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  1. thanks! didn't know there was a subreddit for that haha
  2. Was wondering if OSAP has access into my bank account in terms of looking at how much (how little tbh lol) money I have?? Or do they only look at T4 slips? Sorry if this is dumb.. trying to understand this process bc it's my first time applying. Thanks!!!
  3. Just wanted to throw this out there - I'm just curious about a Calgary grad's prospect in landing a job in the Vancouver Big Law market? I'm assuming firms in Vancouver prefer Uvic or UBC grads?
  4. REEEJECT cgpa: 3.4 LSAT: 160 waitlisted last year.
  5. I emailed them and they actually got back to me in like 10 mins lol. Just said I would be expecting an email at the end of the month - I'm assuming rejection
  6. Rejected after being referred to ad com since Nov 160 3.4 cgpa whatever! pretty happy with what I have. wouldn't have gone anyways
  7. Is UVIC still calling for acceptances? Or just emailing?
  8. I'm switching from my 2013 macbook pro (used it for 7 years!!) to the thinkpad X1 I think... tired of apple haha
  9. I emailed Malina and she said all who has received an award would have been notified by now.
  10. This is kinda what I'm thinking too... Calgary is a city by itself, and Windsor isn't. Quality of living also seems much better in Calgary. Thanks for your response!
  11. I'm from BC Thank you so much for the info!! Really appreciate it.
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