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  1. Trew

    10% tuition cut at Ontario law schools?

    Doug Ford is such a tool
  2. Trew

    Crazy to give up Osgoode for Queens?

    If you want a nice apartment at Queen's, there's like three and the wait lists fill up pretty fast. Maybe start looking into it before April.
  3. Trew

    Can Law Schools Rescind Offers?

    https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/8xxpdz/ottawa-law-students-want-university-to-ban-man-who-broke-into-his-exs-house?utm_source=vicenewscafbca&utm_campaign=global&fbclid=IwAR05RJ7kEJ2yAXHZdtaVDmYNxOHfD5U8dCbDgCo5BYlRk-Vz_7cz-2hOsAM There were calls to rescind his offer, but I believe he chose not to attend on his own accord.
  4. Yeah, I completely understand trying to work out the logistics lol. But you'll be fine. Maybe show up a day before to scope out the building and classrooms. Also note there will be long lineups to enter the rooms and a 15 minute run through of all of the rules once you sit down.
  5. I believe the admissions ticket refers you to a building on campus and there's an assistant in the lobby who directs everyone to a board indicating all of the test rooms which are assigned alphabetically.
  6. Trew

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    Look, it's one thing to disagree with others, but your inability to consider alternative viewpoints, engage thoughtfully, and express yourself in a compelling manner will smack you in the face eventually.
  7. Trew

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    By definition, privilege is relative in that you have what others don't, hence all of the comments about the median income. But I get where you're coming from, and from the law student's perspective, tuition costs have risen so much that it's increasingly difficult to maintain reasonable expectations. I also don't think median income is a fair measure given that lawyers are more educated than most; doctors, accountants, and other professionals generally do not compare themselves to the median income.
  8. Trew

    How to Become a Partner on Bay Street

    It's not rare, but the way he expressed it is
  9. Trew

    How to Become a Partner on Bay Street

    Did I just read a 10 year old's Christmas wish list
  10. they're all good but Osgoode has the most clinical programs (i.e. experiential education)
  11. Trew

    LSAT goes digital

    terrible idea. Question now is whether people should practice with tablets, assuming it's even an option
  12. Trew

    Where do I begin

    agree with this approach what I was getting at with premise to conclusion is that it's almost always about identifying the gap and then assessing what the question is asking (support it, weaken it, etc.). You did considerably better than I did, so maybe there is more to it than I went in with. I like it. As you know, the first is always main point, so this makes a lot of sense.
  13. Trew

    Where do I begin

    I think I peaked at around 6-8 weeks and then started dropping off afterwards What don't you like about the pre-programmed approach? Logical reasoning is premise to conclusion almost always, probably 20 out of 25 questions, and then there's the occasional paradox, inference, and identify conclusion questions. Logic games is sequence, grouping, or hybrid. Reading comprehension is the only section where I can see a different approach working. Otherwise, it's all pretty standard
  14. Trew

    Getting a bad grade in Fall 2018

    What does it matter what your background was when you're giving advice about law school