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  1. I'm wondering if there are people who have similar or even better stats than me who haven't heard anything. I have no rejections and just 1 waitlist from OZ... I have a 3.44 cGPA, 3.6ish L2 and 156 LSat so not the hottest stats. Should I even expect to get in this round?
  2. Does a rejection show up on OLSAS?
  3. Logged into UOZone today and saw that I had a weird "LSAt Duke University" document marked as received by Ottawa? Anyone else has this? As well, I went on exchange last year and my exchange school has not sent Ottawa my transcript - is that an issue? Thanks!
  4. I didn't even know that Ottawa would request for my exchange transcript? I didn't request for it from my exchange school - do I have to do that??
  5. If both LSAT and GPA scores are on the lower end, but you have indicated that you are rewriting the LSAT, will your file be put aside to be read when the new LSAT score comes in, or will you automatically get rejected?
  6. So I'm thinking of writing the LSAT in Ottawa because there aren't any test centers in Kingston and was wondering where the exact writing location will be?
  7. So I'm applying to law schools for entry into 2019, and am wondering if my part-time student status in 4th year is going to be an issue? I have taken a full course load for every semester for the last 3 years, and will only be taking 3 courses each semester for my 4th year because I am also working a 30hr/ week job ay my school's AMS. Do law schools care, because I will also be submitting my 4th year fall semester grades. thanks.
  8. Or would U of T want to see a full course load with potentially 4 As and 1 C? Because that's what I have for my last semester, andI could try to pull it off for this semester but the C really drags down the GPA.
  9. OK just found out if I drop it it won't show up on my transcript!! BUT I also have a 100 level course this semester. so currently 4 300 level courses and 1 100 level. Does it look bad to drop this course then? @Constant @harveyspecter993 @Timmies123
  10. So my deadline to drop a course is tmrw. This is a finance course i don't think I'll do very well in (B at most if optimistic) and I'm thinking of dropping for the sake of my GPA (I'm at a 3.4 cgpa rn aiming for ut lolololol) thing is, I like this course but am not really a finance person. Do you guys think admissions will care if I write in my optional essay about why i took this course even if I wasn't a numbers person? or should i not risk lowering my GPA even more and just drop it?
  11. @leoandcharlie so if I need to get my transcripts assessed by WES I should wait until august to order them? because my OLSAS applicant number needs to be attached to it somehow?
  12. So I made an account for OLSAS so that I could see how it was like/ what documents I needed to submit, but I realised it for entry to 2018... will i need to make a new account for entry into 2019? Or will it automatically update for entry into 2019 some time this summer? Because there is an applicant number associated with this account and I need transcripts to be sent with this applicant number?
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