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  1. I'd probably say just get some work experience in general (if you haven't already). It's something to talk about in an interview apart from your favourite classes in law. Especially when some more structured interviews ask you general interview questions like "tell me about a time you had to deal with difficult client", you have some great examples to bring up. I found my past work experience was my greatest selling point given I'm an average student academically. That being said travel is nice too.
  2. ".....due to strong personal ties in Vancouver along with a love of mountains"
  3. I think you know that it will be definitely be reducing your competitiveness and chances by not participating (and securing something) during the summer recruits. The question is by how much and if it is an acceptable trade off for a pretty cool experience in the reserves. Can't answer the second but to give a quick summary: Reducing competiveness: A summer experience in law is very valuable in just terms of experience. It'll give you your first taste working in the legal world and will likely improve your cv especially if it's a desirable position in the area of law that you're applying for in the Articling recruit. YMMV depending on the type of position actually secured and it could make little to no difference if you summered at a PI firm and want to switch into Corporate law. Reducing chances: many firms and organization hire their summer students as articling students effectively making the summer recruit an articling recruit. Many of the most desirable positions in both government and big law firms do this and you'll be shutting off a big portion of your chances. That being said many litigation focused firms, government, and practices that value interest in the field such as PI, family, Immigration and smaller firms hiring during articling recruit. So in the short answer: yes. It'll make it harder. By how much and is it worth it? Could compromise a lot or just a bit. It all depends on what you want. No one can say for sure. Good luck
  4. To expand on that, there are employers hiring outside the formal recruit who have summer law positions available that don't make articling available. Usually they're organizations (think government and companies) and an in-house experience can be quite rewarding.
  5. To be honest, it's not the in person classes that actually matter, but the social aspect of Law School. Given that we'll probably be under these social distancing restrictions for the foreseeable future, I'm not sure what a couple in person classes will do for me if we can't have Dennings, law ball, Obiter, 3yp or even just hanging out in groups. Also, I can say without a shred of doubt, that 1L was the most important year of law school in terms of needing in person classes and bonding with your small group. I had an absolute blast 1st year and I think every law student should get that support and as close of an experience we had (but clearly inferior to previous 1L years). So I totally get the frustration as an upper year not getting to live up 3LOL to the max as I looked forward to so much. But, on the balance, I think the 1Ls need it more and if there's no other way, I can live with it.
  6. Already sold that to get into law school. What else can I sell?
  7. I think the intention of saying "large accounting firm" instead of the actual name is to preserve anonymity. Perhaps PM OP?
  8. Not a lawyer. But when I was a student at one of the independent federal agencies which employed their own lawyers not under Justice, they were classified as LP.
  9. Law student here but I find it ranges. Most people don't care apart from a general "oh that's cool". I am from an ethnic group that tends to value this though so at events with extended family or other members of the group I've had the impression of "you've upheld your family's honour" to "are you single? My neice's daughter is around your age and really sweet and single"
  10. I think you might be confusing full course load vs full time. Full-time is 3.5 courses and up so you are considered full time. However full course load should mean 5.0. I once had a continuing scholarship at Western that required a full course load that was rescinded once I dropped to 4.5. It was still counted in my L2 tho I'm pretty sure
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