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  1. nope. i know more than a couple people who summered and articled in corporate, realized it wasn't for them and then went back to their original passion of crim. they now do crim defence. they had good litigation experience though (both during their law degree and in their corporate positions).
  2. I wouldn't do it either before or after law school. Seems like a waste of money and/or time. I would take every ADR course I could take, do well in my public law courses and volunteer in some ombudsman type role.
  3. I am just coming to the end of my degree and I have no articling position. Despite many opportunities and interviews it has been a wash. On top of all this, I've received some unfortunate family health news (both Covid and non-Covid related). I am now diverting my attention toward dealing with that and I predict that will take some months to adequately deal with. Because of this, realistically, I don't even know if I could start articling until later this year anyway. My question is, can someone reapply for the articling recruit for the year after graduation? Are there success stories of this happening? Is significantly frowned upon by employers? I read takes on here about how students who do that are stale and old news. I find that a bit excessive but I'm wanting to get a sense if this is true. I'll continue to apply for positions this year, but, having to deal with this family stuff, it's looking like an unpredictable 6+ months for me.
  4. Extremely competitive. I have so-so grades, slightly above average at a 3.4, and I'm striking out without getting interviews in the post-formal recruit.
  5. Hey, Thanks for this. Always nice to know others are in the disheartening position of not having articling yet. 1) For cold calling/emailing I've been using my network to make connections. So far I haven't found too many jobs on this front (because they are areas of law I have no interest in practicing/no experience or the pay is just way, way too low). I have okay grades. I don't know what my percentage is, but I've got a 3.4 with a couple course prizes. 2) I have no idea of the quality of the positions but my school's career office has told me to keep my head up and that there will be a continuous stream of positions open. Looking at last year's post-articling thread, it looks like jobs continue to be posted for the next few months. So, there's a reason to keep one's head up. I will say that my career office doesn't tend to be overly rosy so I put stock in what they say. 3) I have no desire to do the LPP. I don't want to pay money to make myself unmarketable. Law is a stratified profession and I've been warned by my friends who already practice to be very careful with this route. At this point, I'll continue to apply to jobs as they come but I have no problem reapplying for the articling recruit.
  6. Devastated. 10 interviews. Countless hours of prep and anxiety and left cold.
  7. Does anyone know if there is a manual for non-Criminal Crown conduct. There is this one for Crown Criminal Prosecutors – but I'm interested in civil.
  8. ......yes. your stats are fine. are you guaranteed? no..... but osgoode looks holistically at your application and a strong upward trend (L2 3.94 is strong) really works in your favour! cGPA of 3.61 is not bad either.....
  9. Do we normally get rejection emails/calls after interviews? I assume it's over but, as pathetic as it sounds, it'd be a nice courtesy.
  10. Does anyone know, approximately, what a competitive grade point average is for the MAG articling positions? I know the average for some, like the constitutional branch, are quite high but are there hard cut-offs? Do you need to have an A- average? Thanks for any info.
  11. Does anyone have any experience where some classmates have received ITCs and some have received PFOs but you've received nothing yet? Is this a sign I'm on a waitlist? That I've been forgotten? I've been waiting for weeks in this position and I am getting sick of it....
  12. Uh, no, lol. They didn't send it to me. I guess I should follow up with them. I paid the $300 service fee and completed the application.
  13. Did you receive this update through an Osgoode login account that the school sent you? All I have is OLSAS and there's no indication of waitlist anywhere.
  14. Has everyone heard back? I'm assuming a rejection at this point, but wondering what's going on.
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