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  1. To be honest, it's not the in person classes that actually matter, but the social aspect of Law School. Given that we'll probably be under these social distancing restrictions for the foreseeable future, I'm not sure what a couple in person classes will do for me if we can't have Dennings, law ball, Obiter, 3yp or even just hanging out in groups. Also, I can say without a shred of doubt, that 1L was the most important year of law school in terms of needing in person classes and bonding with your small group. I had an absolute blast 1st year and I think every law student should get that support and as close of an experience we had (but clearly inferior to previous 1L years). So I totally get the frustration as an upper year not getting to live up 3LOL to the max as I looked forward to so much. But, on the balance, I think the 1Ls need it more and if there's no other way, I can live with it.
  2. Already sold that to get into law school. What else can I sell?
  3. I think the intention of saying "large accounting firm" instead of the actual name is to preserve anonymity. Perhaps PM OP?
  4. Not a lawyer. But when I was a student at one of the independent federal agencies which employed their own lawyers not under Justice, they were classified as LP.
  5. Law student here but I find it ranges. Most people don't care apart from a general "oh that's cool". I am from an ethnic group that tends to value this though so at events with extended family or other members of the group I've had the impression of "you've upheld your family's honour" to "are you single? My neice's daughter is around your age and really sweet and single"
  6. I think you might be confusing full course load vs full time. Full-time is 3.5 courses and up so you are considered full time. However full course load should mean 5.0. I once had a continuing scholarship at Western that required a full course load that was rescinded once I dropped to 4.5. It was still counted in my L2 tho I'm pretty sure
  7. Maybe it would be better to answer OP if people could comment on perceived rankings in their own practice areas (civil lit, M&A, tax etc)? Similar to what maximumbob did and with the caveat of course that these are just perceptions and shouldn't be used as hard facts to make life changing decisions etc etc. But it's certainly nice and interesting to have some insight to what is said.
  8. Try RW & Co. I have a few friends who got their suits from there and I was surprised by the fit and look of it. It's in your price range and you can get it off the rack.
  9. Accepted today CGPA: 3.70 L2: 3.64 LSAT: 162 I screamed in my office the second I saw it. Will be accepting
  10. I'm actually curious on the topic of summer or articling students bringing in business (not that I expect to do so anytime soon). I'm sure it's very dependent on the size of the client and practice area but what can you reasonably expect/ask for in terms remuneration? A thank you dinner and a we'll-keep-you-in-mind-for-hireback or can you ask for a cut of the fees?
  11. Admitted yesterday! cGPA= 3.7 LSAT 162 EC and PS not too strong tbh. But I'm grateful anyways!
  12. My heart was beating so fast as I saw I got an email from Western Law. Then I read the email and disappointment crashed. Sigh.
  13. Same boat! I check this forum and the websites like 3 times a day. Then I see someone get in and I start thinking about my backup plan to find a job/do a masters/travel the world cause clearly i'm not going to get it in So nerve wracking.
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