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  1. Internships, research positions, etc. Also a 2-hour commute will make law school hell unless you can work in those 2 hours.
  2. They will come closer to the start of school. I believe you receive an email as well.
  3. Yeah, this is my basic point: parking at the school is almost not even worth the effort. The permits are gone before you can even start thinking about it and it is just too expensive, especially when we get subsidized U-passes.
  4. Between Mac and Windows? Choose what you prefer. Between a shitty computer and a not-shitty computer? Get the not-shitty one is my main advice. There is NOTHING that you want more than being in the middle of crunch time and having to deal with computer issues. The computer is your #1 tool, spend the money on it. That aside, I personally do not know what I would do without the Macbook trackpad. My productivity in law school can mostly be attributed to that thing. Also not having to do random updates like on Windows. The other thing is, and this mostly applies to noob computer buyers, but if I am buying a Macbook, I know what quality and longevity to expect. I have had my 2013 rMBP since new (over 6 years now) and she is still kicking with original battery and everything. I put a lot of money in up front, but it is still the single best electronic device I have ever purchased. I bought a powerful computer because I wanted to be future-proof, and that's what I got (especially since Apple dropped many of the great Macbook features like Magsafe and actual ports). With a PC, you have to spend some time researching and kind of knowing what is good and what isn't. Because of the sheer amount of choice, quality will be inconsistent, even if you go with a Lenovo or Dell machine. Of course, I see people who have hardware issues on both platforms all the time, but the PC issues tended to be more detrimental on average, in my experience. For school, the exam software is the same for both. Keep in mind, the take rate for Mac in university is higher, so they make sure to support Mac fully. Just get something with a keyboard that YOU are comfortable with. I can type on my Macbook blindfolded, but hate the new Macbook keyboards a lot and often make mistakes. But that could be just getting used it, idk. For work, any firm (and even in-house places) worth a damn will have a virtual desktop access anyway, so it really does not matter. The more important thing, in my opinion, is having solid software for your work. Figure out what you want to use at the beginning and use it. I exclusively use OneNote/OneDrive for school. I have all of my notes and files available on my laptop/desktop/phone and even on the web, real-time and it has been completely invaluable. Don't be the guy who emails himself his class notes (never understood this besides being a pretty straightforward solution) and constantly loses 2+ months of work. A good colleague of mine lost his reading notes from the first month of one class; avoid that at any costs. You have enough to deal with doing actual work.
  5. Haven't seen these, so they must be pretty far out and thus too inconvenient to commute every day. Another option is going down to the end of King Eddy and parking in the residential area just past the highway overpass. There are a few areas there that are uncharacteristically unlimited. 10 min walk to FTX if you book it a bit, but again spaces are limited. Forgive me, but isn't Perez lot designated for employees? I would hate to learn that staff are eating into the already limited Brooks lot. OC Transpo has been hit or miss for me as well, although I find STO to be generally reliable, if annoyingly spaced out sometimes (i.e. buses following each other down the route and then a big gap before the next bus).
  6. Sandy Hill is only 1-hour parking. I have lived in Hull my entire stint (3L now). My commute by bus is max 25 min door-to-door. I would highly recommend not parking on campus. The passes are exorbitant and you will probably not find a spot during rush hours. Parking in Ottawa in general is ridiculous for the kind of city it is.
  7. The class sizes varies depending on the people in your large group in first year. I had a pretty good large group and everyone has stayed in touch ever since (mostly). I have heard stories of absolutely terrible large group culture in other groups; very competitive, etc. It is true that you are highly segregated in 1L, though. This might have just been your experience, but I found that there was no lack of finding people to go out and do stuff. Even those that hit the books pretty hard and were trying to take their education seriously. A couple of things I would like to add concern the living situation/city itself. Housing in Ottawa is expensive. Not Vancouver or Toronto expensive, but definitely above Montreal (for now) or any smaller cities outside that range. I live in Gatineau and it works fine for me, but I rarely see my classmates take the same advantage. The vast majority seem to lament over the importance of being within walking distance even though public transit from the other side of the bridge isn't too bad. I personally find it difficult to disconnect from school if I am a stone's throw away and can always live in the library if I have deadlines. The major areas around the school are very seedy. There are several homeless missions in direct proximity to campus and I constantly see both male and female students being harassed. Sandy Hill is a shithole to live in and the ByWard Market is not much better. Largely a result of under-policing (people rich and poor get away with murder right in front of OPD everyday), I suspect, but I do realize the situation is complex. There is a lot to do if you're into the bar scene and the canal is great summer or winter, but Ottawa is definitely no Toronto or Montreal in that regard, although it is wonderful having both those cities so closeby. Most of the 'retreat'-type activities are on the Quebec side, such as Nordik spa and pretty much all of the skiing. Parking is almost completely a non-option. A school yearly pass is $2200+ last time I checked and there is exactly one lot in Brooks which doesn't have that many spaces. You can get lucky paying for street parking in front of Fauteux Hall, but if you do it is still expensive. There is only 1hr max parking on all the surface streets in the area (in fact, parking is time limited in most parts of the city which sucks).
  8. uO 3L here. We do have some pretty bad-ass professors who are leaders in their field outside of being profs. I have had my share of duds across all my semesters, however. And of course, there is nothing you can really do about that same as any other school. Don't be fooled by Dodek's inspiring rhetoric. He has his own agenda and only institutes barely minor changes when pushed to the absolute brink. Even something as simple as swapping a convocation ceremony date took involving the media and absolutely slamming him at a town hall assembly. He consistently ignores major issues that students try to address in favour of his own plans, such as putting up new artwork in our otherwise aging building instead of spending some money on desperately-needed mental health counseling or overhauling the course registration system. You will generally find that it is the profs who are left to care for their students and fight against the administration for a variety of things, which is very common. With regards to tuition, you said it yourself, you are comparing to other schools in Ontario, specifically the most expensive in the whole country. $20k is still extremely high, especially for what we get in return at uOttawa.
  9. Wow didn't expect someone to get in as late as Tuesday!
  10. Just got admitted. 18/71. Woo woo!
  11. Has there been any movement on this waitlist at all?
  12. That is good to know. Thanks. I would like to, but it will be a lot of fun moving back so quickly.
  13. Ugh. 18/71 but already settled in Fredericton. Getting a last minute acceptance would be nice but also very frustrating for the first week.
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