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  1. Hey people! I'm looking over my finances and things aren't looking very good if I'm being honest. Im already 45k in debt from my undergrad and will likely spend another 100K from a LOC throughout law school (After talking to the bank I should get something like 145k in LOC). This seems a lot higher than the average amount people are in debt for. Is it still going to be possible to pay this back realistically? Anyone in the same boat or have any idea how much the monthly payments are going to be like? Any input would be appreciated!
  2. Hey folks, Was wondering if anyone knew when bursaries and scholarships deadlines would be closed for queens if not already. I tried calling them a few times with no luck, figured Id see if anyone knew or had any experience. For context Im starting there in September. Thanks!
  3. Solid ECs, in at Queens, dal and a couple other places, really thrilled about it, just wondering what you guys thought about my chances at OZ.
  4. pretty solid ecs and letters of recommendations
  5. Hey everyone, Was wondering your thoughts on western, Alberta, dal, and Windsor solid ECs
  6. Hey everyone, I made a post before asking about my chances and I was told to come back after I got my LSAT score (fair enough). Now that I got it wanted to know your thoughts. I have a significant upwards trend since in the first few years of school I was working on things outside of school. My dream schools would be Western or Dalhousie (I have slightly above a 3.7 in my l2 under the dal 4.3 scale) but your thoughts on any other schools would be very much appreciated!! If it helps I have some fairly solid extra curricula's including being elected by the arts students to manage all the student funds for the Arts faculty from my school's union (around 135,000), decided what clubs and individuals got funding for what as well as run my own projects such as a scholarship, student tutoring program, career panels, funding a fund for student who have social start up initiatives that need funding, that kind of thing. VP of finance for the arts association before running and winning president. General member of some clubs. Won distinguished speaker at my school's mock parliament. Did the Osgoode undergraduate moot court 2 years in a row. ran for president of the student union in my last year which would have been a paid full-time position and was endorsed by the school paper for my platform and debates though I didnt win. did a full time summer internship at the large law firm in dubai - mostly working with foreign business accounts, helping where I could with research Had a job as a cook working nearly full time for some semesters near the end. started some startups in my first years of my undergrad (none were crazy but one made a modest profit of a few grand in the short time it ran on kickstarter and the other had investor interest though we were beaten to market by another company. We could have kept going as a catering service but we were all pretty uninspired by that). This is where I focused most my energy and my grades suffered. I know softs arent very important but I just thought I would put all that out there since they were fairly time consuming. Im sorry for the long rant here, just nervous and wondering if I should retake my lsats in November. Thanks for your thoughts!!
  7. You dont think it would be worth mentioning since it took up a lot of time in my last year - I had to take 4 courses instead of 5 (3 As and an A+) and I took 6 courses in year 3 so it rounds up to 20 courses for my L2 but I dont want it to seem like I was taking it easy last semester. And do you have any idea what I would need for western? and dare I even ask about osgoode? Thanks!!
  8. Thanks for this haha made me feel better! Also if anyone cares I got my first 160 in a preptest today under test conditions so maybe I have a shot at getting something like it on test day! Gonna aim for a higher than that for sure though, I know test day brings you down a few points.
  9. Im totally aware of this but for a school like western thats mainly L2 Im wondering what my LSAT would have to be. Ive actually checked out your site before and its given me a shot at a place like western but I think it also averaged my L2 to a 3.7. Ill check out the updated version though, thanks for the help!
  10. Hey guys, I graduated last year and I was pretty certain my L2 was a 3.7 but I just did the math converting my grades to OLSAS grades and Im at a 3.68. I'm doing the LSATs in september and am aiming for a low 160 (I'm getting around 158 now but Im dedicating everything until september to the test). Basically Im now worried that because I dont actually hit a 3.7 my average is going to get rounded down or something and also wanted to know what my chances at any ontario schools were if I end up with something like a 160 on test day. Or even higher. Any insight on schools outside of ontario would be great too. If it helps I have some solid extra curricula's including being elected to manage all the student funds for the Arts faculty from my school's union (around 135 k), ran for president of the student union and was endorsed by the school paper though I didnt win, did a summer internship at law firm in dubai and started some startups (none were crazy but one made a modest profit of a few grand in the short time it ran and the other had investor interest though we were beaten to market by another company). I know softs arent very important at all but I just thought I would put that out there since they were fairly time consuming. Your Insight is Much Appreciated, KS
  11. Hello everyone, I was wondering is anyone could clarify something for me. I tried to reach out to the admissions office at dal but haven't heard anything back yet. I'm basically wondering if I'm counting on my last year GPA for my L2, how likely is it that they will consider it. I know Western says they'll look at your fall term just to see but its very rare they'll look at your full last year. "When assessing transcripts we average together both the overall CGPA as well as the last two years and take whichever of those two averages are the better. We take whatever comes closest to 10 credits and will not take a partial year. We will look at an updated transcript as long as it is received by early May." - Rose I read this on a 2015 forum but I'm not sure how accurate it is, plus haven't most admissions gone out by may? Any advice would be so helpful, thanks!
  12. I have no doubt in the difficulty of the LSATs. Just wondering what you guys think my chances would be if by some miracle (and hours of hard work) i manage a 170 or a 165 or something. My motivation is kinda drained sitting and looking at my GPA, and knowing there'd be realistic chance with a good LSAT score would be the difference between me putting the rest of my summer on it vs accepting that I have to wait a year after graduating and taking the LSAT then.
  13. I haven't taken it yet, planning to in sept, I've done pretty well on LR and RC preptests, have the LG bible too I'm starting to go over. I know I'd at least have to do well, just wanna know how well I'd need to do, like i think a 170 might be manageable if i focus but idk about anything higher than that...
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