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  1. Hey thanks for replying. Yeah I know real life is different. Are you practicing?
  2. Hey thank you ans appreciate it. I am happy to hear that. I just hope that i can get in.
  3. Hey thank you for the info! There are so much i am yet to know such as life as a law student so, if you are one please pm me. Thanks
  4. Hey thanks! I am very happy to hear that. I understand and yes i agree with work life balance. I just hope and pray that i can cope with that lifestyle and always remember to do no harm to anyone or myself. Thank you
  5. Hey thank you so much for your thoughts here. Appreciate it. i know it is expensive dream to have and yes mostly relying on loans. I have no other choice but pursue my dream even if it takes all i have. I know so many of you either lawyer or student and i may be making a reckless decision here, but that’s all i got honestly. I am married and have a kid. Wife has a decent job so that would help the family while i study and i will find a part time job. Just hoping that things will work out just fine in the end. I haven been working for 6 years and couldn’t save enough to pay one semester fee so I don’t know working another 3-4 years would do any good. Thank you again and i am happy to hear all the thoughts from everyone.
  6. Thanks! I haven’t but I will do the research. You can share your experience and learning from an experience one would mean a lot
  7. Thank you so much and I totally agree with you! Are you a law student or practicing? those who goes to law school right after undergrad or after don’t really know about other industries such as engineering. It is challenging but it has limits depending on what you working on. I have known people in my company who’s been here for 15 years with engineering degree and still doing the same thing pretty much. One may say that they don’t have the quality to grow but remember you grow as from a junior to senior engineer which is same for all other engineers, but they can have only one leader for each team. So by the time it’s your turn to be a supervisor or manager, you are maybe 40+. And yes there are some who can grow pretty quick which i have but i am at the borderline now. Most of us wants to grow and most just likes the stability and never try harder to reach to full potential. Being a lawyer is different from my point of view. One can have own practice which is more secure than getting laid off 5 times in 5 years. So, who knows what the future holds, but one can try only!
  8. Hey thank you very much for the info on that. Appreciate it. I know it’s late for me to do this but at this point of life i think i have seen the other side and lost interest in it. They growth is extremely limited and pay is never good. If I continue what i am doing currently then in 5 years time I wouldn’t grow much in both positions or pay, but yes will definitely gain experience. In the current market, my company pays way better than others in the similar category and have friends who are making either less or got no job. In my line of work, it is very easy to get lay off due to the oil/gas market. I may lose my job anytime and maybe never get one in two years. Lots of engineers working for Walmart and such nowadays. I have given it enough thought and considering this for many reasons and one of those reason is not trying for something i have always wanted. It’s not just the name and fame but to satisfy myself. I can try and fail but regrets are worst. Financially not very strong but better than i was before. I have support so i hope if i get in then i can change things around. Thank you again for your opinion on this. It is always nice to know what others think. Thank you!
  9. Haha you a bay street lawyer then i assume. Maybe we can meet up when i come to Toronto:)
  10. Good for you! Where you located if i may know.
  11. Sounds good! Are you practicing already?
  12. Haha thank you. appreciate it! I feel really motivated after talking to everyone here
  13. Thank you and yes i hope so. The question is, do i have to apply under regular or mature category?
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