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  1. Here's my input: You're coming across as rude when people are taking time out of their day to help you and point you towards a source that has the answer on it already. The source you looked at is pretty clear.
  2. What's with the sass? You asked for help and someone referred to a source. I don't see what the problem is here. Edit: If you follow the link, there is a note at the end of 2019 reading "NB The University Fall Study Days do not apply to the Faculty of Law"
  3. I see; I have not received an email yet. However, it wouldn't be surprising if there were waves of rejection emails given the number of applicants. If they've begun sending out the emails now, I am thankful that I won't have to wait until around midnight like last year's cycle.
  4. Did you receive an email?
  5. For anyone out of the loop like I was, turns out a SNAIL is a Student Not Actually In Law haha.
  6. When I RSVP’d, I remember the survey asking about a +1 for the Open House on the 3rd but not for the Torys reception. I think that implies that it’s only for the admitted student. Might be wrong though!
  7. Not currently living in Bayfield but am familiar with the process as I am a Western undergrad. Head to apartments.uwo.ca and on the top right, there’s a link to submit an application. They’re currently taking applications for next year and I believe it’s on a lottery basis.
  8. I am not sure whether applying to the States would be the best option if OP wants to practice in Canada. I think that aside from maybe T14 schools, it’s a riskier move because of the required capital involved. To directy answer your question OP, I think it’s still early in the cycle; your stats seem reasonably competitive for the Access category. That being said, it’s never a bad idea to have a contingency plan. I would suggest more the improving undergrad grades as opposed to a Masters. Take my advice with a grain of salt as I am only an applicant this year. Just my 0.02. Best of luck!
  9. Hi usrockband, I recommend using the site lawapplicants.ca run by Ryn and inputting your grades to determine your OLSAS cGPA. It was a great diagnostic tool for me.
  10. I've been reading through this thread and your post history with some interest and I want to challenge you on this quote in particular. I mean this with the best intent and I hope this post receives you well. You have applied several times to no avail. You have spent thousands of dollars on prep materials that have resulted in - yes, an improved LSAT score that moved you up several percentage points - but an uncompetitive score nonetheless after six tries. This, coupled with your grades, makes your candidacy uncompetitive. What is the guarantee that this arduous process will guarantee your prize? How much of your "loving the process" is idealizing and justifying the lack of results to this point? What is your prize to begin with? Is it acceptance into law school? If it is, does it end there? I think that you should take a realistic look at your goal and whether you have a realistic process for goal attainment. Otherwise, I fear that you will continue to experience cyclical disappointment. There are several well-respected members of this community offering their candid feedback to you; many of them have been encouraging while realistic. As many of them are practising lawyers, I personally appreciate all of their posts. I encourage you to reflect on some of the things that they are trying to share with you. It is not an ad hominem attack to suggest that perhaps, a legal career is not in your future. While some might disagree with standardized testing, the LSAT does test on factors that tend to correlate with varying degrees of success in a legal career. If the LSAT served no purpose, I don't think any schools would use it as a metric for assessing candidates. I encourage you to take some time to truly reflect on the advice that you have received in this thread. I wish you the best of luck.
  11. Called Admissions yesterday and they said: - offers are sent out from November to April - we are about half way through the cycle at this point - applications are still being looked at
  12. It definitely happens! My highest PT score was a 164 and my scores ranged from 161-164. I wrote a 165 on the September 2018 LSAT.
  13. Right? From my understanding, doesn't a legal career involve a lot of waiting and patience? Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. Relax. I applied this year as well for schools. Offers are being sent out but they will continue to be sent out all the way up until September. It is still early in the process. We have done what we can by writing the LSAT and completing the applications by November 1. It is out of our hands now. We can’t do anything about it. Have faith.
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