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  1. Is anyone familiar with summerfield area in the south? I was told a 25 min drive to the u of a. Is that correct?
  2. Thank you for your input. I'm just looking for a safe area relatively close to the university. I will have a car so I can drive to things I want/need so I'm not too worried about walking distance amenities. Is Garneau a good area? Or old strathcona?
  3. For anyone not from the Edmonton area, what are you doing for housing? Any area to look at or avoid?
  4. Hi, I was wondering if I could get some insight. I have a completed 3 year BGS degree. Would that be considered competitive for application or would a 4 year be given more weight? ( assuming gpa and lsat are good)
  5. How much time on average do most people spend on preparing and studying for the LSAT? I am supposed to write in September however thus far have not had a lot of opportunity to practice with a full course load. I could move things around and spend the remainder of July, August, and beginning of September to prepare but I am not sure if that is enough time. Thoughts?
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