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  1. Every adcomm will appreciate a higher GPA and an upwards trend regardless of how it was done. Same goes for the LSAT and any "LSAT padders," who take a year off to study for it, take it multiple times, and accumulate every preptest out there. As my above post stated, if the additional years are in undergrad, OP is well on their way to law school.
  2. Even if it's not the most notable point on a resume, it could still be good experience for you especially if you respect what they've accomplished professionally.
  3. I'll reply to your message but for anyone else wondering, my cGPA is just under a B+ Edit: I've been told Ottawa appreciates an upwards trend, but it's hearsay
  4. you'll be fine I'll add this though: Don't anticipate grades - shit happens. Also, just know that Master's grades matter very little for adcomms, but if the above calculated GPA is for additional undergrad years, then yeah you'll be fine.
  5. Accepted just now! 3.7 L2 cGPA is considerably worse 158 (highest) PM if you want to know about ECs and such. The way that I was accepted: I received an email about financial assistance and then UOzone updated. I was a little bothered at first because it was still under evaluation and I was being told there was a deadline to apply for OSAP in order to be eligible for the grace period lol.
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