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  1. While I agree with your overall position in not pursuing this matter further, either as a civil action or a regulatory complaint, I nonetheless think the LSA should be more active in these circumstances. If we accept the premise that articling is a licensing requirement that instills competence, then the LSA should be as concerned with this as they would be with cheating on the bar exams. Simply put, this employer should not be supervising any articling students in the future unless they have a valid justification for this sudden termination. Given that no notice was given, they should at least have to claim that covid affected their bottom line and they couldn't afford to employ you anymore.
  2. I am interested to know of the strict highlighting regime you speak of
  3. they said they will "likely" be ready by late May. I still have not received them
  4. Did you have a highlighting scheme, and if so, did you choose it right away? I agree that timelines, statutes, cases, etc. should be highlighted but I am worried that I may overhighlight everything with different colours and/or want to change the colours halfway through studying. I always get trapped in this kind of nonsense
  5. Tuition: $20,000 x 3 = $60,000 Rent: $1000 x 12 = $12,000 x 3 = $36,000 Food, internet, utilities, phone $100,000 is the buy-in, unless you have parents footing the bill, worked before law school, etc.
  6. For what? To qualify for a legal assistant job? If it's not a paralegal program, I don't see the benefit.
  7. If the goal is to get into any Canadian law school, Windsor probably admits people in your GPA range
  8. You remind me of two people. First, myself after my first-year of undergrad. You seem to be at the point of deciding that you want to go to law school but do not take it all that seriously yet. You clearly haven't researched the matter by suggesting a B average for next year, let alone developed the study habits to actually get the grades. I did this in my second-year and you may be in for some growing pains in your third-year when it really counts (for the L2 schools). Second, a pre-law colleague who ultimately didn't make it to law school. You can't just assume that you will get a really high LSAT (despite your current GPA), before having even touched a practice book. The LSAT is like no test you've ever done and you have no idea what you're up against, particularly the top 20 percentile. A +170 score is 10 mistakes max over the course of 4 sections and 100 questions, which is very difficult for logic games, reading comp, AND logical reasoning. Not everyone can nail all 3. Why don't you try scoring a 170 on a practice test before suggesting you'll do it on Test Day. I mean, you can say that you're just "hoping" for things. But see developing study habits above.
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