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  1. Explore some other options like optometry or pharmacy. MD is not the only path in a medical field.
  2. Thanks for the response. I haven't taken the LSAT yet but doing some practice exams and courses would be my next step to see where I land there. Regarding grades - If I use the Toronto standards and look at my best 3 undergrad years (i.e. six terms) I think my average is about 83. I had three terms in social science averaging at 85 and three engineering terms averaging at 81. Using a converter my cumulative GPA for social science would a 3.9 and engineering would be a 3. Not sure if they weigh engineering more heavily or not? In any case thank you everyone who has responded so far, it's good to hear that older applicants can do well.
  3. Hi everyone - I'd like to know what it might be like starting law school at 35. I realize that would put me as a new lawyer at age 38 and competing with a much younger crowd upon graduation in a tough economy. My interests are corporate / M&A / commercial / transactional / international trade with a side of administrative / regulatory, so I guess I'd be aiming toward Bay Street and then maybe onwards to government or a local full-service firm in a smaller city once Bay Street hours start to wear on me. Litigation doesn't appeal to me as much but then again I've never tried oral advocacy so who knows. I'm in the GTA so my target schools are Osgoode and Toronto. I'm a reasonably good student but need to work on my office politics skills. I worked in government for several years doing project management in a regulatory context and then have spent the last 2 years turning around a small family business. I turn to law because it's always been in the back of my mind, and while working on this business I always ended up being the go-to person for regulatory and legal affairs and honestly I liked it. Additionally I think it would be helpful to my family's interests since there are others who have an entrepreneurial streak. My undergraduate degrees are in engineering and social science. I recently started a family but am lucky that am already financially secure. Are these ideas realistic at all? What are some challenges I might face? It'd be really nice to hear from others in my situation. Merci!
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