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  1. Does anyone know how appropriate it is to bring up these pay increases with your employer? I was told my pay was "market" but I think market has subsequently increased, but I have already signed the offer letter with former market rate. Can pay still change after the offer letter is signed?
  2. Last I was told it was on? Did you get told it was cancelled?
  3. Bennett Jones ITC, Osgoode. Has anyone at Osgoode heard from Gowling?
  4. Hey! Facing the street you hear a lot more noise, my friends have said they can feel car vibrations at night. But you dont normally get to specify that much, and I think if youre on a higher floor this isn't as pertinent. I think which floor depends on what you like. When you live on the 3rd or 4th, you have to walk in through a main entrance, and it is more like an apartment. On the 1st and 2nd, you have your own entrance, so it is more like a townhouse, which I prefer. But it can be a plus to live on the inside if your friends are all there as well and you can just move through the inside building to each others' places, instead of having to leave yours and go through the main entrance and up to their place. Caveat, I dont think these are really imperative though, I think you will have the experience you make of it.
  5. Hi, I was accepted a while back by recently moved and believe I must have misplaced the acceptance package with the tuition remittance form. I know I need to send a money order for $450, but the PDF says to refer to the remittance form. Would anyone be able to summarize the important info on the form(I.e. Where to put name or student number) or have a copy of it perhaps? Thanks!
  6. @ArkhamAttorney I wrote the February LSAT as well, and I didn't go in queue in March but I don't think queue means anything... I received an acceptance last week. I think they just have a lot of people to go through.
  7. I haven't seen it but I am also on my phone, I will try when I get home. Congratulations!
  8. Just got the email! 3.53 cgpa L2 3.85 163
  9. Just got the email this morning!! So very excited! Will definitely be accepting! Have a 3.53 cgpa L2 3.85 163
  10. Hi, I am currently completing my applications for Fall 2018, and just got back my Sept LSAT, which I underperformed on. I was decently prepared but I had pink eye the day of and had too much caffeine (which made me anxious, giving me heart palpitations) so I underperformed. I wasnt scoring where I wanted to but wrote anyway because I was still doing decently. My issue is I have a lower GPA (cGPA around 3.55 but good L2) so I feel I need a very strong LSAT to counter it. I want to stay in Toronto so am aiming for UofT or Osgoode, though I know they may be a stretch, so Im really hoping to get a 170 on the LSAT. Now, given Im working full time and completing applications, I'm debating rewriting in December vs in February. I want to do it in December as most schools recommend this and I dont want to decrease my chances, and I only need improvement in RC, so not sure how much the added time will benefit me. On the contrary though, if I wrote in February I would have ample time to study without rushing or being stressed, which definitely impacts me. However, I really dont know how much of a disadvantage it will put me at in terms of admission. I fear most spots will be filled by then, and given Im a splitter candidate I dont want to risk it ben further. However, I do believe that the extra time would benefit me in getting to that 170 range. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Hi all, Was going over the rules for the test tomorrow, and am looking for some clarification on one thing. I know it states a plastic bottle for your beverage, no aluminum cans or glass containers, but what do you think about a swell bottle? Those are the keeps warm for 12/cold for 24 hour bottles, made of stainless steel. So they are not glass or aluminum, but not plastic either. Is it necessary the bottle be clear and see through? I was hoping to put coffee in mine to have during the break... I am writing in Mississauga if that makes a difference. Does anyone have any experience with this, or know if other type containers are allowed? Or even, if I am allowed to bring 1 water bottle then and 1 with coffee in it (given they're both plastic)? Thanks for your help!
  12. Hey, Im kind of in a similar boat, and have found Im not sure how to retackle the study game. Whereabouts are you located?
  13. I just wanted to seek some advice on a topic. I am scheduled to write the June LSAT in just a few days. I have been studying only since the beginning on May, as I had originally planned a vacation in July/Aug and didn't think I would have adequate time to study before September. I have since come to realize that the one month was not adequate, and although I have improves (PT'ing around 160) I am not where I want to be. That being said, I now know I will focus to write the September LSAT and prepare the rest of the summer for it. However, given that I have already registered and pay (a hefty $280) for the June test, should I write knowing I won't be using my score? That is, is the experience worth the 'stigma' of having written twice? I know most schools take your highest score but there is still the evidence that it took you 2 tries. My only other thought is that I am scheduled to write 150km away, so although the experience would be nice, it is definitely a ways' away. Thanks for the help!
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