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  1. LawMaidsTale

    Still no articling job for 2018 - 2019. Anyone else?

    OP, I feel for you. I graduated with no articling position and I applied basically everywhere in the province. It was really disheartening to network and meet with lawyers who would ask me questions like "have you considered applying outside of Bay Street?" and "Did you look at jobs outside of Toronto?" I did find a position in the end and I hope you will too. Keep at it.
  2. LawMaidsTale

    Are there too many law school graduates/students?

    Just look at the US, every university has a law school pumping out law grads at the speed of light. And? where is their access to justice? Flooding the province with unemployed or underemployed lawyers is no solution.
  3. LawMaidsTale

    Ryerson Law by 2020 - Letter of Intent

    From what I read, Ontario has the absolute highest law society fees of any jurisdiction in North America. There is absolutely no logical explanation or justification for that. As a licensee, I don't feel like I get my "money's worth." In fact, I feel like they do absolutely nothing for me. The fact that they continue to charge exuberant fees to those are not practicing law and even those who are unemployed only adds to the perception that it really is nothing but a cash grab.
  4. and someone is arguing in another thread that there is no articling crisis....
  5. LawMaidsTale

    Junior associate $20 an hour???

    Do yourself a favor OP and work in doc review (if you live in Toronto). You will at least make better money and be able to service any student loans debts you have (if any).
  6. LawMaidsTale

    Junior associate $20 an hour???

    I've seen lower. The market is garbage. An employer can basically offer anything and finding someone who will take it.
  7. LawMaidsTale

    Are there too many law school graduates/students?

    I don't understand why you are getting so defensive. The original poster asked a straightforward question which I answered.
  8. LawMaidsTale

    Are there too many law school graduates/students?

    Yea. There are more lawyers/law school graduates than there are jobs
  9. LawMaidsTale

    non-law position in the interim after articling

    Honestly, the legal job market is brutal. I wouldn't turn down any kind of job. You have no idea when, and if, you will be able to get a legal position.
  10. LawMaidsTale

    Legal Market 2018

    As someone who applied to many rural jobs over the years and got zero interviews, I would caution anyone against assuming those jobs are easily had because of a shortage. I was told there is a preference for locals or people who can strongly demonstrate a local connection. My entire resume is jobs and education in big towns. I even had an informational interview with a lawyer in a medium sized city just an hour away from my city and that lawyer grilled me about my familiarity with that city and what I liked about it and how many times I visited before etc.
  11. LawMaidsTale

    Ryerson Law by 2020 - Letter of Intent

    Lets all have this discussion again when all of our fees go up (LSO fees go up to fund the LPP program for more graduates with no articles and LawPro fees go up to make up for all the claims resulting from large numbers for inexperienced lawyers making mistakes). Carleton, Brock, Nipissing, Trent and OCAD should also get their own law schools. Why stop at Reyerson?
  12. LawMaidsTale

    Ryerson Law by 2020 - Letter of Intent

    My hat is off to the brave benchers who voted with their conscience (and some common sense). Thank you Raj Sharda and Jeffrey Lem.
  13. LawMaidsTale

    Folks Outside the Law

    There are some people that I know who liked law and were interested in articling but the market being what it is didn't allow for it. Two people I know took on minimum wage service jobs (sucks to have no rich families to support you and student loans) but eventually landed on their feet. I've seen people take law adjacent positions ("contracts administrator" or "lease manager" in the private sector) and a lot of people in government jobs in various policy roles. I have a friend who works in finance in a junior role. One friend works as a paralegal for the government and another as a law clerk in a small firm. From my own experience, applying for non law positions with no law experience (or very little) is very tough. I don't get many call backs and a lot of employers question whats wrong with you and just assume that you will quit as soon as you find a law job. Plus, its emotionally hard to start on the bottom in some industry, with the corresponding junior level pay, and work alongside people who make the same as you but don't have 60k in debt and are also younger than you.
  14. LawMaidsTale

    Upcoming short, free (or cheap) CPDs (in Ontario)

    LSUC has something coming up on Louis Riel. 1.5 hours of substantive I believe
  15. If anyone has interviewed there and has any tips and is willing to share, please drop me a line : )