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  1. Not at all I was so hopeful/excited at the start. I like law and I was really hoping law school would give me a leg up career-wise. I worked for a year before Uoft in a pretty junior position and at the time that’s what all my friends were doing too. But in 3 years their careers grew almost exponentially. Most of my friends bought property and already made more than what I owe on my LOC for uoft tuition. Maybe it’s not the norm just my experience. but for me personally law school was the wrong choice.
  2. Yep exactly! Also this is obviously anecdotal but almost all my friends who went straight to work after undergrad are all extremely successful- getting promotions at work, buying property etc. and I’m still in school.
  3. I really regret going to law school. Worst decision I ever made. If I could do it over I would never go. I’m still debating between finishing or cutting my losses. Think hard if this is what you really want to do.
  4. Anyone else here feel like they were more employable before going to law school? I removed the JD related items from my resume and sent out apps to normal jobs- I got a handful of interviews. Im essentialy paying UofT tuition to be unemployable.
  5. Does the OSC send rejections to people that interviewed?
  6. Has anyone heard from RBC, Toronto Hydro or TTC?
  7. How many 2Ls actually find law related summer jobs? It seems hopeless.
  8. Thank you. I Had several infirms but wasn't the right "fit" whatever that means.
  9. It's 100% my fault. But I woulda had the same outcome if I went to Western, except I'd have an extra 20k in my pocket.... I had straight Hs in 1L and lots of volunteering. No hate on Western, but I probably could have not worked as hard there and been in the exact place I am in now.
  10. That is the unfortunate truth. Without a big law job I'll probably end up making 50k after graduation which will all go to paying off my giant tuition debt. Once again kids, don't go to uoft. Don't listen to their lies. It's no better than any other law school.
  11. Thanks I looked into it and it seems like I'm stuck at UofT. Any future law students reading this- DONT GO TO UOFT, waste of money not worth it.
  12. I am a 2L at UofT but originally from London, did my undergrad at Westen. I chose UofT because I thought I would have a better shot at Bay st. I had a bunch of infirms and zero offers. I am not seeing the "UofT benefit". Super regretting paying 35k in tuition. I want to cut my losses and transfer to western so I can live at home and save money. Has anyone transferred in third year? Was it difficult? Or should I just stick it out?
  13. I was wondering the same thing. I received a confirmation email after a call from all but one firm.
  14. Anyone hear from Smart & Biggar?
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