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  1. lol @ trying so hard to make it seem like a school in Pakistan is prestigious...you're not fooling anyone here nor will future adcoms/employers be fooled either...out of curiosity I looked it up and its ranked 437 in the world....what a joke, dont use the word prestigious in the same sentence with that school or you will make a fool of yourself in the future, bit of a advice.
  2. what kind of GPA/LSAT do you need to get a full ride at Harvard.... methinks its 3.9+ and 175+
  3. I just finished the LG Bible, and I repeatedly did all the past LSAT LG games in the bible (28)...I plan on drilling 12 more games and committing its approach to memory. So that will be 40 LG games under my belt. I plan on doing the LR Bible and doing a similar strategy (of finishing the LR Bible committing all questions in there to memory and then drilling LR) (I am doing RC in the background through both LG and LR study) I am planning on doing 18 practise tests (so 72 more LG games) so 28 LG games from the bible + 12 LG games from drilling and 72 LG games from full practise tests = 112 LG games done and studied Is that a number of LG that most people do before test day??
  4. is there a way to know which LG category is what so I can drill that category? I have only learned linear games and I tried to do what I thought was a linear game and did very poorely...I later found it out it was a sequencing game which I havent learnt yet. Is there a resource that categorizes which games are which from old LSATs?
  5. I have finished the practise questions and read the section on "Linear Games" and "Advanced Linear Games" in the LG Bible. Do you recommend I drill a bunch of Linear Games from old LSATs or continue to finish the LG bible in completion and then just drill LG of all types?
  6. Hello everyone, Thank you for taking the time to help me. I am writing the Sept 16 LSAT and have exactly 3 months to study for it. I work a part time job (20hrs a week only) and don't have any other commitments besides the occasional volunteering commitment. I have already graduated. Therefore, I would like to dedicate 6 days a week for 3 hours per day. That would be a total of 15-20 hours a week of studying time for the next 3 months so just under 200 hours total of prep time. From my research this is enough time. I have bought the Powerscore Bible LG and LR books and the Manhattan RC book, along with LSATS 42-71. (I will individually buy 72-80 closer to the test date to do.) I also plan to use the free 7Sage Youtube Videos to learn LG as well. What I am struggling with is to make a solid day-to-day study plan to stick to. Is there a plan that you found somewhere that was good? Did you make your own? If I cant make one I am fine with designing my own plan... Phase 1 (6 weeks): (Drill LG and LR) +do RC passages 1) Read the LG bible from front to back and do the associated questions in it, do LG section tests from old PTs. Review these with 7Sage online videos 2) Once this is done, I will move on to reading the LR bible from front to back and do the associated questions in it, do LR section tests from old PTs and review them using Manhattan LR website. As 1) and 2) are going on I will do section tests of old RC passages from practise tests to get used to timing and the feeling/brush up on my RC skills After 2) is done I will read the Manhattan RC book and spend more time dedicated to RC prep while still making time to do LG and LR section tests Phase 2 (6 weeks): Do old PTts and review them Hopefully by now, I will have done everything in Phase 1...now I will move on to doing simulated timed practise tests. In 1 week, I will do 3 PT (one a day), and then spend 3 days to review each one. This way I will be able to do 18 fully timed PT. I will make sure that these 18 will be 62-80 as they are the most recent so I wont touch these for section tests. Should I do the LG and LR question in phase 1 timed? Is there anything I should alter in my plan? Thanks so much
  7. nvm just found out that Feb tests are not released for some reason...which makes the next test June 2017 (81)...I know that was written yesterday, any idea when the 72-81 pack will be released?
  8. 80 is released and is considered Dec 2016....Feb 2017 was 81 correct? When will Feb 2017 (81) be released and consequently the 72-81 package?
  9. Im thinking of buying 42-51 and using that for sections to work on....and buying 52-61 and 62-71 to do full practise tests...anyone know why tests 72-80 can only be purchased individually.. and those tests are $10 each Vs the other test packs being $20 for 10....
  10. I would like to purchase old LSATs to prepare for my Sept LSAT in 3 months....there are so many available...how many should I buy but more importantly which ones?
  11. I would like to purchase old LSATs to prepare for my Sept LSAT in 3 months....there are so many available...how many should I buy but more importantly which ones?
  12. also what is the point of the essay at the end? How will this be factored into admission to U of C and U of A law schools?
  13. Hello, I just took a LSAT Diagnostic (2007) at home for the first time (I didnt even know what was on the LSAT)....and I got a 149. The breakdown was: Section 1 : 9/23 Section 2 : 19/25 Section 3: 14/25 Section 4: 15/27 My worst by far was in the games section as I never seen anything like that in my life before...and I was best in the Logical Reasoning sections. I will write the LSAT in exactly 3 months and my goal is 162...although I will be happy with 160+. I plan on buying the Powerscore bibles and doing a bunch of mock LSATs in this time devoting 2-3 hours for 5 days a week. Is this enough time? Are there any other resources I can use? Is this goal attainable? Thank you
  14. thanks for the reply, so when I look at the applicant profile chart I should be looking at the LSAT numbers for the "3.6 GPA" since my 3.55 rounds to 3.6?
  15. If I apply to U of A Law with a 3.55 L2 GPA what LSAT score do I need to get accepted? On the website they have GPA round to whole numbers so when looking at how many people with a certain GPA got in with a respective LSAT would I look at the 3.5 category or would my 3.55 round up and I look at the 3.6 category?
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