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  1. I was just wondering if any other future Oz students or current Oz students were looking at the different curricular streams, and/or what their opinions might be on them? I'm starting at Oz in the fall and wasn't sure if it was worthwhile to take the Globalization and the Law perspective first year course and go into the ICT stream. I've heard that U of O and McGill tend to be stronger in International law, so wasn't sure if Oz was the best place to be pursuing such an area of study...just looking for general thoughts (and i know i'm thinking WAY ahead, but I think I'm pretty excited about starting!!!)
  2. hey sungoama, i'm actually originally from the Burbs in the GTA. I've been living downtown ottawa, so I'm used to walking EVERYWHERE, since it's a good walking city (small w/ lots of pretty crap to be around). I've never squaredanced in my life...i'm actually a square who can't dance
  3. I walk to the grocery store to do my groceries Sungoama It's the only exercise I get On the topic tho (well, really off the topic considering the thread), I'll have a car next year to commute in, so maybe I can use that to make friends w/ people who are in res
  4. Parking at Oz is really $800 for both semester!?!?!?!? BLARGH
  5. it made like a .08 difference for me. Quite a big one I think...
  6. Did anyone on here get the Bogoroch scholarship? Just curious. (I'm also thinking I should change my user name...It's long and lame...when I get bored maybe I'll start a poll for what my new username should be in the Need Advice board )
  7. Has anyone been offered any scholarships at Oz, and if so, which ones, how much, and what were your stats and background? Just curious. Thanks
  8. It's not Oz or U of T, just for clarity. And the $ is more than 17K, if that alters/affects anyone's possible opinion/advice (and thank you all SOO SOO much for offering your two-cents!!!!) Edited by: Law Student Hopeful at: 3/31/05 4:52 pm
  9. Hey So, my choice #2 (or maybe 1b choice) offered me last week a considerable scholarship (the largest they offer). But, i only provisionally accepted their offer...so they called today and said they want me to make a firm decision within a day or two to hold onto the scholarship...should I wait for my #1 choice, or take the money and content myself w/ less debt...? Really need advice ASAP!!!
  10. I'm going into law for the superficial and noble reasons. On the superficial side, lawyers tend to have better pay and employment prospects than alot of other professions. I know it's not like a 'written ticket' or anything, and I know the job market can be tough for lawyers too and the pay is prolly exagerated sometimes, but I'm confident that I'll do well enough to do well w/ a legal career. Also, I guess I'm pulled by the perception that there is some social status and social mobility in this career (again, I may be wrong, but I'm just saying my perception of this prolly played a role). Related to this, I think I'm proud that I'm just about the only person in my entire family who's finished one university degree, let alone two. My family would be proud of me no matter what, but I feel like pursuing this has sorta involved me really trying to make good on all that they've tried to give me despite meagre resources. On the noble, "I'm gonna save the world" side of things, I really do think the world is unfair and messed up more than it needs to be. After being overseas and seeing some insane poverty and injustice (those commercials don't even begin to convey how bad it is), I can't help but get mad when I look around at some of the things I see...especially 'Pimp my Ride'. How can so many people have such a @#%$ lot in life while others make a show about a pimped up car...blah...So, I'm gonna save the world If that doesn't work out, at least I have the superficial stuff to fall back on. That and a pimped up ride
  11. Hey Dulfun and Grazek, would you guys mind posting your stats? Thanks.
  12. it is fine. I'm surprised you haven't heard from anywhere yet...If you don't hear from anywhere before April 1st, I think you'll definitely hear after that deadline date as space becomes available.
  13. Blah....I feel like I've somehow turned this into some childish petty rant fight grade six blah blah blah blargh (with ALOT of help from HU ). I think stuff comes out online that can be percieved outta context, cuz letters on a screen don't give the same context as inflection or body language. I think an administrator should just shut this thread down or we can just get back to debating (the board may not be for fighting, but I think DEBATING is crucial to forums like this) school rankings, their relevancy, and their accuracy. I'm willing just to offer everyone I've ticked off a firm hand shake. God forbid I become another Lio Hutz on this board.
