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  1. @aptl96 The Class of 2021 Facebook group is created! https://www.facebook.com/groups/2006927442655255/
  2. Hi everyone! I'll be starting 1L in September and I just finalized my lease at Victoria Park Place for a newly-renovated, FULLY FURNISHED 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom condo. I am looking for a non-smoking, pet-free, responsible and clean female roommate (preferably also a law student). The lease begins August 15th but I will not be there until the 27th. Parking is available for now but I have someone interested in renting out the stall. I had someone check out the place on my behalf a few days ago so I will have more pictures and a video walk through on request. PLEASE MESSAGE ME IF YOU OR ANYONE YOU KNOW IS INTERESTED (crossposted with a bunch of other accommodation threads, sorry but time is ticking and I need to find someone to room with for this upcoming year!)
  3. Both, saw the email first and then checked online portal.
  4. Hey Lyricaltoast, I found this calendar in another thread and maybe I'm reading this wrong, but how do you know 1L's have 3 week break in the winter already? Dec 21 to Jan 8? https://www.uwindsor.ca/law/academic-coordinator/sites/uwindsor.ca.law.academic-coordinator/files/2016-2017_sessional_dates_for_law_for_posting.pdf Hi litigationstation, How is the public transit in Windsor - do they come often between your place to campus, or say downtown? You're right, shipping my car will be costly and take a lot of effort, and on second thought I probably won't do so anymore. I can't wait to get involved with pro bono and legal clinics, I just hope I don't get swamped with extracurriculars like I did in undergrad (because I was too eager to be part of everything haha) -- Thanks to both of you, I really appreciate it!
  5. Have you been accepted to the group yet? I ask because I've been waiting over a week now as well.
  6. Accepted June 7 after being waitlisted on Apr 7!! I was rejected by all other schools I applied to in Canada and was on the verge of giving up. Creeping these forums every day for the last few months have been torturous to myself. Windsor GPA 3.26 LSAT 150, 151 Lots of law-related extracurriculars, strong PS tailored to social justice and average reference letters. Don't give up, there's still a few months left before school starts!!
  7. Thanks for your information! I forgot to mention I'm from BC so I'd have to ship my car over... I did fill out some information before requesting to join the FB groups (incoming student, firm accepting, and name/email used to apply) and also private messaged but nothing yet. I guess I'll have to wait. Also, I have another question! What is PILS week? We don't get the study week in November off like 2L and 3L students?
  8. Hi Lyricaltoast, 1. I have been researching on places to live as well and have heard to generally avoid east of the Ambassador Bridge and parts of Sandwich? I've heard that Portofino condominiums and Harbourview (is that part of Sandwich?) are good locations too. I'm undecided whether or not to bring my car with me, would you recommend so? 2. Also, do you know recall how long it took before you were accepted to the FB group? I have tried to join the All Years and 1L (Single JD) group for over a week now but the only admin has not responded! Assuming there would be information there I'd really like to hope to be approved soon. 3. Do you know how I can be paired up with an upper year mentor? 4. Are there part time jobs available at the university, or in the Windsor area that a law student could pick up while studying? I've been working here and there since high school so it would kinda feel weird not to be making money. Though I've heard that with 1L you don't have much spare time outside of studying. Thanks in advance! I'll ask more questions as they arise.
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