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  1. Ahhh okay, that makes sense then, thanks for the clarification.
  2. When i look at my Jan-Apr schedule it shows the course "dispute resolution 1" running everyday from 9 am - 3:50 pm. Is that an error?
  3. Oh okay, sounds good. When i checked on TRU's website it said registration is available on June 23, but i wasn't able to enrol in anything. So do they just email you the schedule?
  4. Does anyone know when we enrol in courses?
  5. The best advice I can give you is to just focus on the LSAT, getting a good score will outweigh trying to do additional EC's in my opinion.
  6. I hate Xyna (Vaughn), its pretty loud there since its next to the 407 and so many trucking yards. And also based on my experience the proctors start the test whenever a room is filled. So if you end up in a room that starts later, you can expect to start hearing everyone else walk out and get ready for their break during the end of your section 3. Even more, the classrooms are small, and I had like 3 proctors just walking around, sometimes even standing next to you and staring at your tablet, which can get annoying.
  7. Damn, you got in now though so it's all good, congrats!
  8. How did you sound like an asshole on your application?
  9. If you have all full year courses for fourth year, i am assuming you would only be required to send grades around april, is that correct?
  10. How is the work life balance for these positions, and roughly the salary if you guys know ?
  11. From what I've read/heard, i believe it will show up most likely around early december in your document tracking section on OLSAS.
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