  14. HU, as a stupid pre-law dumbass, I'd like to thank you for giving us all a glimpse at how arrogant and condescending some law students can get. I really appreciate it; your guidance and eloquent words have provided me with more enlightenment than any welcome day, pre-law book, standarized test, or fellow pre-law dumbass coul ever give The only question you raise is what's worse: an idiot pre-law student that thinks he/she knows everything, or a rude condescending current law student who thinks he's superior simply cuz he's in law school now...? Either way, you are my new hero Edited by: Law Student Hopeful at: 3/18/05 5:30 pm
  15. Well, googly, I kinda showed that it was based on a decent appraisal of the program and its courses...I think the word "joke" might have been wrong, though. I guess there's a little academic snob in me (that I'm ashamed of, and shouldn't even have considering I don't exactly attend the pinnacle of academe) that doesn't much care for programs that seem concentrated on training bureaucrats for grey futures in cubicle mazes. I suppose I expected my undergrad education to be a place for learning and expanding my mind, as opposed to learning how to push papers...So, again, I shouldn't have used the word "joke" just cuz a program wasn't to my own personal desires or tastes.
  16. Hey Googly, I'm glad you can take things in stride better than HU, but I still resent the "ignorant" remark. I think Vancouver made the good point that I was in a way comparing the apples w/ the oranges, but I think still made it clear that it had more to with my personal preference as opposed to some objective measure of pedagogy. I looked into the Carleton programs while I was in high school, and just thought it wasn't for me. So, stop calling me ignorant!!! I think that label should be applied to your ranting prof :S I think plette's really hit the nail on the head, how 10 different people will give you ten really different opinions on the same thing. Every school in Canada is pretty great, as I think we've all acknowledged.
  17. I'm in criminology at OttawaU, and the Law and Criminal justice programs at Carleton just look dry to me...such a focus on legislation/policy/the letter of the law as opposed to the more sociological aspects of crime/deviance...Just seems like stuff that burgeoning young bureaucrats would find interesting, which isn't for me...so sorry I called it a joke...Just cuz it's not for me doesn't make it a joke. On a side note, I agree that ranking stuff like schools and academic quality is ridiculous...One of my favourite profs ever in university who i really think changed my life got all his degrees from and teaches at Carleton, and Ottawa U part time...So, after him I got more respect for Carleton...but somehow I'm not surprised that a Carleton student would get all huffy and emotional over a fun lil bit of rivallry...I'll be nice from now on Lord Googly and Human Unit Truce Nice try at being nice. Please try harder. -Mod #3 Edited by: aniz at: 3/17/05 9:30 pm
  18. How do u figure that Carleton has the best poli-sci dept in the country...? journalism, ok sure...I think their "law" program is a joke from what I've looked at...the curriculum blows and the courses look like a honking snore... I don't like Carleton...I think this is my ottawa u rivalry flaring up though...Don't get me wrong; I know my uni kinda blows too, but not as bad as Carleton's.
  19. I'm gonna guess that caellius (sorry if spelling is wrong) was referring to profs/deans like both Monohan and Hogg (who I guess is gone now) that are two of the best, if not the best constituional law scholars in the country, and their books on the topic, from what I've heard, are widely read in law schools across the country. When I got a tour of Western, the guide recommended that no matter where I go to school or what books I have to buy, that I should buy books on constitutional law by both these guys...she called them "The Gods of Constitutional Law"...True, she's one student at one university, but school rivalry really didn't get in her way of really applauding Hogg and Monohan's constitutional law work. I think these two have done a lot to buidl Osgoode's rep in constitutional law. In regards to U of T being the best for coporate law, that's probably based on the really high % of their students that Bay Street big law summer placements and articling positions. Something like 80 summer students were hired on Bay Street last summer (or this summer, maybe?) out of a class of 170. Osgoode placed about 70-75, but that's out of a class of 290. These stats are available around places on the net if you poke about for them, I don't have the link at hand though. Sorry. I guess high Bay Street placement doesn't automatically equate to good corporate law education, but I think it reveals that the school must place a relatively high emphasis on the area when close to half its class works in the area.
