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  1. Hey guys, I'm developing a product right now and wanted someone to take a look at a few patents I found to help me determine if these claim a specific type a locking mechanism. I don't want to infringe and leave myself open to a lawsuit hence me looking for someone to provide some guidance. If you guys know anyone that is good, doesn't cost a fortune per hour, and is ok with taking on a job that will only require two or three hours that would be appreciated. Cheers! :)
  2. So I thought of scenario which I was curious about and wanted some opinions on it from you guys. Suppose you do very well in law school, get offered to work in a big firm in New York, but after 5 or so years you decide you'd rather come back and practice in Canada. How difficult would the transition process be? Would working in New York be advantageous on one's resume when applying to work in Canadian law firms? I know there is an extremely small minority of law students that get offered the opportunity to work in a big NY law firm but I figured it would be interesting to ask.
  3. I was doing some thinking today and was wondering about things I could do to make my transition into law school smoother and first year relatively easier. E.g., improving typing speed, reading speed, perhaps some books that would help with understanding the legal language. I've read quite a bit on this forum advising people to relax before they begin law school and to stay away from overdoing things because of the heavy workload that's inevitably coming. I'm just seeking some advice on what current law students wish they had done before starting.
  4. If I wanted to apply for law school and start September 2020, what is the lastest I could write my LSAT and when are law school applications normally due by? Cheers!
  5. I incorporated a company last year, I finalized my logos and want to trademark my logos and name in the US & Canada (perhaps China if necessary?). I would need a prior search to ensure I'm not infringing on any previous logos. If anyone here has experience in what I've mentioned shoot me a DM or reply to this thread with your quote and experience. Cheers!
  6. When judges rule on cases, do they specifically mention which attorney wins? In other words, is there a section, or is it easy to interpret and find what the result are of cases? And is it the same or different in the US legal system?
  7. Hey guys, I go to York and due to the strike I had to drop two courses due to work commitments. My question is, because of this, will it hurt my application when applying to law school? Every other year I had a full course load but this year I took 18 credits (30 is considered a full course load). This means I will need to take a 5th year to complete the remaining credits 12 credits (or two courses). Because of the strike the dropped courses will not appear on my transcripts and it will be as if I had never taken the courses to being with. Can anyone offer me some advice? I plan on applying to Osgoode and U of T. Cheers!
  8. Yeah thats what I figured too. Treading on thin ice haha. Does it help at all if I'm a mature student when applying?
  9. cGPA is 3.54. Those Bs in my first year really hurt moi. According to the OLSAS converter app.
  10. Howdy! Currently going into my 3rd year at York and I'm just seeking some advice from you fine scholars. So to try and be brief these are my queries. - With my current GPA and if I were let's say, to get all As in my 3rd and 4th year, are my admissions chances to Osgoode very favourable? - With my current cGPA, can I afford to get another B+ or must I get all As in order to be admitted? I know that the LSAT is a big factor but I'm strictly concerned about cGPA at the moment. Thanks for any and all help! Cheers. GPA and grades in these images so you have a better idea: * http://imgur.com/a/iKSl5 * Overall GPA is 7.40 (York U grading scheme is weird)
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