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  1. I'm switching from my 2013 macbook pro (used it for 7 years!!) to the thinkpad X1 I think... tired of apple haha
  2. I emailed Malina and she said all who has received an award would have been notified by now.
  3. in today 160 LSAT 3.4 cGPA
  4. This is kinda what I'm thinking too... Calgary is a city by itself, and Windsor isn't. Quality of living also seems much better in Calgary. Thanks for your response!
  5. I'm from BC Thank you so much for the info!! Really appreciate it.
  6. Even if I don't make it into biglaw in Toronto, I would rather be in Ontario than Alberta, because all of my friends are there. I know getting into big law itself is super challenging, but I'd like to have some hope with this whole process haha. Tuition and living in Calgary or Windsor are comparable I think, so finances is not really a huge concern. At the end of the day I would like to graduate law school with a relatively well paying job. I guess another question would also be: would Calgary students then have an easier time getting a big law job in Vancouver compared to Toronto? I'm assuming yes bc of the distance. Also another question I would have would be the bar exam - what is the timeline for that? Do you write it after graduating from law school? Do you start studying for it in law school then? What if I wanted to be called in BC or Ontario but I went to Calgary? How does that work? Thank you guys!!!
  7. hey thanks! this is a good perspective. yeah I am open to biglaw in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto, but ideally would like to end up in Toronto. I know about Windsor having low placement rates, so I guess my question is whether to risk the low placement rate but be in Ontario, or risk being out of province but have the Calgary market open to me. I don't really want to stay in Calgary longer than I have to.
  8. I've been searching all over and haven't been able to find a recent thread on this topic. The goal is bay street but I don't think my grades are going to get me into any ON schools except for Windsor. I applied to Calgary as a backup and it's close to home in Vancouver. I'm just really not sure which way to go. Calgary has the 2nd largest legal market in Canada, and if I end up going, I could somehow lateral to Toronto for articling? Have no idea how difficult this is? Calgary is its own city and has an actual downtown with law firms. I've heard that their career services is pretty good and they help students in the Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto recruit, but I haven't been able to find actual numbers and placement rates in Toronto. I did my undergrad and Ontario and all my friends are there - would love to stay if possible but Windsor's rep is scaring me? I'm concerned that it will be held against me during recruitment. Cost isn't really a concern in my case (very lucky in that sense). Just want to chose the best possible option to allow me to get onto Bay. Would appreciate some clarity + guidance.
  9. tbh not sure probs around 3.5? i never bothered calculating haha not sure about the accept yet. waiting on a few more schools
  10. Accepted off waitlist today. cgpa 3.4 lsat 160
  11. Did anyone get an email about an online info session for their 1L foundations course? just find it weird that they would send me something like that when I'm on the waitlist...
  12. were you referred to adcom before this?
  13. I've had all my stuff in and completed dec 20. I applied mid nov. Not very hopeful with this one haha
  14. mine still says hold, and I've been searching thru this topic and there isn't much info about this status. wondering if it means I'm already rejected and they are just waiting till a later date to lmk LOL
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