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  1. I'll just throw it out there that when you do get into law school, wherever that may be, the same concerns will arise in terms of your job applications, where you'll be living, etc. So try not to be so hard on yourself, let the chips fall where they may, and get used to that feeling.
  2. I have had two classmates around your age.
  3. SCJ interviews are being scheduled
  4. assuming a typo in a style of cause that they themselves didn't notice warrants a rejection
  5. Adcomm probably wont be familiar with the case or notice the error. In your position, I would probably call to try to correct it; I don't see it hurting you in any way
  6. referring to a case in your personal statement is the true error
  7. Also re-applied with the same references and different statements.
  8. get your shit together, and I'm not referring to marks. If you think you can't afford Western for undergrad, go check UofT law tuition and then add on a few thousand because it rises annually. But suppose you could afford it, UofT is B3 years which is stated in their admission criteria. Where you did your undergrad is irrelevant for law school admission committees. Also, your marks are good enough and it's your first semester of undergrad, LSAT should not be a concern for you right now.
  9. Yeah, you're clearly more informed about this than I am and OP should definitely follow your advice over anything I said
  10. I am assuming that OP would do their diligence and resolve the immigration issues before choosing to attend. Granted, the employment prospects are the most important factor in regard to this specific school. Location is the most important factor more generally. OP should not attend a Canadian law school if he is committed to working in the US. Of course, it's possible to go to a Canadian school and work in the US, but OP would be better off waiting a year and re-applying to more competitive US schools.
  11. I wouldn't consider it advice, more so disagreement with one post. But that probably isn't clear, especially since my first post was advice and could be interpreted as endorsing the decision to attend Santa Clara. I still think location is the most important factor in this decision, but I also agree with you that OP should attend a higher ranked school if he wants to go the US.
  12. It's definitely risky but school ranking isn't everything. OP has a masters of science which is highly coveted in IP. Edit: just saw the median LSAT is 155 and the median GPA is 3.3, didn't realize it was that low. Promotional materials are pretty good though. I can see why OP would seriously consider it.
  13. This conversation begins and ends with where you want to work. If you want to work in the US, go to the best US school that will accept you.
  14. You might be 35 by 2L
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