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  1. The chances of you finding someone who went to UofT law with a Dutch undergraduate degree is very low. Try calling the admissions committee and asking how they consider foreign degrees.
  2. No, it's not. An agreement to accept less money than what a debtor owes is not for use in a proceeding.
  3. what if I told you you can disagree with someone without being a douchebag about it
  4. Yeah I don't think Davies decided to raise their student salary the last time they did because students had "leverage" over them.
  5. It's somewhere in that book, but yours is probably closer to the mark
  6. I think it's over 7.0 (about 15%), but check the 60 page handbook lol it's in there
  7. Is there really no employment-related work that you did at the hospital or clinics? If not, why is it that you are deciding to transition to employment or estates but not other areas of law? There has to be something you can cling to
  8. Albeit not the best areas, Dundas and Jarvis all the way up to Wellesley and Jarvis. Almost everything West of that is over $1000. It also gets most costly as you approach Bloor or Queen
  9. You may not have determined one specific practice area, but have you eliminated any? If so, just take the foundational courses in the areas you still see a possibility in. I did my SPI in the summer, so my experience wasn't really a balance between coursework, but there's a 60-80 hour limit which is roughly the same amount of time you'll spend taking a course.
  10. Alright, well if you must limit your chances, then are the BC schools the best use of those resources? They're more competitive than Queen's
  11. I disagree. If you had spent that $1000 last year to apply to a school that might have accepted you this year, then you wouldn't be paying for another application cycle, LSAT attempt, etc. Also, suppose this year you didn't apply to Queen's and UofT and ended up doing really well on the LSAT, your loss. So you're buying both the opportunity and safety net by spending more at the outset. $1000 also seems pretty high, I think I paid half that for 5 schools. Logic Games is the best section to be the worst at because it's very formulaic and predictable. There's really only 3 different game designs to know. That might be it. In fact, my first unsuccessful personal statement made this same mistake as I took a law-related major. It's fine to mention your career goals and why, but I expect you went overboard like I did. Do better on the LSAT. You're right there and the margins are that thin. 1 point can and does make the difference
  12. Why don't you just apply to all 6 Ontario schools like most applicants. I mean, it happened to you more than once so that's actually ridiculous on you. Now comes the nicer part, you have decent stats for having overcome a lot and the above post was spot on that you're a few LSAT points away from getting it. Do you realize that's essentially doing better on one game? Make every practice rep count this year. I know it seems like you're far off, especially temporally, but you're right there man. Re an adcomm telling you that you're not the type of applicant they're looking for, there are 2 different responses I endorse. The first is to take it as truth and look towards your personal statement; maybe you said something weird or maybe the school actually just isn't a good fit for no fault of your own. The second response is to hell with them. Obviously don't articulate or express that, but that attitude worked for me when I was in your position. Edit: also note almost every law school consider your highest LSAT so don't stress the other attempts
  13. Charter Remedies with Johnston, International Law with Rock, Legal History with Backhouse
  14. I don't know, but if they did, law school grades would still be more important. Also, if it came down to a tough decision between two applicants, I expect the interview would be more determinative.
  15. I can't speak on Western's clinics specifically, but demonstrating genuine interest, high grades, and likeable personality seem to be the key hiring factors. Grades play less of a role for upper year postings
  16. I would want the articling supervisor to fulfill their undertaking so that OP could be called to the bar
  17. "presuming" OP has quit their articles if they don't work during PLTC clearly implies the relationship has ended; this email was sent after OP informed the firm they wont work during PLTC. There was also reference to an employment condition. Regardless, the sender isn't even OP's articling supervisor, so they're irrelevant as far as the licensing requirement goes (probably not someone I'd want to work with afterwards). The termination wasn't by mutual agreement, so it will be referred to the Law Society anyways unless OP stays or consents to leaving.
  18. Any word on which faculty members were appointed?
  19. I would have chosen Ryerson over my school
  20. I never understood this position. Regardless of how difficult a course is, there are still people who get As, Bs, and Cs. Accordingly, there are people in law school with Engineering and Science degrees. They may know more technical or "difficult" content, but they weren't at a disadvantage in terms of undergrad grading.
  21. Good enough to be very competitive at all schools, well done
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