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  1. I concur. We are pretty lame
  2. Most of my friends in 1L were people I met outside my small group by randomly initiating conversations. For example, I met my closest friend in law school by making fun of the jersey he was wearing. 3 weeks is too soon to be forming conclusions about the next 3 years. It will probably get better. Try joining a club or going to the pub nights
  3. business law/Bay Street edited by removing a sentence
  4. The reality is that people with a solid B average can still get 10+ OCIs. This isn't particularly helpful. OP finished above average in every class and should be getting more OCIs Edit: for some reason, I read OP's marks as all B+s and I just saw that is not the case. 10+ is a bit of a stretch here and I agree with you regarding this average not getting a lot of attention, but 1 is still pretty low.
  5. Your grades are good enough to be getting more OCIs so consider improving your resume and cover letter. But don't be discouraged because there are many opportunities that arise in the articling recruit and beyond. Keep your grades up this year, add more practical experiences, develop your application materials with CDO help, and you'll get many more interviews moving forward. Don't let this affect your grades this year. Head up
  6. Arguably a partner's fiduciary duty would preclude them from doing so.
  7. I'm not neglecting that the assistant is a person who can make her own employment decisions, but rather looking at it from OP's perspective and whether the assistant or relationships are more valuable
  8. No, I disagree. That's not childish or goofy, but rather a practical reality. OP's principals could be very competent and professional lawyers who would nonetheless be irked by bringing OP in, teaching them, and ultimately losing their assistant to them. I say do not view this issue in that light. The principals may be worthwhile connections that mean more than a "just a reference", and who aren't worth losing over an assistant (despite her productiveness).
  9. Most law students didn't know why exactly they went to law school, despite the canned interview answers. I think it's an intuitive thing. Note that your post seems to focus on lifestyle more than learning law or the practice of it. You could also say you enjoy the intellectual challenge of an engineering degree
  10. Do you really need them to tell you what you did wrong? Just do it. For me, I had months in the summer to think about how I could improve my PS for the next cycle. Edit: in fairness, I just saw they didn't number their waitlist this year so you probably had less understanding of where you stood and are just recently realizing.
  11. You paid your application fee for their consideration which you got. Don't be bitter, be better
  12. You don't have to wait for anything. You can get started on your new and amazing personal statement and LSAT studying today.
  13. Trew

    Suits For Men

    CB4 looking clean
  14. Don't do it. The cover letter is your opportunity to sell yourself, so don't market yourself in an inferior manner. You can add an addendum to your transcript or perhaps mention it in an interview if it clearly helps you and is evidence of a skill. Edit: reasonable minds can disagree, and there might be some people who think you should mention it.
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