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  1. If you have all full year courses for fourth year, i am assuming you would only be required to send grades around april, is that correct?
  2. How is the work life balance for these positions, and roughly the salary if you guys know ?
  3. From what I've read/heard, i believe it will show up most likely around early december in your document tracking section on OLSAS.
  4. This was the same problem with earlier test dates, after I did my sept test, I couldn't get OCT/NOV testing dates nearby so I booked January like 2 months ago. Im also from GTA and the only locations available to me back then was windsor, cornwall, etc. I know someone else who was put on the waitlist and had to drive to windsor from GTA.
  5. Don't you just have to request the transcripts to be sent by that date? I don't think it actually has to arrive by the 1st. I think you'll be fine, but just contact the school to see what they think.
  6. 3.9/4.3 on the 4.3 scale I believe. Scored a 154 on my lsat but I am planning to re-write in Jan (pting around 157-164). Are there any Canadian schools that I have a decent chance at getting in with my current stats other than the Dual JD at Windsor (price is not justifiable for me personally)
  7. Goodluck on your next LSAT, the games section was brutal. Guessed like 4 q's on flowers.
  8. I haven't looked into all the schools, but the one's I am applying to seem to accept it. Could you tell me which one's do not accept it?
  9. I also looked at November for the past week, and the only location that became available was in windsor. I ended up booking Jan just to be safe.
  10. Yes, it's the first time they released a digital lsat, so lsac decided that you can cancel your score within 2 weeks after receiving it which results in the test taker being refunded a free test take for the next test they book.
  11. Check out the lsat page on reddit for tips and advice, lots of information there. From what i have read ALOT of people on that site have negative reviews about kaplan, and suggest using alternative books such as powerscore for LG/LR, and manhattan prep for RC. YMMV, personally i never used kaplan or manhattan prep so idk how they are, but the powerscore books and nathan fox's lr encyclopedia helped me out a ton.
  12. "Test center supervisors are directed to deny admission to anyone who does not present both an admission ticket bearing an acceptable photo and acceptable identification. If you are denied admission, you will not be eligible for a refund." I think you only need to bring your ticket WITH the photo on it and additional government id. I am also writing on monday, good luck to us.
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