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  1. considering requesting accommodations with my lowly double-digit daily production
  2. I actually don't know if I'll be able to survive with my current reading abilities
  3. He apparently did 200-300 pages in 3 5-hour sittings at the coffee house 😂
  4. ask the schools you're interested in applying to. This is also a good opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with their admission requirements.
  5. Hey, you're the one who accepted all of our confidential info! Now you work for us
  6. It's a big move. Concerning with respect to covid and the Windsor-Essex area generally, but it's also the perfect time to re-build with online learning coming next year.
  7. I'd rather schedule it later and make sure it's a one-time thing
  8. He was always in dissent so he doesn't count
  9. I would go to Ryerson, big fan to say the least
  10. Yeah going to Ottawa for the "prestige" is pretty funny to me
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