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  1. I'm sure you'll get in. I was accepted with a GPA that was only slightly higher than yours and a 162 LSAT score.
  2. bcgradstudent

    Great Books To Read Before/During Law School

    The Inconvenient Indian by Thomas King. It is a powerful, stark, and (in the words of Richard Wagamese) "essential" read for anyone remotely interested in the history/relationship between Canadian settler society and Indigenous peoples. Plus it's just a great book.
  3. Just received my email offer! GPA: 87.4% (Calculated with the GPA Calculator) LSAT: 162
  4. I'm looking to get rid of all three 2017 Edition PowerScore "Bibles" (Logical Reasoning; Logic Games; Reading Comprehension). All three are in excellent shape - I've done some of the practice questions in pencil, but nothing is marked up in permanent ink or even marked up that extensively. In addition I have all three corresponding workbooks. I barely touched the logic games workbook (again only in pencil). Other than that I didn't even open them. In addition to the PowerScore stuff, I have 2 volumes of "10 Actual Official LSAT Preptests". One of them is 42-51, the other is 62-71. In these I made diagrams on the logic games sections, but again only in pencil. Nothing was done in ink/highlighter, everything can be erased. Looking to sell everything in one shot. I'm at $120. This is pretty much a third of the price, if not more. Mark-up in each text is minimal, and everything can be erased. In Vancouver.
  5. bcgradstudent

    Tips on the day of the test!

    Absolutely go to the bathroom immediately before the test begins. And you don't need to cue up super early. I got in line early, and then had to wait for almost another hour until the test began - at which point I needed to use the bathroom again. Also, stick to the routine you get comfortable with during practice tests. I had done nearly 23 practice tests come the day of the test, was averaging around 30 minutes per section, and consistently scoring in the mid-high 160s. Come the day of the test, on the first Logical Reasoning section, I think to myself "well, I have always finished early, so I should take my time and read every question super carefully". I threw out all the practice I had done, and I ended up reaching the 5-minute warning with 8 questions left. I panicked, and ended up guessing (and getting wrong) all 8. I was still able to achieve a decent score, but I was well below my practice average. Just breathe, relax, take heart in the practice you've done, and go pee.
  6. bcgradstudent

    Accepted to UVic 2018

    Just got the call!! GPA: 4.21/4.33 (after drops) LSAT: 162 Congrats to those that have made it in and good luck to everyone still waiting!
  7. bcgradstudent


    This is slightly hypothetical because I'm an applicant this year, and I haven't done an exhaustive search of previous admit scores... but using the index calculator I would think that even a perfect GPA (meaning 4.33/4.33) wouldn't guarantee admittance in the Regular category. A perfect GPA would give an index score of around 911, and from what previous people have said auto-admit last year (and supposedly this year as well) sits somewhere around 915. Previous years it was somewhere around 930. A 911 doesn't mean that you'd be out of the running, I'm just not sure exactly what it would mean.
  8. bcgradstudent

    ANOTHER application status question...

    I'm sure it'll get forwarded soon - unless there's some other things going on that you didn't want to write about. Out of curiosity, what does 7.65 work out to on the 4.33 scale?
  9. bcgradstudent

    Another application status question...

    It was changed to forwarded for review - I think they were just in the middle of processing everything. So exciting!
  10. Hey all, My status changed today from Application Submitted, to (worryingly) "Additional Item(s) Required". It's only worrying because on the requirement checklist, listed below my status, every item has been noted as "Satisfied". So I'm a little confused as to what is missing. Is this just an in-between status? As in, my application was submitted, everything is checked off, but it hasn't been submitted for review yet? I'll email Dailene to check in if it doesn't change, but I thought I'd ask here first to see if anyone else had/has the same status and knows what it means. Thanks!
  11. bcgradstudent

    Change of Application Status for 2018

    I submitted Sept. 2, and my status remains "application submitted". Although I wrote the LSAT on Sept. 16th, so I imagine that plays a part in when the application gets forwarded for review.
  12. bcgradstudent

    Chances for UVic?

    As I'm also a current applicant I can't answer fully, but to clarify is that 3.8/4 or 3.8/4.33 ?
  13. So I bungled the timing on the first LR section, panicked, and had to guess (and get wrong) the last 5 questions. Stupid mistake that lowered my score below the 165 avg I was achieving on practice tests. I've applied to UVic as my only choice, for many reasons, and I'm wondering if I've blown my application with my marginal LSAT score.
  14. Hi all, I'm currently a graduate student who will be defending my thesis this summer and applying to law school for a 2018 start. My undergrad cGPA is strong, at 4.23 (on a 4.33 scale), but I haven't yet taken the LSAT. I'm not too worried about it - I did well on my GRE (165) - but I would still like to have as strong as application as possible and would like a few months to study for it. That said, I would ideally write the LSAT in December, but I'm worried that the results will be reported too close to the Jan 15 deadline for my application. Is it too close? Should I risk taking the lsat in September with the potential of having to retake it? Is having to retake the test looked upon unfavourably? I defend in late July and so I would only have a month to prepare before the September LSAT. I also work full-time, so my ability to study is slightly constrained. Also, with my cGPA, what should a target LSAT score be? 165+ ? Thanks in advance for the help!