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  1. Was wondering for people who were unsuccessful last cycle - did you email the law schools for feedback on your application? Is this worth doing?
  2. I'm just wondering if anyone can provide tips on a study schedule. With around 4 weeks left to Oct, I still haven't broken the 160 barrier yet and it's really frustrating. I've been following the princeton review course but am just realising that the questions they use are all below PT 60... should I start moving on to PT 60 and above now? Do at least 1 timed section of LG/LR/RC everyday? I just liked how PR categorizes questions by type and I could drill those questions... At this point I'm mainly struggling with advanced LG (as categorized by 7sage) and I'm still struggling on NA/SA questions (I would get like -10 on first go and around -8 to -3 during BR which is really annoying lol). RC I can get anything from -15 to -4 lol Any advice appreciated. For reference I wrote the Nov 2018 test and got a 156. highest timed write I've ever had is 158.
  3. Was just wondering if anyone is in the same boat as I am - did not have a successful 2019 round (waitlist was the furthest I've gotten) I know I should be able to get in with a better LSAT. Just feeling a little discouraged and "left behind" and was wondering if anyone felt the same LOL
  4. so can we expect that getting off the waitlist is not a thing this late into the cycle?
  5. I've been rejected on the 26th lol.
  6. oh trust me this is at the back of my mind 24/7. thank god i've been on vacation for like the past 3 months so im just frustrated/ pissed/ annoyed but in a nicer locale LOL
  7. me lol like honestly its not THAT HARD to change like the last 10 of our status for fucks sake
  8. it's already the end of "this week" @ottawa wya
  9. appreciate that they got back to you but still.. considering that other schools have basically passed this step a month ago, I still feel like they don't have their shit together. something is not right this year...
  10. ottawa is cancelled I'm not applying next round jk i still would but like Ottawa pisses me off
  11. and no news on people who are still under evaluation??
  12. Yeah I think Ottawa at least owes all applicants an explanation as to why they have been so significantly behind this year. It's just really rude and inconsiderate - people have spent time and money applying to your school.. only for their files to not be reviewed the day before acceptances go firm?? We get that they have thousands of applications to review, but if other schools can review the applications and release results on time, so can Ottawa. Ugh i'm just super annoyed
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