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  1. Loving where this discussion is going. Many thanks to all responses so far! Super interesting to hear how people in our field are using tech tools to their benefit (as well as how something that works for one person, doesn't so much for another)
  2. I appreciate what you are saying, but my hope for this topic was a chatter on gadgets that others in this field find/have found helpful and/or exciting. Nothing beyond laptops may be necessary. But I am sure there are people in this forum who have or will invest in some gadgets. Hope this helps clarify the scope!
  3. Curious to find out what recommendations the 1L+ crowd in this forum might have in terms of tech devices (tablets, phablets, phones, etc -- exempting laptops/computers from this discussion) and its usefulness in the classroom and beyond. Is there a device that was without question essential to your experience in law school and in practice? Is there a device you wish you had in school or in practice? (newest toys included, such as the apple pencil) If there was a 0L coming in blank slate (nil gadgets) but had funding for one device, what would you recommend?
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