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  1. Hey! I’m not sure how much advice I can give as a fellow 2L that has just literally secured a job the other day but I wanted to chime in and let you know that I felt the exact same way after I was unsuccessful through the Toronto recruit. I did a few things to cope and work towards finding a job. After being unsuccessful, I compiled a master list of all the jobs I found through my school, Indeed or other recruits and spent a lot of time tailoring my cover letter and resume to each position. Like I mean preparing cover letters and resumes became my part-time job. I tried to make some sort of connection to each place I was applying to whether that was that I did my undergrad in the particular town the firm is located in or demonstrated interest in a practice area through ECs/courses. I also really kept my options open and didn’t limit myself to a particular city or area of law when applying. I found that this really helped me secure more interviews and after each interview, I wrote down the questions they asked me so that I could better prepare for future interviews. After a lot applications and interviews, I ended up landing a job I’m pretty excited about. All of this to say don’t lose hope. I felt the exact same way as you and I know it sucks when you hear about other people around you landing jobs. However, there are still more jobs that will come out between now and May. I’d be happy to send you my list of current places hiring and the interview questions if you feel as though that would be helpful.
  2. Sorry for being annoying with the posts but has anyone heard from Mann Lawyers or Emond Harnden?
  3. Momentum interview invites are out as well
  4. Thanks for making this thread! I’ve only heard from those two and I go to uottawa.
  5. I’m from uottawa, ours don't come out until Tuesday but I’ve heard from Conway Baxter and Perley-Robertson!
  6. I don’t know if there’s usually a separate thread for the Ottawa recruit but I’ve heard back from some firms today and I imagine other people have too. Should I post this here or under a new thread?
  7. @georgecostanzajr @QuincyWagstaff Makes sense! Thank you both very much
  8. My 2L fall grades come out on January 15th but I was wondering if I should wait on applying to jobs until I'm able to send out an updated transcript. There is not much I can do about the jobs that have due dates before January 15th though so hopefully that is not a problem.
  9. There are? I did not know that haha this is exactly what I'm looking for! Thank you
  10. I just feel very discouraged. I know this recruit is not the end of the world but I really don't feel confident in my interviewing skills after so much rejection. I also wish I did not get my hopes up after hearing that my top choice called all of my references to then not get an offer from them. I'm not looking forward to going through this all again but overall, it was a good experience just very emotionally draining once you invest so much into it.
  11. For government jobs (MAG), is the fact that they’ve contacted all your references a good sign or do they do this for every candidate? They contacted my references pretty soon after my interview. Also how late after 5pm will offers be extended?
  12. Quick question for anyone that has/is interviewing with MAG (specifically Office of the Public Guardian), do you know when they send out the presentation topic? The email said it will be sent to you in advance of your interview but I was just wondering approximately when I could expect that to be.
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