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  1. Waitlisted today cGPA 3.4 LSAT 160 Not sure what B2/L2 is
  2. wait sorry if this isn't relevant but Queen's averages LSAT scores now??? I thought they only looked at the highest...
  3. yeah same I can't login anymore. maybe this is a sign I should stop checking my status haha
  4. I've heard there were some changes with adcom this year so maybe thats what's causing the wait
  5. mine just changed to referred to admission committee today
  6. mine also disappeared on my to-do list but in my application status it still says that the faculty has not received everything?! but everything has been sent in... is anyone experiencing the same?
  7. November was write number 5.. so yeah you're good!
  8. just called today and they told me my GPA would probs be calculated in Jan - they are swamped right now and I submitted Nov 29
  9. I guess we could just speculate bc my gpa is 3.4 and lsat 159 (still waiting for nov score) and i didn't expect movement until march/april
  10. was just put in queue today idk what this means... my stats are so average it hurts so I don't expect movement anytime soon...
  11. if your life is ruined with 3.6 my life wont be starting with a 3.4 LOL
  12. When should I start calling admissions lol...
  13. so strange.. I checked my email and last year I received the confirmation 8 Nov and submitted 31 oct.. same as this year but no email yet
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