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  1. Sorry can one of y'all clarify what an SPI is haha
  2. just wondering how people are loosing because I'm loosing my goddamn mind lmao. I've been in such a shitty headspace it's affecting law school and personal relationships. that is all
  3. Where do people usually find jobs? I've been looking but here in BC there doesn't seem to be many things available? My career services office also hasn't posted much apart from traditional 1L recruit jobs...
  4. Maybe if you network lots? Not sure though.. or a mature student with significant work experience?
  5. yeah it makes me so sad every time a prof is like "sympathies to you guys.. 1L was a formative experience for me.. I'm still in touch with my class of 88!" at this rate idk if I'd ever be able to make a similar bond with my year...
  6. yeah fr someone wake me up because I'm literally dead inside
  7. I honestly also can't seem to motivate myself to do readings and I'm only 1L... plus super isolated bc of virtual learning ugh
  8. fasken rejections came out I heard this morning
  9. I would assume so.. but I know someone who has a couple Cs still get 1 interview
  10. Blakes and Osler set out rejects. Gowling, Norton, Bennett, Fasken set out invites this morning.
  11. thanks! didn't know there was a subreddit for that haha
  12. Was wondering if OSAP has access into my bank account in terms of looking at how much (how little tbh lol) money I have?? Or do they only look at T4 slips? Sorry if this is dumb.. trying to understand this process bc it's my first time applying. Thanks!!!
  13. Just wanted to throw this out there - I'm just curious about a Calgary grad's prospect in landing a job in the Vancouver Big Law market? I'm assuming firms in Vancouver prefer Uvic or UBC grads?
  14. REEEJECT cgpa: 3.4 LSAT: 160 waitlisted last year.
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