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  1. To add to this, there are plenty of options available to you if you're persistent. Along with rewriting the LSAT, you may want to go back to school for another year and get you CGPA and L2 up. This is a great way to increase your competitiveness for schools like Queens and Western, and it shows your motivation to pursue law school. This and an improved LSAT totally change your application.
  2. Accepted Early Feb. LSAT: 159 GPA: 3.33 L2: 3.87 Access MA & Work Exp.
  3. Id assume once the Feb LSAT scores are received by the schools they'll have to reorganize their list of applicant rank, and then offers will go out. Just guessing based on past acceptance threads, the week of March 19th is likely to start an acceptance period, and then another one will likely follow the April 1st deadline for people with offers to firm accept.
  4. Accepted this morning. CGPA: 3.33 L2: 3.87 LSAT: 159 MA, Work Exp. and Volunteering throughout. Access
  5. Accepted today! CGPA: 3.33 L2 (MA + Undergrad Semester): 3.82 LSAT Avrg: 157 Out of Province (ONT)
  6. I have completed a MA, which was 2 years of course work. I know that UofA will use the most "recent" L2 including grad school, and i also know that if they need to go into a previous semester (because the L2 didnt meet the 60 credit requirement) they will take the whole thing. In my grad program a full course load was 4 courses per semester, however, some courses counted as 0.75 credits (weird i know) and others the standard 0.5. Do you guys have any insight as to how they will add these up i.e. do you think they follow my schools weighting system or just go into the last year of my undergrad to make up the calculation? Thanks
  7. L2 refers to the average of the courses you've taken in your last 2 years of undergrad (Note: UofA also counts grad school for this). Alternatively, CGPA refers to the average of ALL the courses you've taken in undergrad . From the sounds of it, your CGPA is 87.2%
  8. With you guys. It's my last chance to get in this cycle! Hoping for a miracle. CGPA: 3.33 L2: 3.87 LSAT: 159 MA, solid LORs, and avrg ECs
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