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  1. I was accepted to UBC last year after completing only 3 years of my undergrad degree. I have a 4.0 GPA and an LSAT score of 170. Ultimately, I chose to decline the offer and finish my undergrad degree, so I will now be starting 1L in the Fall of this year.
  2. Just got the call!!! GPA: 4.0 LSAT: 170 Last name B. I'm so giddy!!!
  3. Just received an offer of admission. GPA: 4.0 (with and without drops) LSAT: 170 As a note, I applied last year and was offered admission as a third year undergrad. I declined the offer to complete my undergraduate degree, so I am thrilled that I still have the opportunity to study at UBC!!!
  4. Unfortunately, they don't grant deferrals for third year students in the process of completing their degree. Oh well - will just have to apply again next year.
  5. Received a conditional offer earlier today! GPA: 4.0 (after drops) LSAT: 170 3rd year applicant. Will be rejecting the offer in favour of completing my undergraduate degree. Good luck to everyone, hope to see you all next year!
  6. Hi all! Was wondering someone could help me out. I just submitted my application (YAY) and I was wondering if there was any way to track the status of my application (like when they've received my transcript, when it's in the process of being evaluated, etc). I'm completely technologically incompetent so I could have very well missed it! Thanks in advance!!
  7. Thanks for the advice everyone, much appreciated!
  8. I've been studying for the September LSAT since late April. I scored a 152 on my diagnostic test so I started putting in 20+ hours a week to improve my score. By mid June I was scoring 165+ (taking an average of 2 PTs/week) and I hadn't scored below a 170 since the beginning of July. BUT - now I'm starting to burnout. I took a practice about 10 days ago and scored a 166 (however, I wasn't in the right state of mind - death in the family the day before). I proceeded to take a week off from studying. When I returned, I scored a 173. BUT NOW (a few days later) I FEEL TIRED AGAIN!?!?!?!?!? So I guess what I'm saying is that I feel prepared for the test but it's still 4 weeks away. How should I continue with my studies so as to not burnout but in a manner that allows me to maintain my current score? Thanks!!!!!
  9. I've been taking 2-3 practice tests (full, timed, experimental section and scantron sheet included) per week for the past 3 and half months and I've consistently been scoring 168+ so assuming I don't choke on test day I expect to score above a 165.
  10. I'm having such a hard time finding information on students applying while in their third of year undergrad and I'm assuming that's because so few do and even fewer do so successfully. I'm a third year student at the University of Alberta and I've had a 4.0 GPA every semester since I started university. I take the LSAT in September and I think I can reasonably expect to score somewhere in the 165-170 range. My preferred school choice would be UBC and I've already arranged my schedule so as to have completed the required 30 credits of senior level courses by June 30th the year of admission. Has anyone else been through this or know of someone who's been through this? Would just like some potential insight as to what my chances are. (my ECs are relatively strong - but from what I've heard, UBC is more of a numbers school?) Thanks!
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