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  1. Queens is a B2 school, and their median LSAT is recorded to be 161, so i think you're in with that GPA. UBC is unlikely. I myself have a low cGPA like you, but you do have a great LSAT score. I think since you're above the LSAT median for all those schools (bar UBC), your low GPA could even out your chances. I'd say your best bet is either Queens or Ottawa, maybe York.
  2. The only issue with rewriting in February is I'd probably end up losing time and concentration for my courses this semester, which I could use to boost my GPA if I choose to reapply in the next cycle. So it would be a waste of money if I did poorly again, kind of an "all-or-nothing" approach.
  3. I am 21, as that user Abii deducted, but I am not anchored anywhere. I have applied to Ottawa, Queens, Western and UBC - my goal was UBC, but I'd need a 170+ LSAT to be competitive with my GPA.
  4. This is definitely a possibility, linked with option #2. I just forget to mention that I was planning on a rewrite anyways given this case. The plan B is to not rewrite in February - use the semester to up my GPA and then rewrite later in the year when I'm doing a masters. What are you considering in determining that I should rewrite in February? Also, for context, I likely wouldn't be doing an MEng. Western has a MES (Master of Environment and Sustainability) that could link well with the future idea of doing environmental law. The program is 1-year, course-based, and has a co-op at the end in case law doesn't work out. I have also considered the MBA at Dalhousie, and the MM at UBC.
  5. I'm probably not actually in a "mid-life crisis" (I hope not to die at 42), but I really need some varying advice on what to do. So here's the catch. I'm currently in my 4th year studying engineering - definitely not the easiest undergrad. I'm hoping to mix engineering and law, which can be a very niche field (I'm hoping to go into environmental law). My 1st year average was 74%, 2nd year was 72%, and 3rd was 80%. 1st and 2nd year engineering are tough years, and most classes are curved around 60s and 70s. Getting 4.0 GPAs is nearly unheard of/impossible. I applied to the dual degree of eng/JD at my school (Western) this past year, and scored a pretty poor 152 on the June 2017 LSAT, and was wait-listed with no eventual entry. I spent the first semester of my fourth year studying to retake in December (2017); in practice I had been hitting 163 LSATs pretty frequently but it just failed when I wrote and I got 158. My RC is poor, and I can definitely improve this with time. My current possibilities are: Re-write in February - focus RC and aim for 163+ (I feel like this is possible) Apply to a masters instead of re-writing, then apply for the next law cycle. I'd work on my 4th year marks to up my cGPA and L2/B2 - right now it's looking like a L2/B2 can be 3.5+ GPA if 4th year stays in the direction its going (3rd/4th year being L2/B2) Wait for offers and be sad Overall, I love law and feel like I would benefit from the program and enjoy it thoroughly. The truth is I decided on this career path in my 3rd year of undergrad, and have been scrambling to fit myself in the bracket ever since.
  6. Just got put on today, but I applied under the dual degree category (BEsc/JD). My cGPA is somewhere around the 3.4 mark with my L2 around 3.5. I really choked on my June 2017 LSAT, getting 152 after sustaining 159 average the week prior. Don't know where I'm going from here but I hope it works out!
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