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  1. UManitoba announced they’re going online in the Fall, which the law school is very, very, very likely mandated to follow. Interesting given Manitoba’s relatively few cases & new cases, but they are taking all precautions I suppose.
  2. To my knowledge, this would simply constitute declining the clerkship and just reapplying the next year. Perhaps the judge would keep an eye out for you, but perhaps they would be irked by the idea that you turned them down.
  3. Accepted an offer from the FC on Friday, and a PFO from the Tax Court today. The TCC sent all their offers, and I've heard that many/most of the FC judges did on Friday as well. There is still a chance for people that haven't gotten offers yet, as you may get a spot someone else declined, or one with judges that have not offered any yet. I've even heard, anecdotally, that some judges are still doing/have not done interviews yet.
  4. The letter of offer emails give you a few days to accept (for the FC, that is).
  5. Spoke too soon. Also got an email from the Federal Court just now.
  6. I heard from the Tax Court today via phone call.
  7. Thought I would kick off the discussion since there is no thread up for this year's cycle. Applied at multiple courts in Ottawa - TCC, FC/FCA. Has anyone heard anything vis a vis dates and interviews, etc.?
  8. Got a scholarship last year. We got acceptances in December, and scholarships in February (late). Since your acceptances were later, who knows. But it could take a few months. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about Robson!
  9. I am a current student at Robson; if any incoming or prospective students have questions, they are welcome to ask me :)
  10. Hey. I think I'm qualified to answer this-- I'm currently in 1L, submitted a characteristics statement last year, and received a scholarship for it. My scholarship is for "personal characteristics associated with the highest standard of the legal profession," and for "academic excellence." My understanding of the situation (what I did) is that your personal characteristics statement should outline a few things you consider important in a legal professional-- i.e. hard work, time management, etc.-- and then list, based on your own experience, how you live up to those traits. FWIW, I had no legal experience and did not mention any legal experience in my statement. Also, I think a significant amount of scholarship allocation is based on your index score-- though I'm not certain the weighting between index score and characteristics statement. Good luck, and feel free to message me with any other questions you have.
  11. Hi all, I'm an incoming 1L and got an email from Marie with my acceptance (in December) saying I was awarded a scholarship, which would be applied directly against my tuition. I was just curious if any other students (perhaps upper years) knew when this would be applied against tuition, as it has not shown up yet, but my other scholarships have. Looking forward to seeing some of you in September!
  12. They sent out admission scholarships with Early Acceptances. If you're referring to any other specific scholarships, then that would depend on the specific scholarship and you'd be best contacting Rosa/Marie, or whoever is offering the scholarship. Hope it works out!
  13. Hey guys. I emailed Marie re: this exact question, and she said that they will not be providing the names of the professors until after we've registered.
  14. U of M's parking registration just opened up, and I was wondering what current students' opinions were on the best lots for commuter students to park in. The two options I see are: U lot vs. Q lot. So opinions on those two, or any others I may've missed? Thanks.
  15. Yes, I already accepted my offer. And no, it didn't make clear whether it was general or for personal characteristics.
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