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  1. You can access the score on your LSAC account, but they also email it to you at approximately the same time that it is published onto your LSAC profile.
  2. You should probably get a credit card now. Then at least they will have some credit history to go off of. I'm finalizing my line of credit now and my bank said that I didn't need a cosigner because my credit score was good. If you don't have a credit score then I assume that would probably change. I've never really needed credit either, but its easy to just buy things on credit and then pay it off right away because that allows you to build credit. That credit later comes in handy in situations like these! Also it may be worthwhile to make an appointment at your bank to talk about what their policies are on lines of credit and what you can do to put yourself in the best possible position to get approved.
  3. Print it to a pdf (e.g microsoft print to pdf or something)! Then you can load it onto a usb to get it printed somewhere else.
  4. The LSAT does not change that quick! Save yourself some money and use last year's books, I'd be VERY surprised if that detracted from your score in any way.
  5. Which schools haven't rejected you yet? While I agree that law school isn't for everyone (and a lot of people posting on here lately should probably reconsider their options), I think your stats are high enough to demonstrate potential in law school. I really think its possible for you to get an acceptance this year or next. If you don't get any acceptances this cycle, take a good look at your personal statement and analyze it for weaknesses. Follow up with all of the schools that are willing to offer feedback on your application. Also, I would retake the LSAT. I know it is not ideal to write it for a fourth time, but are there any studying/tutoring options you haven't taken advantage of yet? You are not a bad candidate for L2/B2 schools right now, but a 3-4 pt increase on the LSAT could push you over the threshold for acceptance.
  6. How soon should we start looking for a place? I've noticed that on rental websites it doesn't say when an apartment is available (you have to contact the poster), so should I assume most places are available to be rented right away? I'm aiming to start a lease on July 1st. Should I be looking now? Or should I wait until June?
  7. Yeah, It sure would be nice if the LSAT counted more for scholarships!
  8. Hi there, I had very similar stats this cycle (3.73 CGPA/169 LSAT) I'm not totally sure about my L2 since i'm in 4th year now, but its lower than yours. My 2nd and 3rd year together average out to be around the same as my CGPA (3.7ish), but I had a 4.0 fall semester - so I'm not sure how much they look at that. I waited until the last week of March to decline my offer to Western and did not receive any scholarship offers by that point. Obviously your higher L2 elevates your chances, but since we have the exact same LSAT/CGPA I thought i'd share my experience!
  9. Was is controversial because it was right wing? I'm aware that there are many accusations that Osgoode is strongly biased towards the left.
  10. If you don't get in this cycle, definitely rewrite the LSAT this summer. You may be capable of succeeding in law school - but you need to prove it. A 148 is concerning to any admissions team. Its even more concerning when you have a mediocre GPA. So many people seem to have experiences like yours, where they way underscore on the real test compared to their PTs. Personally, I scored exactly on the median of my PTs leading up to both of my writes (162/169). I think the key is that you have to be taking so many PTs that it just becomes automatic. When you flip that page over you flick on LSAT mode and just go. This requires a ton of repetition. Basically all I did to study was do timed PTs. I probably did 40 or more in total. The LSAT is a huge test. I have always wanted to become a lawyer so I went into it fully thinking "this is the most important test of my life, my future depends on this, etc". Obviously this is not very conducive to success, but these thoughts are hard to turn off when becoming a lawyer has been your longtime dream (as you say it has). These thoughts will probably hijack your nervous system and impair your ability to regulate your timing, etc. That's why your body needs to be well trained and practiced at answering the questions, maintaining a certain speed, moving on from a difficult question when its taking too long. You don't need to practice all day every day. Take three hours out of your day to write a PT regularly. Also, if you can you should wake up and write the test at the time you will write the real one. It is an incredibly stressful event! You need to get your body/brain used to it as much as you can. I think that will help bridge the gap between you PT scores and your actual score.
  11. I've firm accepted another offer and removed myself from the waitlist - good luck to everyone waiting! In case you are wondering, I called U of T to inquire about how the waitlist works and they informed me that it is a random lottery. When a spot opens, they pick someone at random and call/email them. When you get the call/email you are expected to decide pretty much right away whether you are going to accept the offer. I hope this info helps someone!
  12. I had a very similar experience and it was driving me crazy watching a bunch of people with lower stats than me get in while I heard nothing and wondered how I could have massively fucked up my personal statement. It was a huge drain on my energy. I know it sucks, but remember the cycle is far from over for oz and I'm sure they will get to your file (in whatever weird order they do) and let you in. It's just a matter of time. Contacting the school may be a good idea! It could be the little nudge they need to make a decision on your file...
  13. I had a (December) 169 and a 3.73 and I just heard back last week (no part B). I think Osgoode is just super weird with the order that they review applications. I'm not sure if it was related to my acceptance, but a week before I was admitted I emailed the admissions office to make sure that my file was complete and that there were no issues. At the least, it gave me some peace of mind!
  14. I was accepted on Friday and the deadline to respond is April 1
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