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  1. Does anyone know what firms in Toronto specialize in medical malpractice? Does anyone have experience working in this area? Are there firms that do med malpractice that are distinct from PI firms?
  2. Gotta love the heart attack I got when I got a message today from law society - only to find out its NOT the results.
  3. I'm talking about smaller firms - in criminal law or similar - any ideas of what the average salary would be for a first year call?
  4. Anyone still looking for an articling position for 2018/2019: Here is a job posting I found for an articling job in mental health law: "Anita Szigeti Advocates is considering applications for a 2018/2019 articling student. It’s a barely paid position but we do amazing work for clients in the civil and criminal mental health systems. The position would begin at the end of August this year and will involve working with Anita Szigeti as principal. This position will provide a motivated student with a demonstrated interest in mental health law ample opportunities to do real legal work. If you are interested in this position, please send along your cover letter, resume, transcripts, and a writing sample by close of business on July 19th. Letters of reference will also be considered. Please send applications to [email protected] with a copy to [email protected]" Edit: I've got no affiliation to this job - just found it on FB and thought some people may be interested.
  5. Also.....WHEN ARE THE RESULTS COMING OUT? I'm going crazy here. I heard rumors that they would come out first 2 weeks of July but...............nothing so far!!!!
  6. Could you put the link of the law society website section which says that it’s cumulative not by individualized sections? Can’t find that anywhere!!
  7. Does anyone know how restricted one would be to the area of law that they articled in? Like if you article in a certain field of law, is it possible to then work in a different field? Also, if you article at a place with not much litigation-work, is there a chance that you still could get into litigation after articling?
  8. Waiting on these 2 as well... I'm hoping there still might be a chance...
  9. Ministry of Health ITC - sent out a little over an hour ago
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