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  1. To the best of my knowledge no Law school offers a January start term.
  2. AWL

    University of Toronto student needing advice.

    I imagine the same is true of UBC undergrads at UBC Law. Talented students go to those universities, like the cities and decide to stay there for law. I think that explains it a lot more than those schools favoring their own students.
  3. AWL

    University of Toronto student needing advice.

    I would also recommend the powerscore bibles. You probably want to buy quite a few practice tests from LSAC. 7Sage is an immensely helpful YouTube channel for Logic games. I also found “The LSAT Trainer” channel to be somewhat useful for non logic game stuff.
  4. Black and Blue, Han shot first, Balrogs don’t have wings, MCU (this one can’t be a real debate), just buy an Xbox.
  5. I think grades in philosophy like most subjects depend a lot on the Professor or TA. I’ve had easy and difficult courses in both Philosophy and STEM.
  6. AWL

    LSAT Scores

    Best idea would be to scroll through past “accepted” threads and look for people who have similar stats to you.
  7. AWL

    Waitlist 2018

    Taking myself off the waitlist. Good luck to all.
  8. Just got rejected not very surprised. GPA with drops around 76% LSAT 163
  9. AWL

    Current 1L Answering Questions

    How are the classes graded in 1L? Is it just one exam at the end of term?
  10. AWL

    Acceptance timeframes/stages

    I was given until March 31st to respond to the offer of acceptance. So I assume after that date they have a better idea of how many more offers they need to make.
  11. AWL

    Housing 1L

    I’ll check out the condos, although they may be out of my price range as well, thanks!
  12. AWL

    Accepted to Alberta 2018

    Accepted two days ago. L2: 3.62 LSAT: 163
  13. AWL

    Housing 1L

    That’s really helpful thank you. Which building did you stay in when you were in res?
  14. Where do most 1Ls moving to Kamloops from another city live?
  15. No relation to Law but “The Undoing Project” by Micheal Lewis was great. It discusses the relationship b/n two Psychologists Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman who would later win a Nobel Prize in Economics for their work.