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  1. considering requesting accommodations with my lowly double-digit daily production
  2. I actually don't know if I'll be able to survive with my current reading abilities
  3. He apparently did 200-300 pages in 3 5-hour sittings at the coffee house 😂
  4. ask the schools you're interested in applying to. This is also a good opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with their admission requirements.
  5. Hey, you're the one who accepted all of our confidential info! Now you work for us
  6. It's a big move. Concerning with respect to covid and the Windsor-Essex area generally, but it's also the perfect time to re-build with online learning coming next year.
  7. I'd rather schedule it later and make sure it's a one-time thing
  8. He was always in dissent so he doesn't count
  9. I would go to Ryerson, big fan to say the least
  10. Yeah going to Ottawa for the "prestige" is pretty funny to me
  11. Ford was founded in 1820 and Apple was founded in 1976.
  12. Lol hiring people to write personal statements on your behalf
  13. Pratt and Cockfield teaching remotely
  14. You're going to get (at least) two answers here, both of which are correct. On the one hand, everything counts so adding legal experience in 1L summer would help. At the same time, don't really worry about it as it's not required (especially true in covid).
  15. damn you be posting in your sleep too
  16. I've worked at various clinics, thanks. Maybe you just aren't the leading authority on every topic. Edit: saying a clinic is a waste of time vs. calling the staff lawyers and directors worthless dregs who couldn't cut it anywhere else. Terminology @artsydork
  17. But the thing is that these conversations typically don't happen in-person because you would filter yourself for the same reasons that you purport not to here. I'm just saying in my 3 years at 2 different law schools (over 800 students in my classes if you include the civil law section), I've never heard an upper-year talk like you have here and I personally think it's toxic to incoming and 1L students.
  18. the entire relationship is premised on direct supervision, i.e. no individual control
  19. First of all, an articling student is clearly not an independent contractor, regardless of what the parties agreed to. Second, the "independent contractor" should feel no shame about holding the other side to their agreement and collecting their HST.
  20. I heard he went into it after seeing Mike do it on Suits
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