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  1. Tapt58

    Individual Consideration Category LSAT

    This is also my understanding
  2. Tapt58

    Accepted 2018

    From past years people on this forum who were contacted were always offered a spot, but I'm sure people who frequent here aren't necessarily representative. Also eagerly awaiting an IC interview call.
  3. Per the admissions guidelines doc; " All attempts (both in credit hours and resulting grades) of courses that are repeated will be included in the AGPA calculation. " http://umanitoba.ca/student/admissions/media/law_bulletin.pdf
  4. So as an update, my lsat scores are; Sept - 147 - idk what happened, but I was well below my average. Dec - 155 - a better result, but slightly lower than I expected yet.
  5. Thanks! I'll keep those in mind once October rolls around!
  6. I did review that thread, thanks for pointing it out!
  7. That's right, my raw gpa is 2.34.
  8. My undergrad is a Criminology major / Psych minor from the UofM, I erroneously titled my post as a cGPA, but it's actually my AGPA by the bulletin guidelines. I think Manitoba would be my preference anyway, but I really doubt I'd be competitive in the index category based on previous years admittance stats.
  9. I appreciate your input regardless, I know there isn't much to work on but I figured I'd throw myself out there regardless.
  10. Hey there! New to the forums, just found them through reddit. (Please don't judge!) I'm 30, finished by undergrad in 2009, been working full time for 11 years, living in rural Manitoba, just wrote a timed Lsat diagnostic at home, and scored 155, working through The LSAT Trainer, by Mike Kim, planning to write for reals in Sept. As mentioned in the title, I'm applying under individual consideration/access category at schools in MB, BC, and ON. If anyone who has applied under similar circumstances/has advice could chime in, I'd appreciate it. Edit; I didnt include L2 + B2 / B3, L2 - 2.57 B2 - 2.69 B3 - 2.62