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  1. It's only May 8. Be patient and trust the process
  2. CivPro must have been horrible
  3. I took notes by hand in undergrad too, but you have to admit in law school there's a lot more content that requires even more attention to detail. Sometimes you can't just paraphrase the Criminal Code or CBCA. Although i do understand that before the 1990s everyone attended law school and took notes by hand.The grading was probably different
  4. No it's not. There's also readings and legislative provisions that you have to apply
  5. You need a laptop, otherwise you will develop carpal tunnel syndrome. I tried doing my first month by hand and had to switch and transfer over all my notes
  6. LSO basically said the 10 month articling requirement is equivalent to 100 hours of skills courses at Ryerson + the 4 month placement (which is instead of a semester)
  7. no articling requirement for Ryerson grads http://www.lawsocietygazette.ca/news/ryerson-integrated-practice-curriculum-approved/?fbclid=IwAR0L9lz50xRAAiXJkHFBty8XuNpsTKJXilzzUJDXnNcCCNkUkTpuGn_zWWQ
  8. Source? I've never seen a 2016 report
  9. OP is able to conclude that I am one anecdote. It's unclear why you're dismissive of it, aside from your personal experience in working at Ottawa. What can I say, I'm sorry the school doesn't offer much to endorse
  10. I'll also add that the thematic in first-year is a horrible idea, and the majority of my cohort hated it for both the extra course and the lack of options.
  11. the fact that you just used the word betterness
  12. Did OP mention being interested in tech or environmental law? I don't see the relevance of having the major SCC intervenors towards law school experience. It literally had no influence on me when I went there. Also show me evidence that UOttawa clinics are interveners in 75% of SCC cases, that's obviously false. I don't see the relevance of UOttawa profs speaking at parliamentary committees. Many profs and lawyers do. While french common law and civil law do not get all the hiring opportunities, specifically the ones that don''t ask for French, there are not 80 winter term research jobs - that's false. Again with the SCC connections. Sure, it was great that Brown J. judged the Nelligan and that Rowe J came and did a talk, but this is a moot point. Queen's has many judges involved in the law school too, as if it mattered. The only point I agree with is that Ottawa has a bigger legal community which is beneficial for finding summer employment.
  13. I attended both schools as a transfer, and my personal experience is that Queen's is a better school
  14. I agree with this and it should not be a primary reason to attend
  15. If you're not set on practicing in Ottawa, I recommend Queen's because you could still access the Ottawa market while getting all the advantages of going to Queen's (specifically family law). Definitely a tough decision. I don't value the better reputation of Queen's, at least relative to Ottawa, but I used to when I was an applicant. I think Queen's is a better overall school because of the campus, the legal aid clinics, the law building and its libraries, the student body initiatives, the faculty (although only slightly - there are some phenomenal profs at Ottawa like Blair and Feldthusen), and I like the commute time to campus (but you could find a place near Ottawa's campus). I also like that there are only 220 law students per year at Queen's compared to 320 at Ottawa in addition to the 200 in the civil law program. Ottawa's law building is basically taking the subway during rush-hour all day, and this also influences hiring opportunities for clinics and research assistant positions In terms of employment opportunities, you should check the stats of 2L OCI hiring which are posted somewhere on this website and would give you a better indication than I can. I expect Queen's would place more students, but I also note that Ottawa has 100 more students, so that would affect the percentages.
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