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  1. I was in your exact same position from what I can gather (where I want to practice, tuition, climate) and I also chose the U of A. Plus, I am already in Edmonton (I don't think you are) and I didn't see an obvious reason in uprooting myself from my support systems. Anyway, I'm excited to meet you, and everyone else in the fall
  2. I had a quick correspondence with student services and they suggested business casual but said that ultimately it's up to you. I'm sure either will be fine.
  3. Hello, This shouldn't be too hard to answer but I'm confused. I have been working on my Fall 2018 application. I think (mistakenly) that I was under the impression that the statement of interest and referees were classified as "supporting documents" in which case they would be due by March 1. My new understanding is that these are required during the application and thus due on November 1st? I had planned on doing these after November 1st (when my working hours drastically decrease) but these are both due with the application, correct? Lastly, it's my assumption that all that is required for referees by November 1st is their name and email? They have until March 1st to actually complete the reference? Thank you in advance.
  4. L2: 3.68 (does this round to 3.7?) LSAT: 159 Also, if anyone would be willing to answer a few basic questions about the applications process, I would appreciate it
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