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  1. Jeez, thanks for the obvious! Totally my fault for not seeing that
  2. Hi, I have seen that the UofT website provides some PS sample. I was wondering if there are any samples for the optional essay? Thanks in advance!
  3. Is there a minimum/maximum number of courses/credits that you must take per semester? In how many years can you graduate (say, can you do it in 4 years instead of 3)?
  4. I think there is a lifetime limit and a yearly limit on how many LSATs you can take.
  5. Yeah, listened, it is -7 on average for a 170, and in my case, because of my sections it was -9 for a 170. So, most likely I had to miss around 12 for a 165.
  6. Thanks for your answer @lchigo! But I think that number of errors is for a complete LSAT exam not for an LSAT FLEX. I do not think I made 15 mistakes on my LSAT Flex or did I ...
  7. Do you indicate on your application that you have taken the LSAT already but that you are retaking (and therefore they should also consider your new score)? Or will they do that automatically each time they are considering your application? How does this exactly work?
  8. Just curious, I wonder how many mistakes I did in the RC section (with my luck, I got a tough one in my weakest section), because most likely I did not make mistakes in the other sections (well, maybe 1, max 2). So, for 165, on average, how many mistakes in total for the entire test? (of course the results are curved so an exact answer is impossible, but if anybody has a guestimate ...) Thanks a bunch!
  9. Hi, I was browsing UofT admission package and I have seen that they require a PS (like other law schools also do), but one can also write an essay (which is optional). I am a little confused, what is the difference between the two, what would one include and what would the other? Appreciate it!
  10. For the August LSAT, it is Friday, September 18, 2020 (but only if you wrote your LSAT writing).
  11. There was somebody who said they scheduled their exam in a hotel room at 10 a.m and then a wedding party started at 11 ... So be careful, might be worse than dogs and cats
  12. +1. I had a ton of issues with Safari (which otherwise is my browser of choice) so I had to use Chrome.
  13. 3 sections back to back. My guess is that they are trying to eliminate the need for a bathroom break, which, in their view, might increase the chance of cheating.
  14. You can download the proctorU Chrome extension ahead of time. Actually it is a good idea to check your setup (browser - camera -mic -connection - computer) ahead of time and receive a green light that it is OK. https://support.proctoru.com/hc/en-us/articles/115011772748-Equipment-Requirements
  15. Thanks! Yeah, glitch on their side, all good now after contacting their help line ...
  16. Hi folks, I need a bit of help if you folks do not mind So, I am a bit confused about the LSAT Writing process, namely one does not need to secure a timeslot, you just click on the LSAC provided link to launch the LSAT Writing exam, AT ANY POINT in time (therefore, without prior scheduling), am I right? I am asking this because I am not seeing said link in my LSAC account (under You must use the link below to launch your LSAT Writing. Do not use Safari to launch your LSAT Writing exam.) and was wondering if I am doing something wrong or should I call LSAC to ask what is going on. Btw, I am using Chrome. Appreciate it!
  17. Is it your first time taking LSAT? You could still register for ScorePreview - this will allow you to cancel your score (after you have seen it), should feel it is too low.
  18. That's the reason why I have bought a USB-C to gigabit Ethernet adapter ...
  19. Since you are a first time taker, you could also pay for Score Preview, which allows you to cancel the score in case you feel it is too low!
  20. There are no silly questions Although I cannot answer your question, I can tell you what I will do, namely I am planning to remove all books and any papers with anything written on them from the room.
  21. OMG, that is NOT a good sign ... with this pandemic a lot of small businesses will go down ... and will take with them your deposits ...
  22. Thanks for your advice! There will be no electronics in the room, with the exception of my MacBook Pro (and perhaps my S10?, since they say that there is a need for a phone to picture the walls, I am not quite sure how that works ...)
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