  20. I think Alan D makes a really good point about the more desirable location that U of T has, and the more interesting campus life of U of T. I think/speculate that Osgoode's location really deters alot of people from attending Osgoode, and might do something to drag its numbers down (I could be wrong, so counterpoints and arguments are really welcome). On a prior thread, I tried to get the idea of a Student Rebellion going, in which Oz students stormed the old Osgoode building on Queen Street and took it back for the school...That thread went dead so I'm trying to get it going again here....vive la revolution...call me Che (ahh....combining the French revolution w/ a Latin American communist revolutionary....I rock).
  21. Pick Columbia. It's one of the best law schools in the world, and I can see how/why you'd be worried about that kind of move and being sorta trapped in a big-law world, or having to deal w/ uber-competitive students, but from looking at your posts/#'s on prior posts here and on LSD, you seem like you'd do fine at Columbia (arbitrary judgement, I know...for all i know you got lucky on the LSAT and slep w/ alot of profs...jk). Given Columbia's rep/stature, and the education you'd get, I think you'd have alot of doors open to you...more so than coming out of U of T...so the bar exam stuff coming back into Canada is a bit tougher...so what? Columbia could quite literally open a WORLD of possibilities to you...U of T's opportunities seem more limited to Canada, at least when compared to Columbia...that's my 2 cents...I could be wrong tho...but I'd pick Columbia if I were you.
  22. Hey caecilius...my Students' Rebellion could definitely involve confronting the Court of Appeals, and booting them outta the building so we didn't have to share it... In all seriousness, though, I know you're right that the move isn't gonna happen...I knew that when I saw the Moot Court on Welcome Day, and realized how much time and money they're investing into their current location...I knew that beforehand, but it really hit me when I saw it that day. But...back to fantasy land of Student Rebllion...after we take over Osgoode we can add an addition or two just to accomodate Oz's student body...WAIT...scratch that...we could just take the entire Osgoode Building from York and airlift it to the Queen street location!!!! OK...seriously...I think these ideas could work, but us students must unite to make this work!!! Plan B is Rose's idea to storm Glendon.
  23. Hey This is kind of a stupid post (what a great way to grab a readers attention...), but I was surfing the net today and came across some visual tours and info on the building that originally hosted Osgoode Hall Law School. The Links are below. www.osgoodehall.com www.lsuc.on.ca/about/about_visual_en.jsp I know the inside of the new Oz is nice enought, but doesn't even compare to this. I know aesthetics aren't everything, but I think environment still counts for something. And then there's the location of course...I can't believe they would ever wanna move outta this building :S Just thought I'd post this to see what people thought. I think we should try and make them move back here. If the Oz admin won't go along w/ it, or if the Court of Appeals (which I belive are residing in the building) don't go along w/ it, then I say we have a student's rebellion, invade, and take back the original Osgoode... Who's w/ me!?!??!?!?!??!
  24. Hey Rose I went to the Open House and got a tour of Assiniboine: it blew. It was ugly, small, smelled weird, was in shitty shape...it just really really really sucked...Our guides told us that Atkinson was basically the same deal as Assiniboine, except that Atkinson was even kinda more ghetto, which is why they were showing us the marginally less crappy one. We also got a tour of Passey Garden rooms. They were really awesome. They seem especially ideal for a person studying law...Seemed private w/ lots of space (at least in student terms). The problem w/ Passey, at least for me, is the price coupled w/ the location (by location, I mean the York Campus in general...Passey is right next door to Oz, so in that sense the location is ideal). My issue is that Passy is like +$800 a month. That's ALOTTA $$$ to live in the nuclear crater waste-dump that is the York Campus (I'm looking forward to Osgoode, but let's face - York's campus blows). I can also have this issue over $$$ since I live in Pickering and can take the ETR in every morning...That'll prolly save me money in the long run...Even if it's marginally more expensive, I'd rather live at home for free (yay for meals and laundry) and not be chained to that awful campus. In short, I don't wanna pay $800 a month to live in a place that could drive me to an insane level of boredom and misery when I have that other option of commuting fom home. If Passey were cheaper, or if Osgoode, by some miracle, relocated to the Queen street location and, by some additional miracle, moved the entire Passy Gardens w/ it, I'd totally go for rez in Passy. But Rose, if you're from outta town, I would, based on the tour, STRONGLY RECOMMEND AGAINST ATKINSON OR ASSINBOINE and go for rez in Passy. Good Luck. Maybe I'll see you next year.
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