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  1. Accepted on the 12th! LSAT 167 cgpa 3.78/4.3 without drops
  2. In this morning as well! LSAT 167 cgpa 3.7/4.0
  3. I’m pretty sure UVIC is almost a guarantee for you...UBC you’re more on the borderline but if I had to guess I’d say you’d at least be on the waitlist with a pretty good shot at eventually getting in?
  4. Do you guys think it will impact my chances of being admitted to UVIC if I have three LSAT writes? I know on the UVIC website it says they take the highest score, and it seems to be a very numbers/index-based school for the most part, but I’m getting mixed information looking at some of these forum discussions as to how schools may view multiple LSATs. I originally had a 159, and just received a score of 167 (bumping me up to an index of 945 or so without drops). But I’m still anxious about having the other two writes affect my chances with this index! If anyone has any information/knows people who’ve gotten in with similar situations let me know. Thank you!
  5. I haven’t looked it up but I always thought everyone who took that exact same LSAT Test was ranked against each other (so international).
  6. Hi, I’m in a similar situation, 159 to 167. I really think this will significantly up my chances of being admitted to my number one school, so I’m very anxious as well! Do you mean on the LSAC website it shows when/where they’ve sent out updated scores? Or on each schools individual web page for admission/status updates.? Also, an additional question you may or may not have insight into...I registered for the Feb LSAT a week or so ago as a fallback, but hadn’t even gotten around to letting schools know that yet, so as far as they were concerned I think they only knew I was writing December. I just sent an email in to refund/cancel the Feb LSAT but they said it could take weeks to update. Do you think that this registration will update when my Dec score is sent to schools, and they will put me in the delay/hold pile again? Obviously this doesn’t matter too much right now because people are probably out of offices till the New Year anyways, I’m just hoping that I haven’t delayed myself until February or later for hearing from schools that might’ve accepted me sooner. Sorry for the long-winded questions, I’m just anxious about this as I’m sure many of you are as well. Congrats on the bumped scores, those are awesome!
  7. Got the email this morning! Application went under review less than a week ago. Cgpa 3.78/4.3, LSAT 159. Non-maritime applicant, so I’m extremely surprised to have heard back this early! Side note: how long has it taken for everyone to receive an official acceptance email/letter after getting the notice from Rose? Not gonna lie I’ll be worried this is a mistake until I get something official lol. Hopefully this gives some hope to the rest of the sub-160 applicants out there! Good luck to everyone!
  8. Make sense, I was noticing the same thing. I know my GPA is not great but ok...hopefully it gives my sub-160 lsat a chance, or I can move up a few points. Thanks for your insight!
  9. Allard3L, would you be able to speak to the depth of opportunities to practice in these areas in BC? Obviously it seems like there wold be a huge need for people concentrated in natural resources/environmental/Indigenous studies in the province, but I was just wondering how this pans out in practice. Are there actually a lot of opportunities in this area? I’m applying to law schools right now - would love to go to UVIC or UBC because I want to end up there - and I’m really interested in studying Indigenous law. My background is in engineering but I’m also currently doing a Masters focused on water resources in an Indigenous context. I guess I’m also wondering what you think my chances would be of being able to work in this sector of law in BC with this background, especially if I’m not able to go to a BC law school? Sorry if this was a bit long-winded or confusing. Thanks!
  10. I did apply to quite a few others, and I also just rewrote the Dec LSAT so we’ll see how’s that goes.
  11. Hi, Just wanted to get an idea of what my chances are if anyone has any insight. I also rewrote the LSAT in December, but do I even have a shot with the score I have now? My undergrad was also in engineering but I’m not sure if that’s matters, from what I understand it probably doesn’t. Thanks!
  12. Thanks so much for the responses! I definitely want to end up in BC, and while I know people are saying you should study where you want to practice, I'm not sure of my chances at BC schools so I wanted to make sure I knew of other options as well.
  13. Can anyone comment on schools that focus on indigenous law/indigenous studies more than others, or have special programs/research going on? I've read about a few schools that offer 1 or 2 courses in this area but I don't know too much else about it. From a personal standpoint I'm interested in working in this area after law school. Does anyone know of the types of jobs there might be after law school to work with/for indigenous communities and populations in Canada? Thank you!
  14. Thank you! Do you have any idea if I would even have a shot at UBC? I keep going back and forth on whether I should apply. It would probably actually be my second choice behind UVIC because I'd like to be in BC, but the impression I've gotten is that UBC is up there with U of T and with my LSAT score it wouldn't be worth it.
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