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  1. Access applicant cGPA 3.30 LSAT 165 1L at UWO Rejected from UofT (waste of time applying), Ottawa, and Queen's Wait-listed at Oz Never heard back from Windsor Cannot provide further insight into TRU, or any other schools outside Ontario Cannot provide insight into your personal application re: harder degree, I can only speak to my own experience. YMMV
  2. Rejected under Access category 3.30 cGPA, 165 LSAT
  3. Rejected today 3.30 cGPA ; 165 ; access
  4. Hello Ryn, apologies if this has been addressed before but at this point in the cycle, if an applicant is still "in queue", has their application been viewed? Could there be a pending rejection but rejections have not been released yet? Is it possible that the file has not been reviewed? Thanks!
  5. Can also attest that Scotiabank allowed me to show an acceptance letter for the LOC
  6. Went from 154 diagnostic -> 160 LSAT June 2017 -> 165 LSAT September 2018 -> Admitted to law school 3.30 cGPA Keep grinding and I truly believe that anything is possible.
  7. I recommend speaking with Windsor and trying to defer.
  8. Here's my input: You're coming across as rude when people are taking time out of their day to help you and point you towards a source that has the answer on it already. The source you looked at is pretty clear.
  9. What's with the sass? You asked for help and someone referred to a source. I don't see what the problem is here. Edit: If you follow the link, there is a note at the end of 2019 reading "NB The University Fall Study Days do not apply to the Faculty of Law"
  10. Waitlisted today. cGPA 3.3 165
  11. I see; I have not received an email yet. However, it wouldn't be surprising if there were waves of rejection emails given the number of applicants. If they've begun sending out the emails now, I am thankful that I won't have to wait until around midnight like last year's cycle.
  12. Did you receive an email?
  13. For anyone out of the loop like I was, turns out a SNAIL is a Student Not Actually In Law haha.
  14. When I RSVP’d, I remember the survey asking about a +1 for the Open House on the 3rd but not for the Torys reception. I think that implies that it’s only for the admitted student. Might be wrong though!
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