just glad to have made it this far because I know at this point its just a matter of tweaking a few things. Had a decent package. Converted most of my OCIs to in-firms. But by the time in-firms rolled around this Monday, I was so worn down by the process and failing to take care of my own physical/mental health that I honestly wasn't a candidate worth hiring. The energy was gone, the enthusiasm was gone, the ability to have a normal conversation as a confident person was gone. I literally talked my way into OCIs, had 8:00AM callbacks for Monday in-firms even when I didn't send thank you notes. Just couldn't make it to the end The only thing that pisses me off is the idea that people like RollMaster didn't get an offer but that, somewhere, that guy who half-assed his way thru 1L did get one
  12. I'm pretty sure the people who got calls are too busy celebrating while the people who haven't gotten calls are still busy crying and punching the air
  13. My only concern are my Fall semester grades. I have no issue with getting good grades come Winter semester
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