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  1. ottawa is cancelled I'm not applying next round jk i still would but like Ottawa pisses me off
  2. and no news on people who are still under evaluation??
  3. Yeah I think Ottawa at least owes all applicants an explanation as to why they have been so significantly behind this year. It's just really rude and inconsiderate - people have spent time and money applying to your school.. only for their files to not be reviewed the day before acceptances go firm?? We get that they have thousands of applications to review, but if other schools can review the applications and release results on time, so can Ottawa. Ugh i'm just super annoyed
  4. I'm just honestly wondering what could have made them so behind compared to the other schools... I feel like they receive a comparable # of applications like U of T, Oz etc. yet it takes them so long to release decisions for a large chunk of us? Maybe I'm just tired but I'm just confused at this point lol
  5. still under evaluation... expecting a rejection soon tbh
  6. yeah wtf high key kinda rude...
  7. you're the mvp of this process tbh praying for the best for us
  8. Same cgpa 3.4 not sure what L2 is bc i went on exchange/ had a weird schedule 4th year Lsat 156
  9. LMFAO why do I feel like the people at ottawa dont know what is going on... im sure you clarified that you were an applicant still waiting.. smh
  10. this is such a joke lol. thanks for checking tho!
  11. What are the odds of getting off the waitlist? I feel like I've looked everywhere and couldn't find an answer? I've been waitlisted since March 29.
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